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Be Prepared For The Circle Of Life With Stikins Name Tags For Kids

Friday, June 15th, 2018

be prepared with stikins name tags for kidsTwenty-four years ago, Disney’s The Lion King burst onto cinema screens, becoming one of the company’s most successful and popular films ever. Here at the Stikins name tags office, we thought we’d celebrate with some fascinating facts about one of our favourite films…

  1. Most people know the plot was loosely inspired by Hamlet. During development, the story was described as “Hamlet in Africa with Bambi thrown in” – or Bamblet for short.
  2. Many of the character names come from the Swahili language. Simba means lion, Rafiki means friend, Shenzi means barbarous (savage), Sarabi means mirage, Taka (Scar’s real name) means waste, while Pumbaa can be interpreted as foolish, dumbfounded, weak-minded, thoughtless, or ignorant. Zazu is a Hebrew name meaning movement, Timon is a Greek name and means to honour, Mufasa is usually interpreted as king, while Nala can be interpreted as successful or beloved.
  3. Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase, interpreted in the film as no worries. Hakuna means there is not here and Matata means problems.
  4. An early title for the film was King of the Jungle. This changed when the production team realised that lions don’t actually live in the jungle.
  5. The wildebeest stampede took THREE years to complete. A brand new computer program had to be written to allow animators to recreate the movements in a stampede.
  6. An early version of Mufasa’s death was actually more intense and heart-breaking. After making test audiences burst into uncontrollable sobs, the scene was toned down.
  7. The opening scene originally featured dialogue introducing the main characters. After directors heard The Circle of Life, the scene was re-done and became the film’s trailer.
  8. The opening chant is written in the Zulu language. It translates as…
    Here comes a lion, Father. Oh yes, it’s a lion. Here comes a lion, Father. Oh yes, it’s a lion. It’s a lion. We’re going to conquer. A lion and a leopard come to this open place.
  9. When Mufasa tells Simba that the stars are the great kings of the past, you can see the constellation of Leo – the lion – in the sky.
  10. An earthquake forced Disney Studios to close temporarily during production with artists working on the film from their own homes. This meant that some artists worked on the same scenes from opposite sites of the country.
  11. The lions’ roars are a combination of different sounds. This included grizzly bears, fighter jets, and tigers – because tiger roars are much more powerful and intense than lion roars. American voice actor, Frank Welker, contributed additional sounds by snarling, growling, and even burping into a small metal rubbish bin.
  12. Pumbaa was the first Disney character ever to fart on film!

Feel More Hakuna Matata With Stikins Name Tags

While they can’t solve every problem, Stikins name tags do mean you can have “no worries” about your children losing their belongings every time they go to school – or anywhere else for that matter. Our name tags are made with a unique adhesive, which means they simply stick on and stay on. Our multipurpose stick on name tags allow you to safely and securely (and quickly) label all of your children’s belongings. You can use one pack of name tags to label clothing and school uniform, as well as bags and shoes, P.E. kit and equipment, lunch boxes and water bottles, stationery and book bags, and all those other essential extras your kids won’t leave home without.

Stikins measure 30mm by 15mm and we use a bold, black font to personalise each white sticker. This means Stikins are neat and discrete (when you don’t need them) and easy to read (when you do).

Order Name Tags From Stikins Today.

We supply name tags in four pack sizes; choose from 30, 60, 90, or 120 name tags per pack. You can order online, by phone, or by post. We print, pack, and post orders same day (Monday to Friday, up to 3pm).

You can find out more about our stick-on name tags on our Stikins information page. Alternatively, if you have any questions or queries or if you need help with an order, get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help.

Discover How The Months Were Named With Stikins Name Labels

Friday, June 1st, 2018

stikins name labels of the months

Stikins Presents: How The Months Got Their Name (Labels)

The start of a new month got the name labels team thinking about the names we use for months. They come from the Roman Calendar, which originally contained 10 months beginning with March. January and February extended the winter period at the “end” of each year. Though they became the “start” of the year, March remained a starting point due to its association with the arrival of spring.

Germanic Calendars named months after agricultural seasons. Their names refer to a specific agricultural event along with a suffix (e.g. monath/manoth) derived from the word for moon.

