School Fundraising With Stikins ® Labels - Commission Booster Plan

Over the years we have noticed that there is huge variation in the amount of commission earned by similar schools. We have looked at the activity of schools receiving higher commission and discovered that they share some common features. This guide offers tips on how your school or PTA can maximise parent response to boost sales and commission.

6 Small Things That Make a Huge Difference

[1] Schools and PTAs achieve much higher levels of interest from parents if there is someone, often a PTA representative, being proactive and pushing things forward for just a couple of months. As with anything in life, a little passion makes a big difference!

[2] Put a Stikins ® name labels poster on your PTA notice board. Parents can take a picture of the poster so they have all the information they need on their phone when they are ready to place an order.

[3] Add a link to our site on your website. The link will automatically fill in your unique school fundraising number so it doesn't matter if parents forget to do it! This is a really easy thing to do and you'll find more information and instructions on our "Adding A Link" advice page.

Schools with links have 53% higher sales. A note of caution though - just putting up a link on its own will not work; it needs to be part of a wider action plan.

[4] Send leaflets out to parents with a letter from the school or PTA. There are some examples of letters on our website and you can request free leaflets here.

[5] Rally support and feedback. Circulate our Fundraising Guide to everybody in the PTA and school who has an interest. Put fundraising with Stikins ® school labels fundraising on the agenda for the next PTA meeting. We have also created a PowerPoint presentation for use at PTA meetings. You can download both from our Download & Useful Links page.

[6] Get organised; make a check list of what you are going to do based on the ideas here (along with any ideas of your own) and make a note of when they need doing and by whom.

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