Personalising Your Name Labels

Personalising Your Name Labels

What font do you use on your personalised name labels?

We use a font called CG Triumverate, which we print in a black colour and a bold emphasis. We feel this creates a font that is really clear and easy to read on your personalised name labels.

Can I add images / emoticons / emoji onto Stikins name labels?

Sorry, but our system cannot print images in any form.

Can you print characters from different alphabets?

Our system can only print characters from the English alphabet.

How do I leave a line blank?

Use the space bar on your keyboard to enter TWO blank spaces. This will instruct our system to leave that line blank.

Should I use 1 line or 2 lines?

If you are using no more than 12 characters IN TOTAL, you can choose "Name on one line" to get a larger font size. Otherwise, we recommend using the default "Name on two lines".

How will the text be aligned on my name tags?

Stikins are printed with a centralised layout, so that your text will always sit neatly in the centre of your labels.