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Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Name Labels

Monday, December 12th, 2016

name labels top tips

While our name labels are designed to be as simple as possible for busy families to use, there are a few top tips that you should follow to make sure that your Stikins ® and Trons ® work as effectively as they possibly can:

1) Follow the Instructions for Use!
This applies to ALL of our name label products. While our Trons ® iron on name transfers will always require a little more care and patience to apply properly compared to our stick in name labels, you should make sure you take the time to read our Instructions for Use AND follow them to make sure that your name labels will simply work.

EVERY pack of labels we send out is individually packed with its own set of Instructions for Use AND you can download a copy of both our Stikins ® Instructions & Trons ® Instructions from our website.

2) Be careful WHERE you apply your name labels
There are slightly different rules for each of our name label products:
Stikins ® name labels (suitable for clothing and personal items): should be applied onto the wash-care label of garments and fabric items, directly onto other personal items, or onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes.
Silver name labels (suitable for personal items): should be applied directly onto personal items or onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes.
Trons ® name transfers (suitable for fabric items only): should be applied directly onto fabric items (not on the wash-care label).

3) Check that your items are in a suitable condition before you apply your name labels
ANY item that you label should be clean and dry to ensure that the adhesive has a suitable surface to bond with. If you are labelling clothing (especially brand new items of school uniform), you should make sure that the items have been washed once before you label them – this removes any traces of excess dye or chemical preservatives that have been used during manufacturing and storage.

4) Store leftover name labels properly
If you have bought a larger pack of name labels that you can dip into as and when you need to, you will need to make sure you store the pack appropriately to allow your labels to maintain their original quality. We recommend storing your name labels in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, and preferably at a steady room temperature. When stored properly, our Stikins ® name labels will retain their original quality for the first two years and our Trons ® name transfers for the first five years.

5) Take care when washing, drying, and ironing labelled items
Our name labels have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they will work effectively during a NORMAL cycle of washing and drying clothing – including undergoing independent testing using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedures for 30 washes at 40 degrees. To get the best results from your name labels you should:

  • Avoid washing at more than 40 degrees.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that you are using the correct amount of cleaning product(s) for the amount of clothing you are washing and the hardness of water in your area.
  • Avoid ironing directly over your Stikins ® name labels, silver name labels, or Trons ® name transfers; our Stikins ® and silver name labels will melt if they come into contact with an iron, while ironing directly over our Trons ® will cause the print to disintegrate over time.
  • Avoid soaking labelled items in extremely strong, highly concentrated cleaning products (such as bleaching products).

To find out more about any of our name label products you can visit our dedicated information pages: Stikins ® & Trons ®. You can find our Instructions for Use on our website, read through our FAQs page for more tips and advice, or you can contact our Customer Service Team if you have any particular questions or queries about our products that are not answered on our website.

Tips About Text – Name Label FAQs About Fonts, Names, & Special Characters

Monday, November 14th, 2016

If you’ve never ordered name labels before you might be a bit confused about what information you should request on your name labels. This blog post should give you a bit of helpful advice to make sure that your name labels have the perfect print for you!

name labels faq

As a personalised product, it is ultimately up to you to decide what text you want to include on your name labels BUT there are a few things to think about to make sure that your name labels are as effective as possible.

All of our name labels are printed with a bold, black font; we do not offer any other font colours or styles.

The font size is determined by how many characters you request on your labels. Our name labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high (Stikins ®) or 35mm wide by 15mm (Trons ®) only – they DO NOT GET BIGGER OR LONGER to allow your text to fit. Instead, our system will count up the number of characters you have requested on each line and then REDUCE the font size until it is small enough to allow all of those characters to fit onto your name labels.

To get a bigger font size, therefore, you should keep your information short and sweet. You CAN request up to 30-35 characters per line but we would advise using no more than 20. Most of our customers request a name only, although you can comfortably fit a name (first name and surname) on the top line and a phone number on the bottom line. If you want the largest font size possible, you would need to use a single name only (e.g. just a surname).

We DO NOT recommend including addresses or email addresses (as these tend to use up a LOT of characters), or trying to include more than TWO bits of information on your name labels.