Stikins Month Name Labels

Get Super Speedy Despatch & Delivery Of Stikins Name Labels In Every Month Of The Year

Here at Stikins HQ, we want to make sure that ALL of our customers receive their name labels as swiftly as possible. We therefore print, pack, and post orders every week day throughout the year. The only exemptions are Bank Holidays and our Easter and Christmas Breaks.

Orders of name labels received by 3pm (Monday to Friday) are despatched same day. Those placed after 3pm, over the weekend, or on a Bank Holiday, are despatched on the next working day.

We use Royal Mail’s First Class Service as our standard delivery service. This is free and around 93% of orders arrive on the next day. The rest usually take a few days extra (especially in London) BUT – as Royal Mail don’t guarantee next day delivery – it may take up to five working days for “late” orders to arrive.

If you need to receive your name labels in time for a specific deadline, we also offer a special delivery service. Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service guarantees that your order will be delivered by 1pm on the next working day. This service does require a signature on delivery. You can upgrade to our special delivery service by phone and it costs £5.75.

To view all of our despatch and delivery information, head on over to our Despatch & Delivery Page. Alternatively, head on over to our home page to place an order for your new name labels now!

We’re Feeling Feline With Cat-Inspired Names & Free School Fundraising Samples

Friday, May 11th, 2018

stikins name tags school fundraising cats

Stikins School Fundraising Presents: Some Fabulously Feline Names

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the debut of the musical Cats. So, while we were working on our school fundraising scheme for the summer, we also started thinking about the cat-inspired names that we’ve printed over the years.

While we’ve never printed name tags for a Grizabella, Macavity, or indeed a Rum Tum Tugger, there are plenty of names we have printed with a distinctly feline feel, including…

stikins cat name tags

Stikins School Fundraising Presents: Some Fabulous School Fundraising Samples

All this month, we’re helping our School Fundraising partners to prepare information packs for September’s new intake. Many schools are organising open days and information evenings for the parents of new starters. This may include creating information packs to prepare families for a new start at a new school.

This is a brilliant opportunity to spread the message about using name tags to defeat the problem of lost property, while raising money along the way. With the Stikins school fundraising scheme, schools and PTAs can earn up to 30% commission on sales of name tags made by parents.

What’s more, we’re offering plenty of free fundraising materials to help you spread the word and boost your fundraising totals for this year. This includes posters to put up around school, free parent leaflets to send home, and our fantastic free samples offer.

We will print five Stikins name tags for each of your new starters. Each set will be individually packed with its own parent leaflet and instructions for use. We then send the samples to the school to be distributed to new starters.

Request Free Samples And School Fundraising Materials

To request any of our free fundraising materials, you can either fill in our online School Fundraising Request form or simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

To request personalised samples, you will need to email us a list of the names you would like printing. An Excel spreadsheet is best, with the first names in the first columns and the surnames in the second column.

Data Privacy

We request a list of names for the sole purpose of printing your free samples. We load your list into our print system, print your samples, and then delete all copies of the list. If you cannot send full names, we recommend more anonymous alternatives such as initials and class name.

Happy Star Wars Day From Stikins Name Labels! #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Stikins name labels - may the fourth be with you

To celebrate Star Wars Day, we’ve researched the most popular Star Wars names amongst our school uniform labels customers…

stikins school uniform labels most popular star wars names

Stikins – School Uniform Labels With An Adhesive Strong Enough To Defeat The Dark Side *

Okay, so maybe these name labels wouldn’t actually “defeat” the dark side but they DO:

  • Give parents A NEW HOPE that their children will bring all their stuff home from school.
  • Allow THE EMPIRE SCHOOL [to] STRIKES BACK against the problem of lost property.
  • Make it easy for the RETURN OF THE JEDI items that have gone missing.
  • Save parents from THE PHANTOM MENACE of wasting time and money on replacements.
  • Prevent an ATTACK OF THE CLONES by clearly identifying the owner of identical looking school uniforms. wash.
  • Help parents avoid the REVENGE OF THE SITH sewing needles and hot irons by using stick on name labels instead of sew-in name tapes and iron-on name tags.
  • Make sure school uniform stays labelled from the first to THE LAST JEDI wash.

