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Calling All Schools & PTAs: Get Your Brand New Fundraising Guide NOW!!!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

We’ve been doing a lot of research and analysis into how effectively our commission scheme is working for our current affiliates and we’ve used our results to put together a brand new Fundraising Guide to help schools make the most of our commission scheme – and get the best possible return for their ongoing projects.

Our new Fundraising Guide features:

  1. Quick Overview
    A brief overview of who we are and the commission scheme that we offer.
  1. Reasons To Be Cheerful
    A quick list of benefits for schools who sign up to earn commission with Label Planet.
  1. Getting Started
    The three steps to follow to get you registered and earning commission, along with information about how you can track your commission and how/when you will receive your commission.
  1. Letting People In School Know
    Successful fundraising means getting everyone in school involved; we’ve put together information about our scheme and how it works for Head Teachers, PTA Members, and Teachers.
  1. Stikins ® and Trons ® Name Labels
    This section includes more details about our name label products (Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers), including what the labels are like, how they work, and pack sizes and pricing information, along with information about despatch and delivery times, ways to order, and the contents included with each order.
  1. Commission Booster Plan
    For 2015, we’ve put together a Commission Booster Plan based on our research and experience to help schools and PTAs get the absolute best results from their fundraising efforts. This section includes our list of “7 Small Things That Make A Huge Difference”, advice on taking advantage of the “Back-To-School Opportunity”, and our top tip for “Avoiding Catastrophic Failure!”.
  1. Examples of Letters to Parents
    One of our top suggestions is to send out a covering letter to parents to explain how the commission scheme works and how it will benefit the school AND its pupils; to help you put together your own letter, we’ve included some samples and examples of letters that you might want to edit and/or use.
  1. Useful Links and Contacts
    A list of all the pages on our website that you might wish to visit, along with our contact details so you can get in touch if you need any help signing up or if you simply want to find out more.

To get your own Fundraising Guide, simply visit our website to:
Download a Copy
Request a Copy

Schools: Have You Heard? Up To 30% Commission When You Fundraise With Stikins ® Name Labels

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Here at Label Planet, we run a commission scheme for schools and PTAs (along with other organisations such as Youth Groups and Activity Groups). Members of our scheme can earn commission on sales of our Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers placed by customers who are affiliated with a particular school/PTA/organisation.

We are proud to announce that we now offer up to 30% commission to our affiliates.


How does it work?
When you register with us, you will be assigned a unique reference number; any order placed where that number is quoted will earn commission for you – whether the order is placed online, by phone, or by post. We keep a running total of the commission you have earned and send out a commission cheque once a year in October. And that’s it!

Following the three “Rs”


  • Let people know about the scheme, how it works, and – of course – the number that they need to quote when they order.
  • Remember, we’ve got all sorts of ways to help you raise awareness including:

REQUESTING FREE LEAFLETS: we will send you leaflets to hand out to parents or members, along with labels pre-printed with your unique reference code, to help you make sure that parents or members always have this information to hand.

ADDING A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE: while our basic rate of commission is 15%, we will boost this to 30% if you add a link from your website to our website.
A web link is extremely easy to set up (see our handy “Linking Your Site To Us” guide) and makes it extremely simple for parents and members to place an order. You can also set up a link that will automatically add your reference number to the order that is placed by following the link – so even if a parent or member forgets to enter your reference number, you will still earn commission on that order. Plus, if you add a link partway through the commission year, we will backdate the higher rate of commission for the entire year – so you’ll get the best possible results for your fundraising efforts.

POSTER/EXAMPLE LETTERS/POWERPOINT: our website now features a “Really Useful Downloads” page, which includes downloads of ALL of the materials that we provide to help our affiliates earn as much commission as they can. This includes a Notice Board Poster to raise awareness, examples of covering letters to send out to parents or members to help drum up support for your fundraising efforts, and a PowerPoint presentation to explain to staff, PTA members, parents, or members how the scheme works.


  • In October, we total up the commission you have earned and send you a cheque in the post.
  • You can track your commission throughout the year via our website.

Rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about our existing affiliates. For those who are earning commission at our higher rate of commission (currently 25%), you will be automatically updated to the 30% commission rate for this commission year. You are also welcome to take advantage of our brand new materials to help boost your fundraising efforts; simply visit our updated Schools Section to find out what’s available.

Commission Scheme – For Schools, Nurseries, Children’s Groups, and Nursing and Residential Care Homes

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Here at Label Planet, we run a free commission scheme, which allows participating organisations to earn money from sales of our name label products that are purchased by customers who are affiliated with that particular group.

Our scheme is open to all sorts of groups – for example, nurseries and schools can earn commission on name labels bought by parents or guardians of children enrolled in their classes; children’s groups such as Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts, or activity and sporting groups can earn commission when the parents or guardians of children who are members of the group purchase their name labels from us; and any nursing or residential care home can earn commission when a resident or a relative, friend, or care worker acting on behalf of a resident places an order with us.

So how does it work?

Once an organisation signs up with us, we assign them a unique code/ID; any order placed where that number is quoted will earn commission for the organisation. Commission is paid out once a year in October and is set to either a basic rate of 15% or a boosted rate of 25% (where the organisation places a link on their website to our website).

Our commission scheme means these groups can earn funds for any ongoing projects they are running while also promoting name labels as a means to avoiding issues with lost or mixed up property.

To find out more about our commission scheme you can:

To get signed up and start earning commission, simply do one of the following:

Schools: Looking For A New Way To Raise Funds? Try Fundraising With STIKINS ® & TRONS ®.

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Over the last two weeks we’ve been preparing cheques for all of our lovely school partners who have signed up to our commission scheme.

If you aren’t one of those schools, read on to find out exactly what you’re missing out on – and how to make sure you’re included next year!

