Schools – Find Out More About Fundraising With Stikins® Name Labels In Our Fundraising Guide

Schools: Schools – Find Out More About Fundraising With Stikins® Name Labels In Our Fundraising Guide

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Schools – Find Out More About Fundraising With Stikins® Name Labels In Our Fundraising Guide


If your school or PTA isn’t sure about whether or not our fundraising scheme is the right opportunity for them, we highly recommend taking a look through our Fundraising Guide.

Last year, we spent some time researching and reviewing the results that our existing school partners were getting from their participation in our commission scheme and we used our findings to put together a Fundraising Guide to help newcomers understand exactly how easy it is to take part.

Name Labels Fundraising Guides

We’ve recently revised our Fundraising Guide to bring it bang up to date for 2016 and it’s a great resource to find out exactly how our scheme works and how it can benefit your school and/or PTA. The guide features information about how our commission scheme works, about our name labels, and tips and advice for getting the best possible results from your participation.

  1. Quick Overview: a brief outline of who we are and the fundraising opportunity that we offer.
  2. Reasons To Be Cheerful: a shortlist of the benefits of joining our commission scheme.
  3. Getting Started: the THREE steps you need to follow to get registered, along with information about how we will keep you up to date on the commission you have earned and how/when you will receive your commission.
  4. Letting People In School Know: we’ve found that our more successful partners tend to be those who have gotten everyone on board; we’ve put together some information about our scheme for all of those involved (including Head Teachers, PTA Members, and Teachers).
  5. Product Information: this section gives you information about our name labels including what they look like, how they work, pack and pricing information, despatch and delivery information, ordering details, and the contents sent out with each order.
  6. Commission Booster Plan: a large part of our investigation last year was to find out why (and how) some schools were achieving higher commission totals than others. We’ve taken the experiences of our existing partners and used them to create a selection of helpful tips to help new and existing members of our commission scheme get the very best results from their fundraising efforts including; “6 Small Things That Make A Huge Difference”, how to take advantage of the “Back-To-School Opportunity”, and our top tips for “Avoiding Catastrophic Failure!”.
  7. Useful Links and Contacts: we’ve put together a special “Fundraising” section on our website, which contains all of our information and resources for schools and PTAs who want to join our commission scheme. We’re also happy to talk to schools and PTAs to discuss any questions or queries they may have about joining and participating in our commission scheme.

Find out more about our Name Labels

You can find our Fundraising Guide online on our Really Useful Downloads page. Alternatively, visit our School Requests page or contact our customer service team to request a Fundraising Information Pack; each pack contains a copy of our Fundraising Guide along with samples of our name labels, parent leaflets, and A4 posters.

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