Stikins are multipurpose stick on name labels and can be used to label all your children’s school uniform and kit. You can use one pack as clothing labels, school uniform labels, shoe labels, lunchbox labels, water bottle labels, P.E. Kit labels, and general purpose school name labels.

Our unique adhesive ensures that your school uniform labels will simply stick on and stay on. Stikins are so easy to apply; simply peel each label carefully from its backing sheet and apply firmly onto your items. You should apply Stikins onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items, onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes, or directly onto all other personal items. They can be safely used to label items that will go through washing machines, tumble-dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves. Our school uniform labels have been independently tested for 40 washes at 40 degrees and we have received over 7,000 positive reviews from happy customers.

Use The Force (Or Your Computer / Tablet / Phone) To Order Stikins School Uniform Labels Today

You can order school uniform labels online, by phone, or by post. Our Customer Service Team is available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. We print and post orders every weekday up to 3pm; if you order before 3pm, we will despatch your school uniform labels on the day you order. If you order after 3pm, over the weekend, or on a Bank Holiday, we will make your school uniform labels on the next working day after you order.

Standard delivery uses Royal Mail’s first class service. Around 93% arrives the next day, although it is not a guaranteed service and may take up to five working days. If you need to receive your name labels before a particular date, you can upgrade to next day delivery for £5.75. This service guarantees that your order will arrive by 1pm on the next working day.

Stikins Name Tags Plays The Royal Name Game #PrinceLouis

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Stikins name tags plays the royal name game

The Stikins Name Tags Guide To The Latest Royal Baby Names

The name of Royal Baby No. 3 has (finally) been announced and so we’re celebrating with a closer look at the names chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We’ve also had a bit of fun seeing how well these royal names fare amongst our name tags customers…


More commonly associated with European royalty (including 18 French Kings), it means “famous warrior” or “famous in battle”. Prince Louis shares this name with his brother and his father as both Prince George and Prince William have Louis as a middle name.

Stikins Name Tags Rating: Louis is the 44th most popular name amongst Stikins customers.


Best known from the legend of King Arthur, this name has a number of possible origins and meanings, including two Celtic elements meaning “bear” and “king”. Amongst the Royal family, it’s a popular middle name. Prince William, Prince Charles, and King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II’s father) were all given the name Arthur as one of their middle names.

Stikins Name Tags Rating: Arthur is the 60th most popular name amongst Stikins customers.


Also popular among European rulers, Charles was introduced to the British Royal Family with King Charles I (and continued with his son, Charles II). The name is generally believed to mean “man”. Prince Louis shares this name with his grandfather, Prince Charles.

Stikins Name Tags Rating: Charles is a rarer choice amongst Stikins customers – we printed 3 sets of name tags with this name in 2017.

Stikins: Name Tags Fit For Your Little Prince Or Princess!

Children come with a laundry list of possessions that you need to buy and they need to keep safe. Keeping track of all your children’s belongings can be tricky – especially when they start attending nursery or school. School kit is often similar or identical in design and, as a result, lost property is an all too common problem.

With Stikins, you can avoid the upset of lost property (and avoid wasting time and money on replacements), by safely and securely labelling all of your children’s belongings with our easy to use multipurpose name tags.

Made with a unique adhesive, Stikins simply stick on and stay on. You can use them as clothing labels for school uniform, clothing, and fabric items including bedding, towels, and soft toys. They’re also suitable for use as shoes labels, lunch box labels, and water bottle labels, as well as general name labels for everything else that your children need (or want) to take with them when they’re away from home.

Stikins should be applied onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items. You should apply shoe labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue. For other personal belongings, simply stick your name tags directly onto each item.

Order Stikins Name Tags Today!

Stikins name tags are available to order online, by phone, or by post. We supply four pack sizes: choose from 30, 60, 90, or 120 name tags. Orders are printed every day, Monday to Friday, up to 3pm.

If you need your name tags urgently, you can upgrade to a special delivery service. This guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day. Please note, that you need to request special delivery by phone.

To place an order, visit our website ( or get in touch with the Stikins Team.

Stikins Name Labels Presents Top-Scoring Names For #ScrabbleDay

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Stikins Name Labels Scrabble Score

Yes, we know you can’t use proper nouns in a real game of Scrabble. Regardless, we thought we’d find out which names we’ve printed onto Stikins name labels comes out tops for Scrabble Day.

