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Schools – Reasons To Be Cheerful (& Join The Stikins ® Fundraising Scheme)

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Fundraising is an important activity for schools and PTAs and we know that most schools and PTAs are already juggling a multitude of different schemes and projects – which doesn’t leave much time and/or money to spend researching and implementing new fundraising opportunities.

Which is why we’ve designed our commission scheme to be as simple as possible to register and participate.

In fact, we do most of the work on your behalf; all you need to do is decide how much time you want to spend promoting the scheme to parents. Our scheme is completely free to join and run and our one step registration process gives you access to fundraising that will run all year round – leaving you free to spend time on other projects.

What you need to do:

  • Decide To Join!
    If you’re not sure if our commission scheme is right for you, we’ve put together an information pack that explains exactly how it all works (along with a few samples for you to take a look at). We’ve created a Fundraising Guide and PowerPoint Presentation for you to use if you need to present this fundraising opportunity to (and get the approval of) a school board or PTA group. You can also get in touch with our Customer Service Team if you have any questions or queries about how it works.
  • Register!
    Simply fill in our one-step Registration Form and we will allocate your school or PTA with a unique fundraising number.
  • Let Parents Know!
    You will earn commission on all orders we receive where your fundraising number is quoted so all you need to do is make sure that parents know the right number to quote when they order.It’s up to you how much time and resources you put into this BUT we do offer a number of (completely free) resources to help you get started:

    REQUEST PARENT LEAFLETS: these leaflets are a quick and simple way to let parents know about name labels AND the fundraising opportunity they provide AND give them the all-important fundraising number they need to use.

    Simply get in touch or fill in our Request Leaflets Form online to request as many leaflets as you need.

    WRITE A LETTER TO PARENTS: you may also wish to send out a letter (or email) to let parents know about how the scheme works, about how useful name labels can be in fighting the problem of Lost Property, and/or to let them know about the projects that will be supported by the commission they help to generate.

    We have example letters on our website written by existing members of our commission scheme, which you can use as a starting point or guide for creating your own.

    ADD A LINK ON YOUR WEBSITE: adding a link on your school or PTA website is a great way to make parents aware of name labels and the chance to earn commission for the school AND make it even easier for parents to place an order. They simply follow the link directly from your site to ours and it is possible to set up a link that will automatically add your fundraising number to the orders that parents place by following the link – so you’ll always earn commission on those orders even if parents forget to enter the number themselves. We have a guide to adding this link on our “Linking Your Site To Us” page along with a form you can use to let us know that you’ve added your link.
    When you add a link to your website, we also DOUBLE THE COMMISSION RATE you earn from 15% to 30%!

What we do:

  • Assign You A Fundraising Number
    Once you’ve filled in our Registration Form, we’ll get you set up on our system and send you your Fundraising Number.
  • Process Orders & Provide Customer Service
    Parents place their orders directly with us and we handle everything to do with processing and despatching orders and providing customer support and service as required.
  • Provide Free Resources To Help You Boost The Amount Of Commission You Earn
    We’ve created a range of free resources to help you promote this fundraising scheme to parents, which can be found on our “Really Useful Downloads” page. You can also use our “School Request” page to request Parent Leaflets or to take advantage of our Stikins ® Sample Offer (available in May & June only).
  • Track Your Commission Earnings Throughout The Commission Year
    We keep track of all the orders received where your Fundraising Number has been quoted; we also provide a Tracking Service so you can keep an eye on how much commission you’ve earned so far.
  • Send Out A Commission Cheque In October
    Our commission year runs from 1st October to 30th September and we send out cheques once a year in October.

You can find all of our fundraising information and resources by visiting our site, clicking on the purple “Fundraising” button on the left hand side and selecting the links you need.

Schools – Find Out More About Fundraising With Stikins ® In Our Fundraising Guide

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

If your school or PTA isn’t sure about whether or not our fundraising scheme is the right opportunity for them, we highly recommend taking a look through our Fundraising Guide.

Last year, we spent some time researching and reviewing the results that our existing school partners were getting from their participation in our commission scheme and we used our findings to put together a Fundraising Guide to help newcomers understand exactly how easy it is to take part.

