School Fundraising With Stikins ® - Getting People Involved In School

Over the years, we've found that schools and PTAs are more likely to be successful if key individuals are made aware of how the Stikins fundraising scheme works. While our scheme doesn't require ongoing supervision, simply making sure that people know that the scheme is up and running helps to ensure that parents place those all important orders to keep earning commission for the school.

Head Teacher

Label Planet Ltd is a UK based company, which has been supplying name labels for school items since 2004. We supply our name labels directly to parents who can order via our website or by phone. Schools and PTAs who promote our stick on name labels can receive commission, which we pay out once a year in November based on the sales value for the previous 12 months.

Label Planet deals directly with parents; the school or PTA has no contractual ties or responsibilities regarding the delivery of goods or services. We have a very strict privacy policy and will never release any customer information to third party companies. We have secure sites and secure payment transactions to make sure that everything goes smoothly for parents. During the summer term, schools can send us a list of names so we can print free samples; these lists are held securely and are completely deleted once the samples have been printed.

We try hard to assist schools and parents as much as we can and we are happy to take calls from everyone including, of course, head teachers. Please call 01270 668076 if you need more information or want to discuss any questions or queries you may have.

PTA Chairperson

We would like you to see this school fundraising scheme as an easy addition to all your other activities. We've have prepared a Fundraising Guide to help you to rally support and let everybody know what is involved when introducing our scheme at a PTA meeting. We have also prepared a PowerPoint presentation, which you can download to edit and/or use from our Downloads and Useful Links page. Working with parents and the school to reduce lost property helps to build involvement with the PTA, and this fundraising opportunity will continue long after your term as the chairperson is over. We recommend taking a look at our “Commission Booster Plan” for further fundraising ideas to help you get the very best commission total for your school.

PTA Treasurer

This will probably be the easiest school fundraising you will ever do. There is no outlay to account for because we supply all the required fundraising materials for free. Our website logs the orders where your school fundraising number is quoted, so there is no money to account for while the scheme is running, and we send one commission cheque in November for you to bank. The default payee for commission cheques is the school – please advise us if you would like a different payee using our Requests & Sign Up Form.


It is a simple case of distributing leaflets for the class to take home. Anything that reduces the inevitable mountain of lost property will save teachers time and effort for more productive things in class. You may want to show the leaflet to the class and explain that labelling their stuff will help to keep it safe – most children will remember the trauma of losing something.

We are always happy to help, just contact us if you have any further questions or queries.

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