Stikins Name Labels – An Introduction To Scrabble

Scrabble has been around since 1938, which means that 2018 will see the game reach its 80th anniversary. Originally called “Criss-Crosswords”, there are now more than 50 language versions of Scrabble and more than 4,000 Scrabble clubs worldwide. There are a variety of national and international tournaments – including the World Scrabble Championships. National Scrabble Day is celebrated on the 13th April, which is the birthday of the game’s inventor Alfred Mosher Butts, an architect from New York City.

Over 150 million sets have been sold worldwide and more than half of all UK homes own a Scrabble set. If all of the Scrabble tiles ever produced were placed end to end they would reach around the earth nine times. It is estimated that more than a million Scrabble tiles have “gone missing”. There are official Scrabble dictionaries to help avoid any fights over particularly contentious word choices.

Stikins Name Labels – Finding The Top-Scoring Names On Our Name Labels

In Scrabble, each letter of the alphabet has a point value as follows:

  • 1 point: A E I O U L N S T R
  • 2 points: D G
  • 3 points: B C M P
  • 4 points: F H V W Y
  • 5 points: K
  • 8 points: J X
  • 10 points: Q Z

Using these values, we’ve worked out the Scrabble scores for all of the names we printed in 2017. Our top-scoring names are: Jack-James (31) and Zola-Jayne (28).

Obviously, they have the advantage of being hyphenated names so – in the name of fairness – our top scoring (non-hyphenated) names are: Jacqueline (28) and Zulaykha (27).

Unsurprisingly, names with high-scoring letters (especially Qs, Zs, Js, & Ks) fill out our top 10 (although Christopher gets an honourable mention for having no individual letters worth more than 4 points):

Lizzy (26), Mackenzie (26), Izzy (25), Jacquie (25), Zackery (25), Aziz (22), Johnathan (22), Christopher (21)

In honour of the fact that it is Harvey’s birthday on Sunday (Harvey, of course, being the Stikins Name Labels Dog), we have to mention that Harvey’s Scrabble Score is 15.  


Stikins Name Labels – Top Tips For Choosing The Letters On Your Sticky Labels

It’s entirely up to you what you include on your name labels. Although we do have a few rules (and recommendations) for creating your own set of clothing labels or name stickers.

  1. We print alphanumerical characters, basic punctuation marks, and some standard European accented characters. (À Á Â Ä Ã Å Æ à á â ä â å æ È É Ê Ë è é ê ë Í Î Ï ì í î ï Ô Ö Õ ò ó ô ö õ Ù Ú Û Ü ù ú û ü Ç ç Ñ ñ Ý Ÿ ý ÿ Ø ø Ð ð ß ƒ) We cannot print emoji, pictures, icons, or extended accented character sets. If you need any advice on the characters that you can include, please contact our Customer Service Team.
  2. Our system automatically chooses the largest font size that will allow your text to fit on your sticky name labels. If you use a lot of characters you will get a smaller font size. You CAN include up to 35 characters per line but we recommend a maximum of 15-20 to get the best possible font size.
  3. We offer the choice of 1 line or 2 lines of text on your name labels. We recommend sticking with the default of 2 lines (unless you are using less than 15 characters altogether – e.g. “Harvey Bear”). We also recommend including no more than 2 pieces of information. For example, a name and a phone number, a name and a class or year group, or a name and a friendly message.
  4. We can’t split a pack between different names. You can, however, arrange your names carefully so you can either share the pack or (carefully) cut your name labels in half to create individual sets of personalised name labels.

Stikins Name Labels – Order A Set Of School Labels, Clothing Labels, or Name Stickers Today!

Whether you need school uniform labels, general clothes labels, or sticky name labels that can be used to label pretty much everything and anything, it is so quick and simple to order a pack of Stikins name labels. You can order anytime online by going to Alternatively, give our Customer Service Team a call to order by phone OR fill in one of our order forms to order by post.

Happy #TartanDay From Stikins Name Tags!

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Happy Tartan Day From Stikins Clothing Labels

A Big Happy Tartan Day From Stikins Name Tags!

Here in the Stikins Name Tags office, we thought we’d celebrate Tartan Day with a list of some of our favourite names that have their origins in the language (and lands) of Scotland.