We’ve recently revised our Fundraising Guide to bring it bang up to date for 2016 and it’s a great resource to find out exactly how our scheme works and how it can benefit your school and/or PTA. The guide features information about how our commission scheme works, about our name label products, and tips and advice for getting the best possible results from your participation.

  1. Quick Overview: a brief outline of who we are and the fundraising opportunity that we offer.
  2. Reasons To Be Cheerful: a shortlist of the benefits of joining our commission scheme.
  3. Getting Started: the THREE steps you need to follow to get registered, along with information about how we will keep you up to date on the commission you have earned and how/when you will receive your commission.
  4. Letting People In School Know: we’ve found that our more successful partners tend to be those who have gotten everyone on board; we’ve put together some information about our scheme for all of those involved (including Head Teachers, PTA Members, and Teachers).
  5. Product Information: this section gives you information about our name labels including what they look like, how they work, pack and pricing information, despatch and delivery information, ordering details, and the contents sent out with each order.
  6. Commission Booster Plan: a large part of our investigation last year was to find out why (and how) some schools were achieving higher commission totals than others. We’ve taken the experiences of our existing partners and used them to create a selection of helpful tips to help new and existing members of our commission scheme get the very best results from their fundraising efforts including; “6 Small Things That Make A Huge Difference”, how to take advantage of the “Back-To-School Opportunity”, and our top tips for “Avoiding Catastrophic Failure!”.
  7. Useful Links and Contacts: we’ve put together a special “Fundraising” section on our website, which contains all of our information and resources for schools and PTAs who want to join our commission scheme. We’re also happy to talk to schools and PTAs to discuss any questions or queries they may have about joining and participating in our commission scheme.

You can find our Fundraising Guide online on our Really Useful Downloads page. Alternatively, visit our School Requests page or contact our customer service team to request a Fundraising Information Pack; each pack contains a copy of our Fundraising Guide along with samples of our name labels, parent leaflets, and A4 posters.

It’s Now Even EASIER To Register Your School & Request Helpful Extras To Fundraise With Stikins ®

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

We’ve always aimed to provide products and services that make life easier – for parents AND school staff members alike.

Our name labels are designed to be as quick and easy to use as possible so parents can get on with the more important (and fun) things in life, while our fundraising scheme is designed to be as simple and fuss-free as possible so school staff and PTA members can raise money for the school without needing to give up a whole chunk of their precious time and resources.

With this aim in mind, we’ve implemented a few small changes to the Schools Section of our website to make it easier for schools and PTAs to find and/or request the resources they need.

Our Schools Section is now simply called “Fundraising”; all of our information and free resources for schools and PTAs can be found here. Simply click on the purple “Fundraising” button on the left hand side of our site and choose from the links in the drop down list.

We’ve also simplified the way schools and PTAs request information and resources (and register) on our website. We’ve set up one easy-to-use “Requests Form”, which schools and PTAs can use to do ANY of the following:

  • Request Fundraising Information
    To find out more about our fundraising scheme and our name labels, you can use this option to request a Fundraising Information Pack to help you decide if you would like to join. The pack contains a copy of our Fundraising Guide (containing information about our products, how the scheme works, and our “Commission Booster Plan” full of tips and advice) along with samples of our name labels, parent leaflets, and A4 posters.
  • Register Our School / PTA
    Use this option to join our commission scheme and receive the all-important unique fundraising number that parents will use to earn commission for your school and/or PTA each time they order name labels from us.
  • Request Parent Leaflets
    We provide our fundraising partners with parent leaflets completely free of charge; these leaflets are a simple way to make parents aware of name labels as a useful tool to reduce lost property and raise money for the school. You can request leaflets for a single class only (e.g. new intake), ask for a few spares to keep in the office or school shop, or request enough leaflets for the entire school.
  • Request Free Samples
    During May and June, we are offering schools the chance to request free printed samples of our Stikins ® name labels to hand out to the new intake in preparation for the new school year. We’ve found that parents are much more likely to actually use name labels when they are able to see for themselves how easy they are to use and how well they work.

We’re also happy to talk directly to schools and PTAs to discuss any questions or queries you might have; simply contact our Customer Service Team by phone or by email and we’ll do our best to help.