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Out With The Old & In With The New

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

We have two announcements to make today.

First of all, we have fulfilled our final, final order of STIKINS ® Originals – the original STIKINS ® name label. Our last batch of stock has now been used up and we will no longer be able to fulfil any requests for this product.

We’d like to thank our customers for the wonderful feedback that we’ve received about this product. Like our customers we’re sad to see these name labels go, but we can no longer support Original STIKINS ® following our customers’ enthusiastic response to the new STIKINS ® product.

Second, we’d like to announce that we do have a brand new product on the horizon and we hope our customers will find it every bit as useful as our STIKINS ® name labels. We can’t say too much yet, other than we are busy working away to get the product ready for a grand unveiling. Keep a close eye on our blog for further news…

Start The New School Term With A New Fundraising Opportunity

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

With the start of the new year and the start of a new school term, it’s a great time to start a new fundraising project. At Label Planet, we have a simple way to raise funds for your school that is easy to set up and easy to promote.

Schools who register with us as a fundraising partner will earn commission on sales of STIKINS ® placed by parents. We know that fundraising can be a time consuming effort, so we’ve made the whole process as simple as possible.

YOU register with us
WE assign your school a unique ID code
WE provide free information leaflets/order forms for you to distribute to parents
– AND we even print your unique code on each leaflet
YOU hand out the leaflets
PARENTS order labels
WE keep a running total and send out your commission once a year in October

And that’s it!

As extra steps, you can
– Add a link on your school or PTA website to our website to boost your commission level to 25%
– Request more information leaflets when you run out
– Request a free sample for every pupil in your school

Here are all the links you need:
FAQ – find out more about STIKINS ® name labels
Fundraising FAQ – find out more about earning commission with STIKINS ®
Information Pack – request an information pack that includes information about STIKINS ® and earning commission with STIKINS ®, as well as samples of our name labels and the information leaflets that we supply
Free Samples – request free STIKINS ® for every pupil in your school (you can request personalised STIKINS ® or standard samples that are printed with the school name only)
Register – to start earning commission
Request Leaflets – request free leaflets to distribute to parents
Optimising Letters – for a few tips about promoting STIKINS ® to parents
Links – find out more about linking your website to our website to earn 25% commission

FAQ – How Much Is A Pack Of STIKINS ® (And What’s In A Pack Anyhow)?

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Here are the prices and pack sizes of STIKINS ® for 2013/2014:

Pack Code

Pack Content

Pack Price


30 name labels



60 name labels



90 name labels



120 name labels



Customers can purchase STIKINS ® name labels online, by phone, or by post – order forms can be requested by schools or can be downloaded from our website.

We also have some remaining stock of the White Assorted (£10.50) and Half White Assorted (£7.00) packs from the Original STIKINS ® range.

Original STIKINS ® – The Final Batch

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

We have reached our final batch of Original STIKINS ® material!

Once this particular batch has been printed we will cease all production of the Original STIKINS ® range.

We’ve had a brilliant and lovely response from customers who want to get hold of these name labels before they are gone forever – unfortunately, this has only meant that we have used up quite a bit of the remaining stock in rather a short amount of time.

So, if you want to purchase either a WA or HW assorted pack of the Original STIKINS ® (or if, like some of our customers, you want to stock up and buy multiple packs!), please give us a call during office hours on 01270 668076 to order your Original STIKINS ® – before it’s too late and they’re all gone!

Alternatively, if you want to give our (not so) New STIKINS ® a try, you can give us a call or order online now.

Back To School – Fast Despatch & Delivery

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

It’s that time of year again!

We’ve been inundated with Back to School orders from parents who are getting organised for the impending start of the new school year. With some schools back in less than a week, now’s the time to get all that school uniform labelled!

We’re printing batches regularly throughout the day, and aim to get orders placed before 3pm despatched on the same working day, with the remainder despatched on the next working day as per our delivery guidelines.

All orders are despatched via Royal Mail’s First Class service – 93% of which tends to arrive the next day. If you want to guarantee delivery, you can contact us on 01270 668076 to place your order on a next day delivery service – which will guarantee delivery by 1pm or 9am, depending on the service level you choose. We particularly encourage customers living in London to consider this option as the first class service does tend to experience delays in this area.

We would like to remind our customers that we now offer only our (New) STIKINS ® online – customers who want to order a pack of the White Assorted or Half White Assorted labels from the Original STIKINS ® range must place their order by phone. The Original STIKINS ® range has now been discontinued and the WA and HW packs will only be available while stocks last.

Farewell to Original STIKINS ®

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Sadly, the time has come to announce that our Original STIKINS ® packs have been discontinued and customers will no longer be able to order them from our website.

Original STIKINS ® were the STIKINS ® that started it all and we’re all quite sad to see them go.

Our New STIKINS ® have proved to be very popular, and now make up a whopping 97% of our name label orders. Unfortunately, this also means that it is no longer commercially viable for us to continue producing our Original STIKINS ® and we will no longer be able to offer this product.