There are so many different names that can trace their roots to areas of Scotland and to Scottish languages. Some have retained a flavour of their Scottish heritage while others have adapted to different times (and different tongues) to create a whole range of brand new names for new generations all around the world.

Scottish Names From Stikins Clothing Labels

Stikins: Clothing Labels For All Kinds Of Items (Kilts Included!)

Stikins name tags are made with a brilliantly advanced adhesive. This adhesive creates a strong bond that allows your clothing labels to remain firmly fixed to items. Even after repeat visits to the washing machine and the tumble drier.

Our name tags have been independently tested to ensure that your clothing labels will simply stick on and stay on. During testing Stikins were applied to the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items. They were then washed using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 40 washes at 40 degrees.

Of course, they’ve also been independently tested by thousands of families across the country over the last fourteen years. You’ll find more than 7,000 reviews from existing customers on our Review Page.

Stikins name tags are really easy to use as clothing labels. Simply peel a name tag carefully from the backing sheet – taking care not to touch the adhesive too much. Apply your tag to the wash-care label of your item of clothing or fabric item. Firmly press down to ensure that the adhesive fully bonds with the label. Leave for 24 hours before washing your item for the first time.

Stikins are also multipurpose name tags that can be used to label pretty much anything and everything. The one exception is socks, which don’t have a wash-care label. Their stretchy surface is difficult for sticky labels to bond with effectively and so they are likely to peel off. 

Order Clothing Labels For School Uniform, Day To Day Clothes, and Fabric Items Today.

To order your own set(s) of name tags, you can go online, give us a call, or pop an order form in the post.

Take A Road Trip Across America With The Stikins ® Hit List Of US-Inspired Names

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

American Names Name Tags

And The Nominees For Most Popular US-Inspired Names Printed Onto Stikins ® Name Tags Are…

We’ve printed lots of name tags for people who share their names with American states and decided to find out which states are the most popular. So, we’ve searched through and records and the most popular US state names – among Stikins ® customers anyhow – are:

Georgia ~ Indiana ~ Dakota ~ Virginia ~ Alabama ~ Alaska

A lot of American towns and cities were named after places in the UK by British settlers and explorers – including Bath, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chester, Coventry, Crewe, Dartmouth, Derby, Dundee, Durham, Exeter, Gloucester, Hastings, Hull, Ipswich, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Macclesfield, Maidstone, Manchester, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Portsmouth, Preston, Scarborough, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Southampton, Stafford, Warwick, Weymouth, and Winchester.

Recently, of course, there has been a trend of people choosing names based on American states and cities so, if you’re looking for a name with an American feel, there’s plenty of options to be found across the good old U.S. of A., including:

Name Tags – Despatch & Delivery Information For The UK (& The Rest Of The World)

Here at Stikins ® HQ, we only supply our name tags within the UK. We print name tags every day, Monday to Friday up to 3pm, which means that all orders are made and despatched on the same or next working day (with the exception of Bank Holidays and Christmas/Easter).

Our standard delivery service is completely free with orders despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service. Around 93% of items sent on this service arrive next day, with the rest taking a day or two extra (especially in the London area).

If you need to receive your name tags quickly – in time for a school trip or before a relative/friend moves into a nursing home – you can opt to upgrade to our next day delivery service. This option uses Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service, costs £5.75, and guarantees that your name tags will arrive the next working day by 1pm.

Currently, you can only upgrade to this service by phone (our Customer Service Team is available 9am-5pm on 01270 668076) – although you’ll be able to upgrade online very soon!

If you live outside the UK and want to order Stikins ® name tags – don’t despair!

Customers can order Stikins ® for delivery to a number of countries worldwide by ordering from our sister company Madebuy, which sells Stikins ® name tags via Amazon and eBay!

You can order Stikins ® name tags online at or you can give our Customer Service Team a call and we’ll be happy to help!

It’s Grand Slam Time at the Stikins® Name Tags Office!

Friday, January 26th, 2018

As the Australian Open is moving into its final weekend, we thought we’d celebrate the first grand slam of the year with a showdown between the most popular names in the UK and the most popular names in Australia! As you can imagine, we create name tags for a wide range of names all year round, we do however come across several usual suspects! To keep our study *supremely scientific* though, we’ve taken a look at the top 100 names given to children born in 2016 (the latest set of data for both the UK and Australia) to see how the countries compare – at least when it comes to choosing names!

