I can't find the name labels that I've ordered from you before, where can I find them?

I can't find the name labels that I've ordered from you before, where can I find them?

We've supplied a range of name labelling products over the years; if you can't find a product that you've ordered from us before, it has probably been discontinued.

Our discontinued products include:

  • Original Stikins ® Labels: featured various sizes and shapes, including "H-shaped" clothing labels, shoe labels, and micro labels.
    These were replaced by "New Stikins ® Labels" in 2010, which we have continued to revise and improve over the years to create our current product.
  • General Purpose Silver Labels: sold alongside Original Stikins ® Labels, these silver labels could only be used to label personal belongings (and were not suitable for school uniform, clothing etc).
    These were discontinued along with our Original Stikins ® Labels in 2013.
  • Silver name labels: we re-introduced an upgraded silver product, which was sold as a standalone product and in mixed packs with white Stikins ® Labels.
    These were discontinued in 2017 as we were no longer able to source the silver material.
  • Stikins Name Labelling Kit With Pen: contain 60 blank Stikins ® Labels and a pen for personalising each label individually at home.
    We no longer sell these kits BUT they are available to purchase via Amazon and eBay from our sister company Madebuy.
  • Trons Name Transfers: these iron-on name transfers could only be used to label fabric items.
    Unfortunately, we had to discontinue this product in 2018 as we did not have enough demand to support the costs involved in manufacturing these labels.

Many customers who are looking for one of our discontinued products find that they can easily switch to our current product with positive results. The current version of Stikins ® name tags features a unique adhesive, which allows you to label pretty much anything and everything. These white stick on name labels are personalised in a bold, black font and each rectangular label measures 30mm wide by 15mm high.

Discontinuing products is always a little sad and we try to make sure that, when we do so, it is because we have something better to offer. When we are forced to discontinue products for reasons outside of our control, we will always try to ensure we can offer customers a suitable alternative. Unfortunately, in some cases this simply isn't possible.