Using Stick On Name Labels

Using Stick On Name Labels

How do I apply stick on name labels?

Ensure your item is completely clean and dry. Carefully peel each name label from the backing paper (avoid touching the adhesive as much as possible). Apply the label onto your item and smooth it down firmly with your thumb or finger.

Stikins ® name labels must be applied onto the wash-care label of clothing & fabric items.

Full instructions for use are sent with your stick on name labels and a copy can be found on our website here.

Where do I stick Stikins ® name tags?

Stikins ® name tags must be applied onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items. In shoes, stick them to the side wall or beneath the tongue. For all other personal items, simply stick your name labels directly onto the surface of each item.

Do I need to sew in or iron on my stick on name labels?

NO! Our unique adhesive means that your name labels will simply stick in and stay in – absolutely no sewing or ironing required. In fact, it's best to avoid ironing directly over your stick on name labels as the heat will cause the synthetic material to melt.

Will stick on clothes labels stay stuck in the washing machine and tumble-dryer?

Yes. Stikins clothes labels have been independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 60 washes at 40 degrees and undergone six months of additional in-house testing in both washing machines and tumble dryers.

Can I put labelled items in the microwave or dishwasher?

Yes. Stikins ® labels are completely safe to use on items that may need to go in a microwave or dishwasher, such as lunch boxes and water bottles.

Can I store some of my stick on name labels for future use?

Yes, you can safely store Stikins ® name tags away so that you can use them as and when you need them. We recommend that you keep your sticky name labels in their original packaging and put them somewhere dry, out of direct sunlight, and preferably at a steady room temperature.

Can I iron labelled items?

You can iron labelled items BUT you should avoid ironing over your Stikins ® labels as the heat will cause your labels to melt if they come into direct contact with your iron.

Can I stick Stikins ® name labels directly onto clothes?

Sorry, no. Modern clothing is made from a myriad of different materials and material blends. Stikins ® labels might stick successfully onto some of these materials but, because we cannot test them all, we cannot guarantee that Stikins ® labels will work if you stick them directly onto clothing. Instead you should apply your clothes labels onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items.

Can I use stick on name labels in socks and tights?

Unfortunately, stick on name labels don't cope well with socks (and some tights). This is because there is no wash-care label and the material flexes around the foot, which makes it difficult for our adhesive to form and maintain a successful bond. You can try applying Stikins ® name tags directly onto socks but it is likely that they will only remain in place for a short period of time before peeling off.

Can I use Stikins ® labels as shoe labels?

Stikins ® labels are easy to use as shoe labels. We recommend applying them under the tongue of the shoe or onto the side wall. Avoid applying them onto the floor of the shoe (where they would lie underfoot) as the friction generated during movement will cause the print to wear away.

Why do I have to wait before washing labelled items for the first time?

Waiting for 24 hours gives the adhesive on your stick on name labels enough time to completely strengthen and set.

Can I remove clothes labels from clothing?

While we have designed our Stikins ® clothes name labels to stick on and STAY on, it is possible to remove them if necessary.
Try picking at a corner and using old fashioned elbow grease to pull off the entire label BUT be aware that this is likely to leave behind adhesive residue. To remove clothes labels more easily (and cleanly), the best solution is to use an adhesive solvent - such as "sticky stuff remover". Always check products are suitable for use on clothing as strong solvents will damage fabrics.