Do you have any discounts or voucher codes?

Do you have any discounts or voucher codes?

Yes! Currently, we offer a 10% discount to customers who order three or more packs of name labels.

If you don't need three packs, we are more than happy for friends and family groups to order together to qualify for the discount.

We also offer discounts to residential care homes and nursing facilities who order labels on behalf of their residents. Visit our Nursing Home Name Labels page or contact our Customer Service Team to find out more.

From time to time we may offer additional discounts and special offers. These offers will be advertised on our social media pages and blog or will be sent to existing customers by email.

Please note: recently a number of third party voucher sites have begun to create fraudulent codes, which have then been picked up and circulated on other websites as "genuine" codes. We have no control over these third party sites and cannot honour these codes. Genuine discounts and offers will be advertised on our website, blog, and social media accounts OR will be emailed directly to customers by us or in partnership with another company.