* i.e. not remotely scientific at all

Australian Open - Stikins Name Tags

Popular Names for Girls in 2016



Olivia Amelia Emily Isla Charlotte Olivia Mia Ava
Ava Lily Ella Jessica Amelia Isla Sophia Chloe
Isabella Sophia Grace Emily
  • Amazingly 60% of the top 10 names are the same in both the UK and Australia – although Australia’s top name falls significantly lower in the UK (coming in 13th place), while the UK’s top name is almost as equally popular in Australia (coming in 2nd place).
  • 75% of the top 20 names are the same; although where the UK choose Alice, Freya, Jessica, Poppy, or Scarlett, parents in Australia are more likely to choose Evelyn, Harper, Ivy, Ruby, or Zoe.
  • This similarity continues through the top 50 names (64%) and the top 100 names (66%).



Amber Amelie Arabella Beatrice Aaliyah Addison Alexis Alyssa
Clara Darcey Erin Esme Ariana Audrey Aurora Ayla
Felicity Francesca Freya Gracie Billie Bonnie Charlie Chelsea
Iris Julia Leah Lexi Claire Eden Eloise Eve
Lottie Luna Lydia Maisie Frankie Hayley Hazel Indiana
Maria Martha Maryam Megan Lara Mackenzie Madeline Olive
Millie Nancy Robyn Rosie Paige Peyton Piper Quinn
Sara Sofia Savannah Stella

Popular Names for Boys in 2016



Oliver Harry George Jack Oliver William Jack Noah
Jacob Noah Charlie Thomas James Thomas Ethan Lucas
Oscar Muhammad Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson Lachlan
  • While the UK and Australia have similar tastes in girls’ names, there’s a bit more variation when it comes to naming boys; only 40% of the top 10 names are the same in the UK and Australia – although “Oliver” is the most popular choice in both countries.
  • 50% of the top 20 names are the same; with the UK favouring Alfie, Archie, Freddie, George, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Muhammad, Oscar, and Harry where Australia favours Alexander, Harrison, Hunter, Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson, Lachlan, Liam, Lucas, Mason, Max, and Samuel.
  • The top 50 names are 60% the same, while the top 100 names are 63% the same.



Aaron Albert Albie Alex Aiden Angus Archer Ashton
Alfie Arthur Bobby David Beau Chase Christian Connor
Dexter Elliot Elliott Ellis Cooper Darcy Dominic Eli
Ezra Finley Frankie Freddie Fletcher Flynn Hamish Hayden
Frederick Harley Ibrahim Jenson Hudson John Jordan Levi
Jesse Jude Leon Louie Lincoln Marcus Maxwell Nate
Ollie Reggie Reuben Roman Nathaniel Nicholas Owen Parker
Ronnie Rory Stanley Teddy Patrick Ryder Sonny Spencer
Theo Tommy Vincent Xavier

Ordering name tags from Stikins®

While we don’t ship name tags to Australia, we do have a number of customers from a variety of different countries (including Australia!) who order name tags from us. We are more than happy for non-UK customers to order from us with a nominated UK address; for example, you can nominate the address of friends or relatives living in the UK, who will be able to forward your sticky name tags onto you OR hand them over the next time you meet up. Alternatively, you may be able to order from our sister company (Madebuy), who supply school name tags via Amazon and who are able to ship internationally.

We offer TWO UK delivery options when you order Stikins® stick on tags from Label Planet:

STANDARD DELIVERY: our standard delivery service is Royal Mail’s first class service and is free of charge. Around 93% of first class mail arrives the next day, with the remainder taking a day or two extra (particularly in the London area).

SPECIAL DELIVERY: next day delivery is via Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service; this guarantees that your stick on name labels will be delivered by 1pm on the next day and costs £5.75.

This option is ideal if you need your sticky name tags to arrive in plenty of time before an important date – for example, if you need to order name tags for school trips or tags for a friend or relative who is moving into a nursing home or residential care facility.

If you are ordering name stickers on a FRIDAY and need to receive them over the weekend, we also offer Royal Mail’s Saturday Delivery Guaranteed service, which costs £8.75.

