Sign Up For School Fundraising Is Easy, Useful, Rewarding, & Free

Schools: Sign Up For School Fundraising Is Easy, Useful, Rewarding, & Free

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Sign Up For School Fundraising Is Easy, Useful, Rewarding, & Free

We provide schools, PTAs, and children’s groups with a school fundraising scheme that is easy, useful, rewarding, and free. Read on to learn more about the benefits of fundraising with Stikins ® name labels and how you can join today!

Easy School Fundraising

We designed our school fundraising scheme to provide busy schools, PTAs, and children’s groups with a simple way to raise funds.

Our school fundraisers earn 30% commission on sales of Stikins ® name labels. You can sign up online, using our simple sign up form, or contact us directly. Our scheme runs in the background of your fundraising efforts all year round, with minimal time and resources required to participate.

You simply need to let parents know about Stikins ® labels and your unique fundraising number. We do everything else; from taking and fulfilling orders to keeping track of your commission earnings.

We pay out commission in November each year. We also supply free fundraising materials (including leaflets, posters, and samples) to help you get the message out to parents.

You can request these materials from our website or by contacting our Customer Service Team. Our website also features more information about the scheme and advice on how to boost your commission.

Useful School Fundraising

Our fundraising scheme is useful because it has a brilliant side effect – encouraging parents to use name labels. Lost property is an ongoing problem for schools and one that can take up precious time and resources. Our fundraising scheme helps you raise funds and get school kit labelled - making lost property a thing of the past. 

Rewarding School Fundraising

We offer the chance to earn an amazing 30% commission on sales of our name labels.

We recommend adding a link to our site on your school or PTA website. A link makes it easier for parents to order, which means more orders get placed, and you get more commission. Your link can also automatically fill in your fundraising number. This means all orders placed via your link will count towards your fundraising total - even when parents forget to quote your number.

Adding a link is really easy to do, which means you can access more rewarding fundraising in moments!

Free School Fundraising

It doesn't cost a thing to join our fundraising scheme. We supply free fundraising materials  so you don't even have to spend money to promote the scheme. This means that you get access to fundraising that is completely free.

Join The Stikins ® Labels Fundraising Scheme Today

It’s as easy to join our fundraising scheme as it is to apply our name labels!

Simply head to our website and fill in our one-step sign up form or contact our Customer Service Team. Fill in a few details about your school or group and we’ll reply with your unique fundraising number.

You can even use the sign up form to request free fundraising materials to give your fundraising a kick start.

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