We have limited stock of the “White Assorted” and “Half White Assorted” Original STIKINS ® left, which are available by phone order only, while stocks last. Simply call us on 01270 668076 during office hours if you wish to order a final pack of Original STIKINS ®.

We do encourage our customers to try our New STIKINS ® – or “STIKINS ®” as they will be known from now on. These one size, universal purpose name labels do the job just as well as the Originals, and we hope our Originals customers will be just as happy with these as they were with the previous product.

You can find out more about our New STIKINS ® here. If you’re not sure about swapping to the new product, why not read through some of our Customer Reviews, to see exactly what our customers have to say about their New STIKINS ®.

New & Improved STIKINS ® – Now Sun Cream Resistant!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013


Today we are launching a new and improved version of our STIKINS ®!


During the great heat wave of July, some of our customers got in touch with us to report issues with the print on their STIKINS ®. So we got investigating.

We tested our STIKINS ®, along with some of our competitors’ name labels, to see how they coped with being exposed to a range of the most popular sun creams currently available on the market. Our results showed that, for the majority of the name labels, the print began to wear off after short term exposure, with long term exposure leading to an almost complete removal of the print.

Further investigation into the sun creams we were testing suggested that they may have undergone changes to their formulas. These changes may have included improving the performance of “blockers” that reflect, scatter or absorb ultraviolet light. This can be achieved by using enhanced versions of ingredients such as titanium dioxide, which are also believed to be less irritating than other chemicals and so better suited to infants or adults with sensitive skin. While the new formulas will have greatly improved the protection provided by sun creams, the new ingredients cause the disintegration of print on name labels – particularly when they are attached to the wash care label at the neck of garments, where they are easily exposed to sun cream on a child’s neck.

In response to our findings, we began to research ways to improve our product to resolve this issue. And now we’re implementing our solution: we have sourced a new advanced ink that is resistant to the new formulas used in sun creams and, from today, all orders of STIKINS ® name labels will be printed with this new ink.

We Need You! (to leave a review) + A STIKINS ® Competition

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

We’ve just added a new review system to our website, so that all of our customers can let us know how we’re doing.

We’ve been amazed by the response so far; the system has only been live for four days and we’ve already had 440 reviews from our brilliant customers. So we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has responded so far.

If you haven’t left a review yet, all you need to do is visit either the STIKINS ® New Name Labels page and on the right hand side, towards the top of the page, there will be a set of stars and you simply click the “Write a Review” link underneath the stars to let us know what you think.

It’s been great getting to read through all of the thoughts and comments that our customers have left, although we’ll admit we haven’t read them all – yet! (we’re working on it!). We also know that, for many people, reading reviews from existing customers is an important part of deciding whether or not to buy a particular product, so we hope potential customers will get as much out of these reviews as we do.

In other STIKINS ® news, we’re running a bit of a competition for our STIKINS ® customers. If you’ve used your STIKINS ® in a particularly unusual way, we want you to send us a picture for our upcoming “STIKINS ® Gallery”, which will be a new feature on our website. The five most creative pictures we get will receive free STIKINS ® (up to the value of £25). Simply email us at for your chance to win!

STIKINS ® and the Wash-Care Label

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

All of our name label orders are sent out with instruction leaflets, containing a step by step guide to applying your name labels. For both our new STIKINS ® and the garment labels from the original STIKINS ® packs, we advise customers to apply the label to the wash-care label of their clothes.

Occasionally we get customers asking if they can apply these labels directly onto items of clothing. The reason we instruct our customers to apply their STIKINS ® to the wash-care label, rather than onto the garment itself, is because this is where the labels were stuck during testing – meaning we know for sure that our labels work in these conditions. It IS possible that our STIKINS ® may adhere to certain items of clothing directly, but as there are so many different materials currently used it would simply be impossible to test them all efficiently.

A few extra tips:
– With the garment labels from the originals range, you can always stick one of the other labels (the shoe labels are the best) over the top of the bars at the back of the wash-care label to make the garment label extra secure. This is particularly useful if your clothing has a wide wash-care label that is too big to allow the bars of the garment label to overlap.
– If your items are brand new, give them a wash first before applying your STIKINS ®. This makes sure that any chemicals that have been applied to preserve items during storage and display or any extra dye will be washed away and cannot interfere with the adhesive.

You can find more Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers!) on our website.

STIKINS ®: A New Type Of Font

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

We’ve changed the font we use when printing our STIKINS ® name labels.

We wanted to try something new, and we hope that children will love the new font. The style is similar to the shape and form of hand-written text, which should make the labels clearer and easier to read. We often have discussions with parents who want labels that not only label their children’s clothing and personal items, but that will also be a part of the learning process as their child begins to recognise letters and words, including their own name. We also like the font because it’s a bit more fun and playful than the old one!

We love getting feedback from our customers, so why not let us know what you think about the new font. You can email us at, or leave us a message on facebook or twitter.