Schools & PTAs: Make the Most of Your Fundraising With Label Planet’s Commission Booster Plan!

Schools: Schools & PTAs: Make the Most of Your Fundraising With Label Planet’s Commission Booster Plan!

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For 2015, we’ve put together a brand new Booster Plan; a simple guide to a few ways to get the very best results from your fundraising efforts. This plan is based on our experience of running a commission scheme, feedback from our existing affiliates, and from the research that we’ve been doing over the past few months to find out exactly how well (or otherwise) our affiliates have been doing as members of our commission scheme.

Our Booster Plan has THREE parts: 7 Small Things That Make a Huge Difference; The Back-To-School Opportunity; and How To Avoid Catastrophic Failure.

7 Things That Make a Huge Difference
We’ve put together a list of seven small actions that schools and PTAs can take to help boost the commission they earn. You can choose how many of these actions you want to take (if any!) or you can simply use the list as a starting point for your own ideas.

  1. Nominate an individual to oversee the fundraising scheme
  2. Promote the scheme in school with a poster on the Office/PTA notice board
    [You can create your own or download our poster from our website]
  1. Place a link on your website to our website
    [This will also boost your commission to our 30% rate]
  1. Request and send out parent leaflets
  2. Rally support and feedback through your PTA
    [We’ve provided a PowerPoint presentation for you to edit and/or use at PTA meetings]
  1. Request free printed samples for all of the pupils in your school
  2. Get organised with a To Do List!

The Back-To-School Opportunity
We’ve spent years watching the name label market and the patterns and trends of how and when people choose to order. As our existing customers will know, the name label market is a seasonal one with the peak season being the summer holidays.

This is the “Back-To-School Opportunity” of our title; most parents order during the summer in preparation for their children going back to school – which means this is the very best time to remind parents that they can help to raise funds for the school when they are purchasing name labels.

There are two ways to take advantage of this:

  • Schedule an email to send to parents in August: mention name label fundraising, along with a link to our site. If you already send out an email at this time, you could adapt your existing email to mention name label fundraising.
  • Include the information in a covering letter that you send out with parent leaflets before school breaks up for the summer or in new starter packs that are sent to the new intake of pupils.

Avoid Catastrophic Failure
During our research we identified a number of schools who get very little commission – even when they’ve sent out leaflets and requested free samples.

We’ve found that this is usually due to a lack of communication with the school and the PTA about the fundraising scheme; fundraising works best when everyone is aware of what is going on and knows how to get involved.

This is why we’ve put together a Fundraising Guide to distribute throughout the school and/or PTA so that everyone has the same information and everyone becomes a part of the fundraising effort.

Our Booster Plan is available to read on our website and has also been included in our brand new Fundraising Guide.

Request a copy of our Fundraising Guide
Download a copy of our Fundraising Guide

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