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Request Free Samples

You can request free personalised samples of Stikins name labels for new intake.

Submit this form requesting free samples and email a file containing your list of names to
(Excel spreadsheets are best with first names and surnames in two columns).

We print 5 Stikins for each name and send them, individually packed with instructions, to the school. The file of names is then deleted from our system.

If you have a link on your school site to Stikins, you can request samples for every pupil in the school. We can pack these by class if you include class groups in your file. Free samples for the whole school can only be requested once per school but you can request new intake samples every year. Schools with links also get our 30% rate of commission. 

We print free samples in May, June, and September.

Request Free Resources To Boost Your Commission Total

It may seem easier to send out an email or update your website but schools often send out a variety of communications about all kinds of subjects, which makes it all too easy for digital information to be overlooked. We find that physically handing out leaflets and personalised samples is a brilliant way to get parents' attention, especially parents of new starters who tend to be more involved with school requests.

This form includes everything we need to issue cheques to ensure that commission is automatically distributed and that no school or PTA misses out because they forgot to claim their commission. You can track your commission throughout the year using your fundraising account.