News For Schools – Our New Parent Leaflets Have Arrived

Schools: News For Schools – Our New Parent Leaflets Have Arrived

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News For Schools – Our New Parent Leaflets Have Arrived

Your New Leaflets are Nearly Ready

We’ve finished tinkering about with our leaflets and we now have a brand new batch for schools to distribute to parents. We like to give our leaflets a bit of a makeover every so often to make sure they’re completely up to date with the latest information about our prices and products and that they’re as useful as possible to both parents and schools.

If you’ve already put in a request for parent leaflets, then rest assured we’ll be getting your leaflets packed up and on their way to you. If you haven’t ordered leaflets to hand out in preparation for the next school year, then now is the perfect time to let us know how many you need!

Fundraising with Our Name Labels

We provide these leaflets to our commission partner schools completely free of charge to help you boost the number of parents ordering name labels and increase the commission you earn. They’re an incredibly easy way to let parents know about the commission scheme and the code they need to use to earn commission for YOUR school – plus they can help spread the message about using name labels to reduce the problem of lost property.

Visit our website to fill in our online Request Leaflets form or simply contact our Customer Service team; we’re happy to provide you with however many leaflets you need, whether that’s a few dozens to hand out to new intake as part of their Starter Packs or a few hundred to hand out to the whole school.

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