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Don’t Lose Out To The Lost Property Box Of Doom; Use Stikins ® To Keep Your Children’s Stuff Safe!

Monday, January 9th, 2017

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While we can’t do anything to help with cases of the back to school blues, we can help make sure that your children’s belongings make it safely to school and back again, day after day, throughout the rest of the school year.

Stikins ® name labels are a brilliantly simple solution to the problem of lost property and can be used to label school uniform, equipment, and all those essential extras that your children absolutely have to have with them. These labels simply peel off their backing sheet and then stick on and stay on; they can be applied onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items, or directly onto personal items, such as books and bags, stationery and equipment, tablets and phones, or coats and shoes (in shoes, stick them beneath the tongue or onto the side wall – NOT beneath the heel).

Our labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and are plain white labels printed with a bold, black font; this means that our name labels are totally discrete when they aren’t needed but are really easy to find and read when they are needed – so if your children’s belongings do get mixed up with someone else’s or go missing and turn up in the Lost Property Box, it’s extremely easy to identify them and bring them home (and you don’t have to abandon items on the Lost Property Heap simply because your child point blank refuses to take something home because there’s no way to prove that it doesn’t actually belong to someone else).

Stikins ® name labels take seconds to apply and give you an easy way to safely and securely label ALL of your children’s belongings (although, as a fair warning, they’re not great on socks). We offer four pack sizes (30, 60, 90, or 120 labels) and you can order anytime via our website or you can give our Customer Service Team a call to order over the phone.

If you have any questions about our Stikins ®, please visit our dedicated Information Page or get in touch with our Customer Service Team. Give us a call to place an order over the phone or visit our Stikins ® product page to place an order online today.

Put An End To Your Mountain Of Lost Property With School Name Labels From Label Planet

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

One of the most common comments we receive from schools is how happy they are that they have less Lost Property to deal with once parents start using name label products.

While having to pay to replace lost items is a sore point for any parent (who most likely only purchased those items recently), Lost Property is a far bigger problem for schools, who have to waste time and resources dealing with the mountain of items that get lost around the school grounds. From finding a place to stash all those items to taking the time to put together “Lost Property Events” to (hopefully) reunite some items with their owners, dealing with Lost Property means teachers and members of staff are forced to waste precious time dealing with the fallout of an entirely preventable problem (instead of getting on with more important things). The entire process is made more problematic by the fact that most school uniform and equipment is entirely similar, if not identical, in appearance, which often means that children are reluctant to take items home from Lost Property on the off-chance that they’re actually taking somebody else’s stuff.

Name labels are a quick and simple solution to this problem and here at Label Planet we provide parents with TWO different name label products to help them get ALL of their children’s belongings safely and securely labelled. Stikins ® are stick on name labels that are extremely quick and easy to apply and can be used to label pretty much ANY item of school uniform or equipment, while our Trons ® name transfers create a completely permanent name label on any fabric item.

Whether your school considers name labels to be a “recommended” or a “required” part of pupils’ school equipment, encouraging parents to use name labels is an easy way to cut down on the time and resources you waste dealing with Lost Property. At Label Planet, we also offer schools the chance to earn commission on orders of name labels placed by parents, with those funds being available for you to put towards any ongoing fundraising projects the school is pursuing. As part of this commission scheme, we also provide schools with free materials to distribute to parents, to help boost the number of parents who make the decision to use name labels (and so boost the number of children who arrive at school with all of their stuff labelled).

You can find out more about our name label products by visiting our Stikins ® Information Page and our Trons ® Information Page, or take a look through our Fundraising Pages to find out more about how our Fundraising Scheme works (or to sign up!).

Why Are Name Labels So Important In Schools?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

The main problem with schools is that they involve taking a lot of children with (pretty much) exactly the same clothing and possessions, and putting them into a number of shared spaces that they move between regularly and (usually) at high speed.

If you think about the traditional primary school class of thirty children you’ve got:

  • 30 jumpers, shirts, trousers/skirts, shoes, and socks
  • 30 sets of P.E. kits including shorts/skirts/trousers, t-shirts, trainers, and pumps
  • 30 sets of stationery, and textbooks and exercise books for each subject
  • 30 different sets of coats, gloves, scarves, bags, lunchboxes, and water bottles

And all of these items need to be moved between classrooms, changing rooms, halls, toilets, playgrounds, and (of course) back and forth from home.

It only gets worse when you move into secondary schools, which often add in whole swathes of official school uniform, P.E. kits and equipment, and all of the specialist equipment and textbooks required for each subject. These items are often hauled to a different classroom for each subject and often get abandoned during breaks and lunch.