Our name labels can ONLY be printed with standard alphanumeric characters (A-Z and 0-9); we cannot print any images or emojis – although we can print emoticons made out of standard characters and punctuation marks (^__^).

We can also print the following accented characters from the standard European keyboard:
À Á Â Ä Ã Å Æ à á â ä â å æ È É Ê Ë è é ê ë Í Î Ï ì í î ï Ô Ö Õ ò ó ô ö õ Ù Ú Û Ü ù ú û ü Ç ç Ñ ñ Ý Ÿ ý ÿ Ø ø Ð ð ß ƒ

When you order name labels from us, you will be asked if you want your text on one line or two lines. The default option is TWO LINES and we recommend leaving this option selected unless you are entering a short amount of information only. For example, if you are using a single name (e.g. surname only) or want labels printed with a single word then you could choose the one line option to increase the font size. If you are entering two pieces of information (e.g. a name and a phone number), we recommend adding one piece of information to the top line and one piece onto the bottom line.
We have a set of printed examples for you to look at on our website so you can see how different amounts and layouts of text will look when they are printed.

Names: you can choose to add a name in ANY format you like:

  • JUST a first name, surname, or nickname
  • A first name and a surname
  • A first name, middle name(s), and a surname
  • A first name, surname, and a nickname (an ideal option if you are ordering name labels for someone who is ONLY known by their nickname and not their given name)

Messages: you can also choose to add messages to your labels, such as:

  • “Please Return To”, “Property Of”, or “This Belongs To”
  • Medical or allergy information that can act as a medical alert in the event of an emergency

Contact Information: you could add a piece of contact information to help make it easier for lost items to be returned to you:

  • Add a home number or mobile number (we do NOT recommend adding both, if you also want to add a name)
  • Add an email address (we only recommend this if your email address is particularly short, otherwise your font size will be significantly reduced)
  • Add a room number if your labels are for a resident of a nursing or residential care home
  • Add a year/form/class name or school name for children

Sharing A Pack: we CANNOT split a pack between different names; every label within a pack must be printed with the same information BUT if you don’t want to buy a separate pack for each person you need name labels for, you could try one of the following workarounds:

  • Use a surname only so you can share a pack between members of your family
  • Use initials and a surname if your children (or relatives) share an initial
  • Enter two first names onto the top line (e.g. “Name 1 & Name 2”) and the surname on the bottom line
  • Enter two names (one on each line) and cut your labels in half
  • Enter both first names or initials along with the surname and cut off one of them as needed (e.g. request “Name 1 Surname Name 2” on one line and cut off one of the names)
  • Request blank labels or a blank line so you can write in the name or information you need with a suitable pen (e.g. a laundry pen)

Blank Line(s): to request blank labels or a blank line, simply use the spacebar on your keyboard to enter a single blank space into the line(s) you would like to be left blank.
If you would like to leave a blank space at the start or end of a line that you can fill in later (e.g. Room _______), please use the spacebar to create the blank space that you need AND add a note to your order to let us know that this is what you would like to do so that we can double check your order manually to ensure that it prints correctly.

For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please take a look at our FAQs page or read through our Blog. If you find that you have a question that our website doesn’t answer, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help. Alternatively, simply head on over to our site to place an order today!

Double Check Your Details To Perfect Your Personalised Name Labels This Summer

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

name labels double check

While ordering name labels isn’t exactly going to be the most interesting thing you do this summer, we would advise customers that it’s well worth taking your time to make sure that the name labels you order are exactly what you want – so you don’t have to waste the end of your summer holidays requesting replacements because you didn’t double check your details.

Name labels are by their very nature a personalised product and we’ve found that each and every one of our customers has their own idea of how they want their name labels to be personalised; HOWEVER, we can ONLY personalise your name labels with the information that you provide so it’s well worth taking a moment to double check the details you’ve entered to make sure that your name labels will be made EXACTLY how you want them to be.

Ordering Your Name Labels online? You need to know this….

Ordering items online is a convenient way to get things done quickly and easily BUT it’s also really easy to make a mistake; whether you accidentally hit the wrong key on your keyboard or you get distracted by something else, it is all too easy to end up requesting name labels that are misspelled, don’t have capital letters where you want them, or that have important information missing.