Currently our Special Delivery options are ONLY available to request by phone (call us on 01270 668076, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm), which allows us to ensure that your name tags will be printed and posted same day for next day delivery.

So, whether you have a very unusual name or a name which has proven to be very popular in recent years, the team here at Stikins® can provide you with truly unique name tags when you need them most! To find out more about our products or to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

On The 10th Day Before Christmas, Stikins ® Gave To Me…

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Christmas with Stikins Name Labels

Names for Father Christmas & the last posting dates for our name labels!

Yes, there are only TEN DAYS left until Christmas Day and hopefully you’re managing to keep on top of the chaos that is Christmas! To help you into the spirit, we’ve decided to look into the world of festive names…

While taking a look at Christmas inspired names, we were struck by how many different names are used to refer to those Christmas (and Winter) visitors who bring gifts to children each year. Here in the UK, we’re all extremely familiar with the jolly man himself, “Father Christmas”, but did you know that there are many other Christmas and winter gift-bringers who are celebrated around the world? Here’s just some of the festive figures that we encountered…

Christmas Names - Stikins Name Labels

While the majority of these figures follow “Old Man” traditions, there are some female gift-givers to be found, including:

  • Saint Lucia/Saint Lucy: most commonly celebrated in Scandinavia and Italy, Saint Lucy is associated with light and “festivals of light” which are held in her honour on the 13th December. In Italy, she brings gifts to good children and coal to bad children – children leave out food to entice the donkey and make sure that Saint Lucy visits their house.
  • The Snow Girl/The Snow Maiden: Snegurochka is celebrated in Russia, where she is usually depicted as the granddaughter and helper of Ded Moroz (“Old Man Frost” or “Grandfather Frost”) – who delivers presents to children on New Year’s Eve.
  • Frau Holle/Old Mother Frost: also known as Holda, Huld, or Hulda, she is variously depicted as a Goddess of Winter, of the Sky, and of the Weather. In some traditions, she flies through the skies on 24th December (also known as “Mother’s Night”) to bring gifts to children. The Grimm Brothers used her in one of their fairy tales; snow falls to earth whenever she shakes out the blanket on her bed and she rewards a good child with gold and punishes a bad child with hot pitch.
  • Perchta: also known as Percht, Berchta, and Bertha, Perchta is a variation of the Frau Holle figure (or vice versa) and traditionally roams the countryside between Christmas and Epiphany, rewarding good children and punishing bad children.
  • Befana the Christmas Witch: celebrated throughout Italy, Befana is an old woman who delivers gifts on Epiphany Eve (the night of 5th January); good children wake up to a stocking full of gifts and sweets, while naughty children find a lump of coal – traditionally, children find nice gifts AND a lump of coal (rock sugar darkened with caramel colouring) as a reminder that they haven’t always been on their best behaviour…

Last posting dates for ordering Stikins ® name labels before Christmas…

So, now that we’ve shared some festive fun with you it’s onto our second gift – our last posting dates for ordering Stikins ® name labels! We’ll be printing our labels for clothing & personal items all next week (Monday – Friday); any orders we receive before 3pm will be despatched on the same day, while those received after 3pm will be sent next day.

Orders are despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard BUT we highly recommend upgrading to our special delivery service (Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service; shipping cost £5.75) to make absolutely sure that your name labels arrive before Christmas. This is because Royal Mail do NOT guarantee that first class items will arrive next day AND because first class mail does tend to see delays in the run up to Christmas.

How to upgrade your name labels order to a special delivery service…

Currently, our special delivery service is only available to request by phone; this allows us to make absolutely sure that your stick on name labels will be made and despatched on the SAME DAY so you definitely get them on the NEXT DAY. Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm – simply give us a call on 01270 668076 and we’ll be happy to help.

Please note:

1. Today is the LAST DAY to order Christmas name labels for delivery to the Republic of Ireland.
2. If you find yourself leaving things to the very last minute, the LAST DAY for any orders of school labels, equipment name tags, and general purpose name stickers will be Friday 22nd December (up to 3PM).

To receive your order on Saturday, you will need to order by phone and request our Saturday delivery option (shipping cost: £8.75).

Once normal opening hours resume, you can order at ANYTIME by filling in our handy online order form or you can give us a call (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) to order your personalised name labels by phone.