Read Our Reviews For Opinions From Parents Who’ve Already Put Them To The Test!

Product Information: Read Our Reviews For Opinions From Parents Who’ve Already Put Them To The Test!

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At Label Planet, we do our very best to make sure our products are the best they can possibly be; we put them through vigorous in-house and independent testing, regularly ask for feedback from our customers, and even have members of staff using them for their own children’s clothing and belongings to keep a watchful eye on how well our clothing name labels are working.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it; when you’re trying to decide whether a product is the right one for you, it’s always nice to hear from other people who have actually used that product in a real life setting – and that’s where our reviews come in.

Reviews of our Clothing Name Labels go along way to making a better Product

We give all of our customers the opportunity to review our clothing name labels (along with our general service and customer service) and tell us exactly what they think about them – including what they like and dislike, about how well (or not) they’ve worked for them, and even let us know all the different ways they’ve used their labels – with some coming up with suggestions that we’d never even thought of! We use the feedback and suggestions given by our customers in their reviews to update and improve our products and services wherever we can.

You can find all of our company reviews by clicking on one of the red “Reviews” buttons on the left and right of our website (for general reviews about our company and customer service) or read through the product reviews by scrolling down on our Stikins ® product page (for specific product reviews about our stick on clothing name labels) and our Trons ® product page (for specific product reviews about our iron-on name transfers).

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