At Label Planet, we give our customers THREE chances to double check their details and we strongly recommend taking advantage of each and every one to make sure that when your name labels arrive they’re exactly as you want them to be:

    Each time you add a pack of labels to your basket, you will be directed to a page showing the contents of your basket, including the details of each pack you have added along with the text you have entered.
    After you complete your order, you will be directed to a page showing the complete details of your order, including your delivery information, and the details of each pack you have ordered.
    A copy of the confirmation page will also be emailed to you to let you know that your order has been successful.

You should check ALL of the details you have entered to make sure that they are right, that they are spelled correctly, and that they are in the correct format (e.g. you have entered capital letters and spaces as and where you want them). You should also verify that your email address and delivery address are correct – otherwise you may not receive your confirmation email OR you may not even receive your order!

If you do find a mistake in your order, don’t panic! Simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team as quickly as you can with your order reference number and the details of what needs to be amended. If you are ordering outside of our office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), send us an email and we’ll make sure your order is corrected for you.

Order your Name Labels Today

Get started with an order by visiting our Stikins ® Product Page or our Trons ® Product Page; to find out how to get in touch with us, simply visit our Contact Us page.

Protect Your Pennies With Our Top Tips For Making Your Name Labels Go Further

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

name labels top tips

While many parents know about the benefits of buying name labels for their children’s belongings, they may not have room in their budget to buy as many as they would like. At Label Planet, we developed our name labels with busy parents in mind and we’ve tried to make our products as simple and easy to buy as they are to use, which is why we’ve put together a few top tips to help you make your order of name labels as cost effective as possible:

Top Tips for Name Labels…

Buy a larger pack size than you need
So, this one might not seem like a fair suggestion but our larger packs ARE more cost effective than our smaller packs (with a lower price per label) and you only have to use as many labels as you need now before storing the rest away for when you next need them.
We recommend that you keep your name labels in their original packaging and store them in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, at room temperature; our Stikins ® will retain their original quality for up to two years and our Trons ® for up to five years providing you store them correctly.

Make the most of our multipurpose name labels
Unlike traditional sew in or iron on name labels (and some other stick on name labels), our Stikins ® are a truly versatile stick on name label product that can be used to label pretty much EVERYTHING. Where other name label companies might ask you to buy multiple sets of name label products for use on different KINDS of belongings, if you choose Stikins ® you can buy one pack and use those labels on ALL of your children’s belongings (including shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, and personal items). The ONLY thing that they aren’t really suitable for is socks (which don’t have a wash-care label and have an unstable, stretchy surface that is extremely difficult to stick a label onto).
To get the best possible results from your Stikins ® you should make sure that you only apply them onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items and onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes.

Purchase a pack that you can share between family members
It’s completely up to you what text you request on your labels and we are more than happy to allow customers to request text that allows them to share a pack of name labels between two or more family members. You may wish to include just a surname (or an initial and a surname if your children have names beginning with the same letter), to include two or more names on the same label (e.g. by putting “Name 1 & Name 2” or “Name 1 Or Name 2” or “Name 1/Name 2” on the top line and the surname on the bottom line), or to use text that allows you to cut your labels up to create individual labels for two children (e.g. by adding “Name 1 Surname Name 2” and cutting off one of the names or by adding the first full name on the top line and the second full name on the bottom line and cutting the labels in two).

Take up our multipack discount offer
We are currently running an offer that means if you order four or more packs, you will receive a 10% discount on your order. You don’t need to enter any codes or do anything differently – as long as you have four packs in your basket as you checkout, the 10% discount will be automatically applied – and it doesn’t matter if you order four completely different packs (for different names, different pack sizes, or even different products) or if you order four of the same. If you don’t need four packs yourself, you may want to get in touch with friends and/or family and place a joint order that will allow you to qualify for the discount together.

More Tips and Information about our Name Labels

For more tips and advice you can visit our Parent FAQs page or take a look through our Blog posts; to go ahead and place an order simply visit either our Stikins ® product page or our Trons ® product page to get started.