School Fundraising With Stikins ® - Adding A Link To Your Website

Adding a link to Stikins on your school or PTA website makes it easier for parents to order name labels (increasing the number of sales) and the link will automatically add your fundraising number to orders placed by following the link - so all of these orders will always count towards your commission total even if parents forget to enter your fundraising number!

School Fundraising Banners - HTML Code Generator:

To add a link to your website in the form of a fundraising banner, you can use the code generator below. This generator will generate the HTML code needed to add a Stikins fundraising banner to your website.

Simply choose the banner size you prefer and click on 'Generate Code'. You (or your website developer) can then add the HTML code to your school website. When parents click on the banner to reach our site and order name labels, your fundraising number will automatically be added to their order ensuring that it counts towards your commission total.

Please note: to add a banner link using our HTML Code Generator, you will need to have a website management system that allows you to edit the HTML code of your website. If your website uses a content management system (CMS) that only allows you to add plain text and images, you will need to use a text link as described below.

School Fundraising Links - Text Links:

Alternatively, you can add a link to your website in the form of a simple text link. You need to use the following URL:

Remember that this is the URL you need to use in your text link; you can set the text that is displayed on your website (known as the link title, link text, or anchor text) to anything you like. So you could set your link title to the URL itself OR replace it with an simple sentence of your own choosing. For example:

Click here to order Stikins name labels and raise money for the school.

Here the text on display is "Click here to order Stikins name labels", while the URL is

Some content management system (CMS) websites will have a specific tool for adding links. You click on the icon or option to add a link and then fill in the two fields for the URL and link title. Once you have filled in these fields, the CMS will generate and add your text link to your site.

Some CMS sites will allow you to add an image AND apply a link to that image. This will allow you to create your own banner link, using any image of your choosing. You will usually need to upload your image and then enter the URL you want to apply to that image.

If you would like to use an image from our website, please get in touch and we'll be happy to send you a suitable copy.

Let Us Know About Your Link

Once you have added a link on your website, please fill out the form below. We will check that your link works correctly and let you know if there are any issues.

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