Stikins Name Labels Product Information

Product Information

Stikins name labels are designed to be a truly multipurpose name labelling solution.

One pack of our stick on name labels can label pretty much everything and anything so you don't have to buy different labelling products for different items.

Use the pages below to learn how to use Stikins as name tags for kids, school name labels, clothing labels, school uniform labels, lunchbox labels, shoe labels, and even nursing home name labels.

Learn how Stikins name labels can label all your children's belongings

Name Tags

Use Stikins as name tags for all of your kids' belongings to help them take responsibility for all their stuff and make it really easy for them to always bring home their own belongings.

Clothing Labels

With Stikins you can quickly and easily label all kinds of clothing - and other fabric items. Apply Stikins onto the wash-care label and they'll stay put through repeat trips to the washing machine and even the tumble-dryer.

School Name Labels

At school, children are required to have a lot of kit and equipment for lessons, including P.E. kit, books and stationery, and subject-specific equipment. Keep everything safe with our simple stick on name labels.

School Uniform Labels

Label all of your children's school uniform with one pack of stick on name labels - no sewing and no ironing required. Stikins safely and securely label school uniform in minutes, saving you time for more important thing.

Shoe Labels

It's easy for shoes to get mixed up or go missing in busy spaces - especially in school cloakrooms, classrooms, and changing rooms. With Stikins, your child can easily identify their own shoes in a moment.

Nursing Home Name Labels & Residential Care Name Labels

Residents and staff in nursing homes and residential care facilities rely on shared spaces and facilities, where it is all too easy for personal belongings to be mislaid. Stikins are a quick and simple way to make sure that items can be returned to their rightful owner and, as multipurpose name labels, they can be used to label clothing and personal items.

Lunchbox Labels

Use Stikins on lunchboxes and water bottles to make sure your children keep hold of their own lunches at school. Our name labels are safe to put through dishwashers, microwaves, and in the good old kitchen sink.

Stikins name labels simply stick on and stay on
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