As required uniform and equipment lists grow, the expenditure required each year (and sometimes each term) to get all of these items grows too. In times when families need to be careful with their finances, it can be difficult to afford these items just the once – let alone having to pay again to replace items that are lost.

Name labels are a quick and easy way to protect against having to pay to replace school uniform and equipment; adding a name means that your child has a better chance of picking up their own belongings during the school day and means that, should the worst happen and something should go missing, it is easy for items to be returned to their rightful owner.

Schools do their best to provide help to parents and pupils by offering Lost Property collections and opportunities for retrievals BUT, without a name label to prove beyond a doubt that an item definitely belongs to your child, identical items such as clothing and equipment often remain unclaimed because there is no way to know for sure whom something belongs to.

Our Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on, and this multipurpose label can be applied onto the wash-care label of any item of clothing AND onto personal items, such as lunch boxes and water bottles, books and pencil cases, calculators and mathematical sets, bags and P.E. kits, and phones and toys.

Our Trons ® name transfers bond and fuse into fabric items to create a completely permanent name label; the material works in the same way as transfers used to apply designs to T-shirts, which makes them ideal for labelling all kinds of fabric items taken to school.

Fight Back Against Lost Property With Stikins ® Name Labels

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Lost property has always been a fact of school life, with schools coming up with all sorts of ideas and policies to try to reduce the build-up of school uniform and equipment that often fails to find its way back home.

The problem of lost property has all sorts of consequences:

SPACE: all of that lost property has to go somewhere and many schools struggle to find space for the equipment they ACTUALLY need, let alone bits and pieces that pupils and students have lost or left behind.

TIME: members of staff have to spend time collecting lost property, communicating with families about the issue of lost property, and holding events at which parents and students can attempt to locate items that they have lost.

MONEY: along with the time lost when members of staff have to deal with lost property (and enquiries about lost property), schools will often have to waste money and resources creating letters, emails, text messages, or other means of communication to alert parents and pupils to the issue of lost property.

EMOTIONAL UPSET: needless to say, losing property can be an upsetting experience – particularly if a child has brought in possessions with particular emotional significance.

All of these consequences are avoidable – and all with the use of a simple name label.

Lost property is a problem that is much easier to solve in a school environment, where Lost Property collections are commonplace, lost items are easier to find and hand in, and there is a means of communicating with those who may have lost items. Adding a name label with even a minimal amount of information (a name) means items can be reunited with their owners – who are already known to the school office.

Name labels are simple and easy to apply; parents don’t have to spend hours meticulously sewing or ironing in name labels anymore. Stikins ® are a versatile multipurpose stick on name label that takes seconds to apply and can be used to label school uniform AND all kinds of personal items, including books, stationery, water bottles, and lunch boxes – which means these name labels can help prevent ALL items from going missing, not just school uniform.

Tips for schools:

  • Use Lost Property events and reminders to inform parents about name labels.
  • Some schools include name labels as a required part of their school uniform but, if you don’t wish to do this, consider recommending name label products (or at least a laundry pen).
  • Request free parent leaflets from Label Planet; these explain a little more about our products to parents and inform them of how to order and you don’t need to do anything other than make sure the leaflets get handed out or are available for parents and children to take home – plus, as a member of our commission scheme, you can earn commission on every order placed by parents that can be used to help fund ongoing school projects.

Fight back against lost property – one name label at a time!

Friday, November 21st, 2014

While the majority of our conversations are with parents and guardians purchasing name labels for their children’s clothing, we also interact with a number of schools on a regular basis and the one comment that we get time and time again is:

We’re fed up with the problem of lost property in our school and your name labels are just the thing we need.

Lost property is a common issue and it doesn’t just cause problems for parents; teachers and members of staff have to spend time sorting through lost property, finding places to store it until it’s collected (if it ever is), and organising endless reminders to send to parents and students in an attempt to reunite at least some items with their owners.

It’s a problem that can take up (and waste) a lot of valuable time; all for a problem that is easy to avoid in the first place.

Name labels and name transfers are an easy solution to the problem of lost property; particularly in organisations like schools that are able to put found items to one side and give the owner an opportunity to reclaim their things. If an item is labelled with an individual’s name or a family name then that item is much, much easier to reunite with its owner and it won’t end up languishing in an overflowing box of uncollected items.

Some schools have introduced name labels as a required part of the school uniform, for clothing and for personal items (such as books, bags, PE kits and equipment, and stationery). We run a commission scheme, which allows schools to promote our name label products to parents (and hopefully decrease the amount of lost property they have to deal with) and earn commission on the resulting sales (find out more on our website here).