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Stikins ® Name Tags – A Brilliant Tool To Help Guides, Brownies, Scouts, and Cubs Be Prepared For Trips & Camps

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Name Tags

Camping trips are a big part of both the Guiding and Scouting movements – and they can be a lot of fun!

Of course, these trips also involve the need to follow the traditional motto of “Be Prepared”, which usually translates to a lot of individuals being responsible for a stockpile of essential equipment that they need to keep track of throughout the entire camp – especially when their (very similar if not identical) equipment needs to be stored in shared living spaces.

Getting all that equipment labelled up is a quick and easy way to avoid mix ups when sharing close quarters and makes the process of packing up much more straight forward.

Name Tags for all the outdoor equipment you could need

To be truly prepared for any eventuality, we recommend using our Stikins ® name tags; these versatile labels are a multipurpose name tags that can be used to label pretty much anything and everything. They can be used to label clothing, shoes and bags, camping equipment, and those little extras that make camping trips all the more successful and enjoyable.

Our labels are also a pretty useful tool for groups themselves who may have their own equipment and supplies that they acquire on behalf of their members, which they can keep track of and secure by adding the group’s name and contact information to these all-important (and possibly quite expensive) items. They’re especially useful if your equipment is stored or used in spaces that are shared with other groups; for example, if your headquarters is based in a community facility or you are attending a Guiding or Scouting event with other groups (who all have their own equipment to keep track of).

Guiding and Scouting groups can also sign up to our commission scheme, which allows these groups to earn commission on orders of name tags placed on behalf of their members – this commission can be put towards all kinds of ongoing fundraising projects, whether they’re in support of a group itself, local or worldwide charities, or the local community.

Get in Touch for Name Tags

Visit our website to find out more about our commission scheme, find out more about our name tags, or to place an order.

School’s (Almost) Out For Summer – But STIKINS ® Are Useful All Summer Long!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

A lot of our STIKINS ® name labels are used for labelling school uniform…and bags and coats and shoes and stationery and so on. With the summer holidays coming up, you might think our STIKINS ® would be taking a break as well.

But you’d be wrong! Our STIKINS ® are just as useful for the summer holidays as they are for term time. Instead of labelling school uniform, parents can label their children’s normal clothing – ideal for keeping track of clothes on holiday trips, camping trips, and sleepovers. They can also label personal items that children need with them, from toiletry items, bags and shoes, through to toys and books. Our name labels can be printed with any kind of information, including your home address or contact details, so if anything does go missing on holiday it is easier for these items to be returned.

Our STIKINS ® are particularly useful if your child has a camping or residential trip with school or with a youth group, such as the Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, or Guides. Our STIKINS ® can be used to label the clothes your child takes with them, as well as all those vital pieces of camping equipment. From pots and pans to tents and sleeping bags, parents can help to make sure that everything that goes on the trip makes it safely back home. We are also happy to allow groups to sign up with us to earn commission on orders placed with their unique code – we already have a number of Brownie and Scout groups using our name labels to label equipment with individual names and with the group’s official name and group number.

Parents can find out more about our STIKINS ® on our Frequently Asked Questions page, while groups can learn more about earning commission with STIKINS ® here.