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Commission Scheme – For Schools, Nurseries, Children’s Groups, and Nursing and Residential Care Homes

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Here at Label Planet, we run a free commission scheme, which allows participating organisations to earn money from sales of our name label products that are purchased by customers who are affiliated with that particular group.

Our scheme is open to all sorts of groups – for example, nurseries and schools can earn commission on name labels bought by parents or guardians of children enrolled in their classes; children’s groups such as Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts, or activity and sporting groups can earn commission when the parents or guardians of children who are members of the group purchase their name labels from us; and any nursing or residential care home can earn commission when a resident or a relative, friend, or care worker acting on behalf of a resident places an order with us.

So how does it work?

Once an organisation signs up with us, we assign them a unique code/ID; any order placed where that number is quoted will earn commission for the organisation. Commission is paid out once a year in October and is set to either a basic rate of 15% or a boosted rate of 25% (where the organisation places a link on their website to our website).

Our commission scheme means these groups can earn funds for any ongoing projects they are running while also promoting name labels as a means to avoiding issues with lost or mixed up property.

To find out more about our commission scheme you can:

To get signed up and start earning commission, simply do one of the following:

STIKINS ® for Nursing Homes

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

While we mainly supply STIKINS ® to parents who want to label their children’s school uniform and personal belongings, we also supply STIKINS ® for use in residential care homes.

As in schools, residential care homes often have problems with personal items and clothing being mixed up or misplaced, which can cause distress to residents and their relatives, as well as extra work for the staff. Our STIKINS ® name labels can be quickly and easily applied to clothes and personal items, by staff or by relatives and residents themselves. In addition to keeping track of items of clothing, personal items that may be of significant sentimental value can also be labelled with the owner’s name to ensure they are not lost.

We supply STIKINS ® to individual customers who have relatives in care, as well as supplying name labels directly to a number of nursing homes. Care homes can register with us to receive a discount on their direct orders or apply for a unique reference number that will allow them to earn commission on orders placed with their number (as schools do).

We are committed to providing a fast and simple service to all of our care home customers. If you have any questions regarding STIKINS ® for nursing homes – whether you are an individual customer or a representative of a care home – please call us on 01270 668076 or email us at with your query.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about STIKINS ® name labels.

Fundraising Opportunity For UK Charities

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

fundraising name label

From today we are inviting UK based registered charities to join our affiliates program, and earn 15% commission on all name labels orders placed where their affiliate number is quoted.

It is an extremely easy way to raise funds. Charities can simply apply for their affiliate number on the Stikins ® site, and then put a link on their own site for their supporters to buy through. The link can be set up to have the affiliate number in it so that the charity automatically gets the commission, which is paid out in October.

Charities can also encourage their supporters to copy the link onto their own sites because wherever the link is it will attract commission for the charity.

The new site also allows charities to log in and see how much commission has been earned, if they wish they can also allow their supporters to see this information.

If you have a charity that you think would be interested then please let them know about how our name labels bring an exciting new fund raising opportunity.

For More Information about How are Name Labels can Help you Raise Funds

To find out more about how you could earn 15% commission that raises money for your charity see out fundraising page. Here you can find out more about why we do what we do. If you have any questions see out FAQ’s page. Contact us today to place an order or speak to one of our customer service team.