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You can set some of your cookie preferences below:

Essential cookies are needed for functions such as making payments, displaying prices, or controlling the user interface. Parts of our website only work with these cookies enabled.
You can't turn our essential cookies off using this screen (if you really want to, you can turn them off via your browser settings; please refer to your browser help guide for instructions).
These cookies do not store your personal information.

These cookies are used on our website to help control secondary non-critical features.
They may track your activity but this information is not shared with any third parties.

These cookies help us improve user experience by tracking how customers use our website with third-party systems like Google Analytics.
Switching these cookies off stops us from tracking your visit through these systems.

These cookies help us to identify products and services that you may be interested in so we can present personalised ads and offers on our website.

These cookies help us to understand what products and services you are interested in so we can promote personalised ads on external websites.
Switching off these cookies stops us from presenting personalised ads, storing cookie data for ads, and sharing required user and device data with third-parties such as Google.


About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that contain information about your visit. They can be used for features as simple as remembering your choice of layout or pack size.

Accepting Cookies

When you accept cookies, some additional cookies are enabled to help us improve your website experience and serve you with personalised ads and content.

What Happens If I Accept Cookies Then Change My Preferences Later?

Some cookies may be saved already at this point and some features may be disabled to prevent additional data from being saved to them. 

If you wish to completely clear your cookies, please refer to your internet browser's help manual. 

Cookies We Use

Cookies that we create (first-party cookies) are used for features such as:

- Checking how many pages you have visited
- Creating your recently viewed product list 
- Keeping items in your cart
- Saving your cookie preferences
- Remembering your user interface preferences 

We also embed third-party software. The third parties may also store cookies. When you set your cookie preferences on our website some additional third-party cookies may then appear. A breakdown of third-party software we use is listed below:

Third-Party Cookies

We use the following third-party software which may create their own cookies. Your cookie preferences may restrict some of these platforms from being used:

PayPal (Essential)
We take payments with PayPal and display Klarna payment options.

Stripe (Essential)
We take payments with Stripe.

Google Tag Manager (Essential)
We use Google Tag Manager to manage the third-party code we embed.

Google Analytics (Analytics)
We use Google Analytics to track how you browse and shop on our website and to see what hardware/software you use.

Google Ads (Offsite Ads)
We use Google Ads and cookies may be used to track your use of our website and shopping behaviour.

Other software may be added over time. We aim to keep the list above as up-to-date as possible.