Don’t Miss Out On Our Amazing School Samples

Schools: Don’t Miss Out On Our Amazing School Samples

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Don’t Miss Out On Our Amazing School Samples

There’s only a month to go on our amazing school sample offer. Make sure your school doesn’t miss out and request your free samples today.

Request Free Samples For Your School

This is our 11th consecutive year offering free samples to schools! Our free sample offer has gone from strength to strength with more schools requesting samples each year. We’ve had amazing feedback from schools and parents who have been delighted with their samples.

Personalised samples are practical and useful for both parents and schools. Parents can see our name labels for themselves and, better still, can actually try them out without having to pay anything. Stick on name labels are the quickest and easiest way to label items but parents can be reluctant to believe they will work. With a sample in hand, parents can see just how easy it can be to label up school kit. Plus, our samples can help parents to get the most expensive school items safely labelled at no cost. All of this encourages parents to keep on labelling school kit, which reduces the amount of lost property in school. Our samples also make a great addition to new starter packs, providing a personalised welcome for new children and their parents.

Samples are also a great way to boost your fundraising totals if you belong to our fundraising scheme. Our scheme allows schools, PTAs, nurseries, and children’s groups to earn 30% commission on sales of Stikins ® name labels. Every year, schools who request free samples see a boost in their commission total.

This year, we are offering five formats for your samples. You can request full names, partial names, or anonymous initials as follows:

An example of our free personalised school samples for new starters. The image shows two rows of Stikins; the top row indicates each of the five formats available, while the bottom row gives an example. The first format reads FULL NAME and Charlie Summer. The second format reads FIRST NAME AND INITIAL and Charlie S. The third format reads FIRST NAME ONLY and Charlie. The fourth format reads SURNAME ONLY and Summer. The fifth format reads INITIALS ONLY and C S.
We pack each sample individually along with with a leaflet and full instructions for use. If you provide class names, we can group your samples for easier distribution.

Request Your Free Samples Today

This year we are offer free samples for your new starters AND the whole school*. You can request samples for your new starters by filling in our Requests Form or sending us an email.

* We are only offering whole school samples to schools who did not request them last year.

You should email your list of name to [email protected] in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet (or similar). If you are requesting full names, we recommend putting the first names in one column and surnames in a second column. If you would like your samples grouping by classes, please add your class names in a third column.

We can accept password protected files; simply email your file to us and let us know how you will provide the password. For example, some schools send a separate email while others provide the password by phone.

We will print and pack your samples and get them sent to the school for distribution.

Our free samples are available to request until the end of June so make sure you request your samples soon!

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