Raise More Money This Summer With Our Free School Fundraising Materials

Schools: Raise More Money This Summer With Our Free School Fundraising Materials

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Raise More Money This Summer With Our Free School Fundraising Materials

Most parents order name labels during the summer holidays as part of their back to school preparations. So now is the time to boost your fundraising efforts and make the most of parents’ summer spending power. Fortunately, we’ve got a brilliant booster plan and free marketing materials to help you have a blockbuster summer of school fundraising!

Try Our Summer Commission Booster Plan

Our commission booster plan is a set of simple tasks that have been proven to boost commission earnings. We wrote this list with our school partners and it combines their feedback with our experience of running a school fundraising scheme. So, why not try:

  1. Picking a fundraising champion! Select someone to represent the scheme in school and take control of your summer plans.
  2. Request free marketing materials. Our materials offer quick and simple ways to tell parents about Stikins ® and the fundraising number they need to quote.
  3. Add a link to your website. This makes it easier for parents to order and can automatically fill in your fundraising number even if parents forget to do so. You could also add information about using name labels reduce lost property or outline projects that will be supported via your commission earnings.
  4. Rally support in school. Use our fundraising guide and PowerPoint presentation to raise awareness amongst school staff and the PTA and crowdsource ideas for promoting the scheme.
  5. Get organised. List what needs doing, by when, and by whom so you can get your fundraising preparations done before summer starts. Most parents don’t think about name labels until school is closed. If parents have the information they need NOW, you can sit back and let the scheme run over the summer by itself. Adding information about Stikins ® to existing end of year communications is also a really time- and cost-effective way to promote the scheme.
  6. Request free samples for your new starters. Our offer is open until the end of June and is the perfect way to promote name labelling in school and to welcome your new starters!

Request Free Marketing Materials To Spread The Word About Stikins ® This Summer

We supply a variety of free fundraising materials to help schools and PTAs promote Stikins ® to parents. These materials help to make sure that parents know about our name labels and the fundraising number they need to quote when they order. You can choose from:

  • Leaflets: these leaflets explain what Stikins are and how parents can order. We supply free stickers printed with your fundraising number so parents know what number to quote!
  • E-Flyers: you can use our digital e-flyers on your website and social media accounts or send them to parents via email.
  • Posters: put up posted in parent-accessible areas as a reminder when they come into school for pick up and end of year events.
  • Vouchers: request vouchers to give away as prizes in end of year events like summer fayres.
  • Free Samples For New Starters: we offer five printed name labels for all new starters who starting school in September. We offer a variety of personalisation options so you can choose one that suits your school’s GDPR requirements. This offer closes at the end of June so please send in your request as soon as you can!

Request Your Free School Fundraising Materials Today

You can request our school fundraising materials online, by phone, or by email. To request materials online, click on “Requests & Sign Up Form” under “Fundraising” in the menu bar. You will find extra materials, including our e-flyers, under “Downloads & Useful Links”.

Alternatively, give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help!

If you are requesting free samples, please send your names in a spreadsheet or Word document to info@labelplanet.co.uk. Please put first names/initials in one column and surnames/initials in a second column. If you include class names in a third column, we will pack your samples into classes for easier distribution.

You can view or download our GDPR statement on our Downloads & Useful Links page. This statement explains how we handle and delete the data you supply when requesting samples.

Remember, our free samples are only available until the end of June!

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