School Uniform Labels – Have You Boosted Your Commission to 30% Yet?

Schools: School Uniform Labels – Have You Boosted Your Commission to 30% Yet?

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School Uniform Labels – Have You Boosted Your Commission to 30% Yet?

When schools join our commission scheme, they are automatically assigned to our basic rate of commission, which means that they earn 15% commission on all name orders we receive where their unique school code has been quoted.

However, we also offer a superior rate, which allows schools to receive 30% commission on these orders – and it’s extremely easy to upgrade! The only requirement is that you add a link on your school or PTA website to our name label site. It’s a quick and simple addition that brings with it a chance to double your commission AND:

  • Raise awareness of your existing fundraising projects
    Whether you’re trying to raise money for the school itself or you’re supporting local and/or worldwide charitable causes, you can add both a link and a bit of information about your current projects to help raise awareness of and support for your ongoing fundraising efforts.
  • Promote name labels as a solution to the problem of Lost Property
    We often find that schools are equally as grateful for the decrease in Lost Property as they are for the commission cheque they receive, as more and more children arrive at school with all of their belongings clearly labelled.
  • Boost the number of orders that count towards your commission total
    Giving parents a direct link to our website makes it easier for them to place an order; you can also use the link to remind parents about the code they need to use AND you can also create a link that will automatically enter the code for them (so their order will earn commission for your school, even if they forget about adding the code).

We’ve even set up a page on our website to help you add a link, which includes:

  • Information on how to create a link (in banner or text form)
  • A Registration Form – so you can let us know that you’ve added a link and you’d like your commission upgraded!

You can place your link anywhere on your site but most schools tend to choose one of these:

School Uniform Labels Page:

If you’ve already got a page dedicated to School Uniform then this is the perfect place to add your name label link to encourage parents to see name labels as a useful purchase to help their children keep track of their belongings (so they don’t have to keep coming back to the uniform page to replace items that they’ve only just bought).

PTA Page:

If the PTA is in charge of your participation in our commission scheme and the fundraising projects that the commission will go towards, then adding a link to their page is also a good way to encourage support and participation from parents.

Fundraising/Parent Resources Pages:

If you have pages dedicated to fundraising or providing useful resources for parents that you know parents are likely to visit often, then these pages are a good way to promote our commission scheme as a benefit for both the school and parents alike.

Best of all, once you’ve got your link up and running (and let us know about it!), we’ll not only upgrade you to our 30% rate of commission but we’ll also backdate this higher rate to cover any commission earnings you’ve made during the current “commission year”!

Our commission year runs from 1st October to 30th September, so even if you only get around to adding a link in September, you’ll still get the 30% rate on any commission you’ve earned since 1st October!

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