School FAQ – The Whys & Hows Of Adding A Link To Your Website

Schools: School FAQ – The Whys & Hows Of Adding A Link To Your Website

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School FAQ – The Whys & Hows Of Adding A Link To Your Website

As part of our commission scheme, we offer schools the opportunity to boost their rate of commission to 30% simply by adding a link on the school or PTA website to our website –

These links produce a variety of benefits for our school and PTA partners, so we thought it was high time we wrote an FAQ special all about why and how to add this link.

Name Labels FAQs

These links benefit both the school/PTA and parents who need to order name labels for their children’s belongings.

In addition to doubling your commission rate, adding a link to your website makes it extremely quick and easy for parents to order name labels. They don’t need to search for or navigate to our website themselves – they simply visit our site directly from yours – which will boost the number of parents who order name labels in this way.

More parents ordering will increase the amount of commission you earn AND has the added benefit of increasing the numbers of pupils who have their belongings labelled, which will benefit the school by reducing the amount of lost property you have to deal with.

You can also increase the likelihood of parents ordering name labels by thinking carefully about where on your site you add a link. For example, if your website has a school uniform page then parents will be more likely to buy name labels because they are ordering new items of school uniform (and don’t fancy having to replace them in a few weeks because they’ve gone missing) OR, if you have your link on a PTA fundraising page, parents may be more likely to place an order because they know about the projects that they will be helping to support.

Another benefit is the fact that you can create a link that will AUTOMATICALLY add your fundraising number to the order that parents place using your link; this means that even if a parent completely forgets about adding the number or simply can’t remember what the right number is, the order will still count towards your commission total.

Adding a link to the school or PTA website is something that your webmaster will be able to do quickly and simply. However, we like to make sure that our commission scheme really is as simple as possible to run, which is why we’ve created a page on our site called “Linking Your Site To Us” to explain exactly how you can add a link to your website.

There are two types of links that you can choose to add:
Banner Links: this kind of link is an image that parents click on to visit our site.
We have included a Code Generator on our site to create the HTML code required to add this to your site – all you need to do is enter your School Fundraising Number and select the type of image you prefer (we offer four different sizes so you can choose one that will fit neatly onto your site); this code can then be copied and pasted to add the banner link to the page (or pages) of your choice.

Text Links: this kind of link is a line of text embedded with a hyperlink that parents click on to visit our site.

Both of these types of links will automatically add your fundraising number to the order placed when a parent uses your link to reach our website.

Simply fill in the form at the bottom of our “Linking Your Site To Us” page!

We will verify that your link is up and working correctly and then update your rate of commission from 15% to 30%. We’ll also backdate this higher rate of commission so ALL orders placed quoting your fundraising number during the current commission year (even if you add your link right before the commission year is due to end) will earn the top rate of commission.

During May and June this year, you’ll also be able to request free samples of our Stikins ® name labels for your ENTIRE school if you have a link on your school or PTA website.

Get in Touch for Name Labels and other FAQs

To get started with adding a link to your site simply visit our “Linking Your Site To Us” page; if you have any questions about adding a link or if you have any issues adding your link, please contact our Customer Service Team for help and information about our name labels.

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