School Fundraising Ideas For Christmas

Schools: School Fundraising Ideas For Christmas

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School Fundraising Ideas For Christmas

The run up to Christmas is a great time to give your school fundraising efforts a boost. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you boost your commission earnings over the Christmas period.

Take Advantage Of The Start Of A New Term/New Year

The Christmas holidays give parents a chance to take a step back and see just how much stuff their children have managed to keep hold of (and how much they’ve either lost, damaged, or outgrown over the first term). The start of a new term is also a chance for parents to evaluate...

a) if anything went unlabelled in the back to school rush and
b) if they have new uniform, kit, and equipment to buy for next term.

The new year may also see new pupils joining your school. You could include information about name labels in the welcome packs given out to these new starters.

Get The Message Out With End Of Year Communications To Parents

Schools often communicate regularly with parents as the Christmas holidays approach. This provides plenty of opportunities to add a reminder about the Stikins ® labels fundraising scheme to existing letters/emails. It also means you don’t have to spend time or money arranging for additional letters/emails to be sent to parents.

Simply add a couple of sentences to remind parents about the Stikins ® labels fundraising scheme. Let them know how to order and the fundraising number they need to quote. You could also remind them why it’s so important to label their children’s belongings and perhaps provide them with some information about the projects your commission earnings will be used to support.

Remember that we also supply parent leaflets to our school fundraisers for free; simply let us know how many leaflets you need and we’ll get them posted to you. You can send these leaflets home with students at the end of the year, as another reminder to parents.

Add A Link To Your School (Or PTA) Website So Parents Can Easily Order Name Labels Over Christmas

Obviously, you won’t be able to communicate with parents as easily while the school is closed; adding a link to the school website helps parents find all the information they need over Christmas (and beyond).

You could also use the website to advise parents on the benefits of using name labels and provide some information about how your commission earnings will be spent.

A link gives parents a really easy way to order name labels, boosting the number of orders that contribute to your commission total. The link can also remind parents of the school fundraising number they need to quote. You can even set up a link that automatically adds your fundraising number to orders placed by following that link. This means that EVERY order placed by following the link will count towards your commission total. Ideal if parents forget to enter your fundraising code.

Visit our Adding A Link page to find out how to add a link to your website.

Use End Of Year Events To Promote Your School Fundraising Efforts

The end of term tends to involve a lot of special events, including concerts, plays, carol services, and Christmas fairs. These events bring parents into school where you can remind them about the Stikins ® labels school fundraising scheme.

You can hand out leaflets (ideal for end of term “Lost Property” days), put up posters, and offer free vouchers * for Stikins ® name labels as prizes at your Christmas Fair.

* Contact our Customer Service Team to request free vouchers. You can also request leaflets and posters by phone or via our online requests form.

Get Your School Fundraising Information Out There

However you decide to promote the Stikins ® labels fundraising scheme in the run up to Christmas, the main thing is to let parents know how to order and – most importantly – the school fundraising number that they need to quote to ensure that their order contributes towards your fundraising efforts.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or spend hours promoting the scheme. Adding a link is a quick and simple thing to do and reminds parents about Stikins ® name labels all year round. Likewise, adding a note to letters or emails already being sent to parents as part of end of term preparations provides a quick and easy (and free!) way to boost your fundraising efforts.

Plus, we have plenty of free resources for you to use. Visit our School Fundraising pages to download or request free fundraising materials. You’ll also find plenty of tips and advice – like our Commission Booster Plan – to help you get the most out of our fundraising scheme.

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