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The Great Move – Get Organised For University!

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Across the country, students (and their parents!) will be preparing for the start of a new year (or perhaps a first year) at University.

And, of course, this can only mean one thing – moving a lot of possessions from one place to another. Where they will, most likely, end up mixing with a whole load more possessions.

Keeping track of belongings at University can get quite difficult – things get mislaid and mixed up – and that’s before a turf war breaks out in the kitchen and/or bathroom. So, why not consider getting some STIKINS ® to help out. While name labels are traditionally used for labelling clothing, STIKINS ® will stick onto pretty much ANYTHING. They can go through washing machines, tumble driers, microwaves AND dishwashers, so if you want to make sure your things stay safe (or at least identifiable), you can quickly and easily apply a STIKINS ® name label to whatever items you like.

They’re also great for labelling up any equipment or gear that you need for your course – particularly items that will be taken into University or stored in a communal place.

STIKINS ® can also be used to help students who have particular dietary or medical needs. STIKINS ® can be printed with a reminder that someone has a particular allergy, dietary needs, or medical requirements and placed onto kitchen utensils, storage containers, or cupboards to make sure that their food or medication is stored separately and safely – allowing an individual to take control of their own particular requirements in a shared space while living away from home.

You can find out more about STIKINS ® name labels on our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply go ahead and buy!