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Name Labels: Customers Of The Serengeti

Friday, August 20th, 2010

It is a great time of year for name labels suppliers with the new school term starting in a few weeks (although Scottish schools are already back). We get calls, mail and web orders from all kinds of parents in the UK, all with one thing on their minds…school name labels

Some customers have fantastic regional accents from deepest Devon to the north of the north; it is sometimes difficult to work out the exact spelling of the names we need to print. The phonetic alphabet strides in to the rescue, although most people do not know it and, to be honest, it is much more fun making up your own.

We had one customer who spelt out the entire names of their children using alcoholic drinks, and another who did it with makes of cars. I think these people had already made up and learnt their own personal phonetic alphabets and reveled in ordering our name labels.

But soon, the name labels suppliers can rest until next year, because like a seasonal migration thousands of kids will make their way back to school in their new school clothes with name labels firmly attached.

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Top Names From A Name Labels Database

Monday, July 5th, 2010

A customer asked us what the most popular names were in the UK, and as a name labels manufacturer we should of course know this. To be honest we could only guess, but with a bit of filtering and sorting on our name labels customer database we were able to create a top 20 name list. The database is absolutely huge, based on 6 years of name labels sales.

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The top 3 names for boys were: Jack, James and Matthew.
The top 3 names for girls were: Emily, Jessica and Charlotte.
Not surprisingly the top surname was……Smith, then Jones, then Brown.

You can see the full top 20 lists on our site:
Label Planet’s Top Names For Girls & Boys

Maybe we should publish some of the more unusual names to help parents name their babies.

If you would like to know more about our name labels or our school fundraising opportunities contact a member of our sales team.