Can I Buy Blank Stikins ® Name Labels?

FAQ: Can I Buy Blank Stikins ® Name Labels?

Thursday 21st May 2015   /   FAQ   /   0 Comment(s)

While the majority of our customers order personalised name labels, we do get some requests from customers who want to know if they can order blank name labels. We ARE able to supply blank Stikins ® but there are some things you need to know:

You can order blank Stikins ® in the same way you order printed Stikins ® – by post, by phone, or online.

If you are ordering by post or by phone you simply need to let us know that you want your items to be blank.

To order blank Stikins ® through our website you should use the space bar to enter a space in the boxes marked “Enter Line 1” and Enter Line 2”; you will not be able to proceed with your order if you leave these boxes empty – by using a space, our system will allow the order to proceed and your labels will be left blank.

Remember, our system will print ANYTHING that you put into these boxes; if you enter “Blank”, “Please leave blank”, or enter punctuation such as a full stop or underscore this WILL BE PRINTED ON YOUR LABELS. The only way to ensure your labels are left blank is to use a space.

If you wish to add text to your labels once you have received them you can ONLY do this using a laundry pen.

These labels require specialist printers and software, which means you CANNOT print them yourself. You must also ensure that if you do use a pen it is suitable for this purpose; it must be capable of producing print that will survive in the washing machine so a laundry pen is always the best option.

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