Name Labels In Time And Space – An FAQ Special

FAQ: Name Labels In Time And Space – An FAQ Special

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Name Labels In Time And Space – An FAQ Special

This blog is here to answer all your questions about name labels in time and space! Or, to put it another way, questions like “How long do they last?” and “Where should I store my name labels?”.

How long will my name labels last?

We often find that parents aren’t sure if our name labels will last long enough, with some asking if they will need to replace their labels after so many washes or after a certain period of time.

Our name labels are actually extremely sturdy and will often outlast the items they are used to label. We’ve had many an amazed comment from parents who have found that while their child’s school uniform has disintegrated beyond recognition, their name labels are still firmly in place with the print as bold and legible as ever.

Of course, there are a few things we recommend to help make sure that your labels remain firmly in place, such as:
– AVOID IRONING OVER YOUR NAME LABELS: you should not allow an iron to come into directly contact with your name labels. Stikins ® are made of vinyl, which will shrivel and melt if they come into direct contact with an iron. Trons ®, meanwhile, will not be as dramatically affected BUT – like any other transfer used to add design work onto clothing – if you iron directly over the name transfer the print will start to gradually fade and disintegrate over time.
– AVOID STICKING STIKINS ® DIRECTLY BELOW THE HEEL IN SHOES: the constant friction between the label and the foot will cause the print to disintegrate rapidly. We recommend applying Stikins ® either onto the side of the shoe or beneath the tongue.

Can I remove my name labels in the future if I want to pass items along or donate them to charity?

Stikins ®: Yes / Trons ®: No.

While Stikins ® are designed to stick in and stay in (and have an extremely strong adhesive to ensure they achieve this), they can be removed – providing you have an extensive supply of patience, effort, and elbow grease. You may find that when you remove these name labels from your items, there is an element of adhesive residue left behind – as an alternative, you may wish to cut off the wash care labels that you applied the name labels to (providing you are happy to lose the care instructions for future reference).

Trons ®, however, are a completely permanent name label solution; they bond and fuse with the material of an item, which means they effectively become a part of the item itself and so cannot be removed at a later date. You would need to cut out a name transfer to remove it, which would obviously cause damage to the item and would most likely make it unfit for passing along to someone else.

Do I have to use all my name labels up when I buy them?

Not at all!

You can use however many labels you need for the moment and then store the rest away safely for future use.
Please note that we recommend keeping your labels in their original packaging during storage.

Our Stikins ® retain their quality for the first two years and Trons ® for the first five years.

Where should I store my name labels?

If you do wish to store some of your name labels away for future use, we advise that you keep them in their original packaging and store them somewhere that is out of direct sunlight, dry, and (preferably) that will remain at a steady room temperature (without extremes of cold or hot temperatures).

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