Here at Label Planet we offer schools the opportunity to earn commission on sales of our name label products; STIKINS ® & TRONS ®. Whenever a parent or guardian of a child (or children) currently attending your school orders name labels from us, you have the opportunity to earn commission on that sale.

We assign a unique code to each school that signs up as a commission partner. Any order that is placed using that code will be allotted to your commission funds – and that includes orders placed online, by phone, and by post.

We operate on an annual payout system, with our commission year running from 1st October – 30th September. Each October, we take all of the orders that have been placed with your school’s code, total up the value, and generate your commission from that total.

Our basic rate of commission is 15%.
[You can boost this to 25% by adding a link from your school/PTA website to our website]

Once you’ve signed up, you can pretty much leave things alone and simply wait to receive your cheque. As with any fundraising effort though, the more time you put in, the more you get out.

We’ve tried to make things as simple as possible, so we have a few things to help get you going and then it’s up to you to decide how much time you want to spend promoting the scheme.

We offer all schools:
– Free leaflets to distribute to parents (pre-printed with your school’s number)
– 25% commission if you add a link from your school/PTA website to our website
(we have a guide to adding this link on our website here)

Follow these easy steps:
1. Visit our Registration page
2. Fill in the form!

And that’s pretty much it.
You can request free leaflets from us when you register or request them separately later on.

If you need any extra help or advice, you can always get in touch and we’ll answer any questions that you might have.

If you’re not sure about signing up and would like to know more, you can take a look through our website or request a School Information Pack.

Start The New School Term With A New Fundraising Opportunity

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

With the start of the new year and the start of a new school term, it’s a great time to start a new fundraising project. At Label Planet, we have a simple way to raise funds for your school that is easy to set up and easy to promote.

Schools who register with us as a fundraising partner will earn commission on sales of STIKINS ® placed by parents. We know that fundraising can be a time consuming effort, so we’ve made the whole process as simple as possible.

YOU register with us
WE assign your school a unique ID code
WE provide free information leaflets/order forms for you to distribute to parents
– AND we even print your unique code on each leaflet
YOU hand out the leaflets
PARENTS order labels
WE keep a running total and send out your commission once a year in October

And that’s it!

As extra steps, you can
– Add a link on your school or PTA website to our website to boost your commission level to 25%
– Request more information leaflets when you run out
– Request a free sample for every pupil in your school

Here are all the links you need:
FAQ – find out more about STIKINS ® name labels
Fundraising FAQ – find out more about earning commission with STIKINS ®
Information Pack – request an information pack that includes information about STIKINS ® and earning commission with STIKINS ®, as well as samples of our name labels and the information leaflets that we supply
Free Samples – request free STIKINS ® for every pupil in your school (you can request personalised STIKINS ® or standard samples that are printed with the school name only)
Register – to start earning commission
Request Leaflets – request free leaflets to distribute to parents
Optimising Letters – for a few tips about promoting STIKINS ® to parents
Links – find out more about linking your website to our website to earn 25% commission

New School Year – New Fundraising Opportunities

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

September has arrived, which means the new school year is underway. It’s a great time for starting new projects, so why not consider signing up with Label Planet to earn commission on sales of STIKINS ® name labels.

It’s so simple!

– Simply register with us – over the phone (01270 668076) or online.
– Hand out leaflets to parents promoting STIKINS ® and the school’s unique reference code – we provide these free of charge.
– Receive your commission payment once a year in October.

If you want to find out more, you can request an Information Pack from our website.

Plus, there are plenty of simple ways to boost your fundraising efforts.
Add a link on the school website to our website (boosts commission from 15% to 25%).
– Send a letter or email to parents promoting STIKINS ® as an easy way to raise money for the school.
– Offer STIKINS ® as a prize at fundraising events such as raffles – we are happy to supply these for free upon request.

The Three “Rs” For Schools – information links online

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

For schools there are generally three steps involved in registering to earn commission on sales of STIKINS ® name labels – all of which can be done online.

1. REQUEST a school information pack
THE LINK YOU NEED: PTA Fundraising Information for your PTA or School
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: A School Information Pack will be sent to you containing a letter/information sheet that outlines how schools can earn commission along with samples of parent leaflets, instruction leaflets, and our STIKINS ® – New & Original.

2. REGISTER your school
THE LINK YOU NEED: School & PTA Registration
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Your unique ID will be added to our system and orders placed with your reference number will start to contribute towards your commission total.

3. REQUEST parent leaflets
THE LINK YOU NEED: Request Parent Leaflets
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: We will print labels with your school name and unique ID and post these, along with your requested parent leaflets, either directly to the school or to a nominated delivery address for you to distribute to parents.

And a few other “Rs” to consider:
RAISE your commission from 15% to 25%
REVIEW the commission you have earned so far
REQUEST five free STIKINS ® for each pupil as part of our 2013 Spring Fundraising Offer
READ more about our STIKINS ®

Of course, we’re always happy to talk to schools and PTA members directly, whether they have questions about STIKINS ® and earning commission, or simply want to request an Information Pack or more Parent Leaflets over the phone. Simply give us a call on 01270 668076 and we’ll be happy to help.

School Information Packs

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Schools and PTAs can request more information about our STIKINS ® and earning commission by requesting a School Information Pack.

What is included in a School Information Pack?
Each information pack includes the following:
– Letter/Information Sheet that outlines how schools can earn commission
– Samples of leaflets for parents and labels with the school’s unique reference number
– Samples of both our New and Original STIKINS ® and the instruction leaflet that is supplied with every order

School information packs can be requested from our website here: Schools Information Request.

Simply submit the name and postcode of your school, a contact name, an email address, and the address to which the pack should be sent. This can be to the school itself or to a home address if this is more convenient.