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The amount varies from school to school. We provide free leaflets, samples, and posters along with helpful tips and advice to help schools boost the commission they receive. Parent response rates vary but typically fall between 10% and 40% (though one Leicester school achieved 97%!); with a 30% commission rate, this typically yields £3.00 per order meaning that a school with 300 pupils can expect between £90 and £270. This amount might be less than you could achieve at, for example, a school summer fayre but the effort and cost required is very low.

Commission is paid out once a year in October. A cheque is automatically sent to the school (made out to the school or PTA), so you don’t need to remember to request your commission.

Obviously WE think they are brilliant – but then we would say that! We have been supplying Stikins since 2003 and millions of our name labels have been bought by parents who have chosen to re-order year after year after year. Our name labels save parents time and money because the same label can be used to label clothing and all school items. They are made with a unique Stikins adhesive, which has been specially developed by us and is not available on any other name label product. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it – there are thousands of independent customer reviews available for you to read on our website. You can find out more about our name labels on our product information page.

All you need to do is to copy and paste some text from our site onto your school site. The text you (or your website developer) will need is here: Add A School Fundraising Link. This link will automatically add your school fundraising number to any order that is placed by following that link (although parents can, of course, go to our website directly, order by phone, or order by post and quote your school fundraising number themselves). You will need to tell us when you have added a link so that we can confirm it is working correctly and then double your commission!

We allocate a unique school fundraising number to every school so all parents need to do is quote your number when they order and commission will automatically be added to your commission total.

The Stikins fundraising scheme is open to any and all children's groups and organisations. This includes nurseries and playgroups, sports clubs and activity groups, and groups involved in the Guiding and Scouting movements.

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