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Need To Place A Last Minute Order For Name Labels? Contact Us Now For Next Day Delivery!

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

name labels last minute

Whether you’ve lost the  you bought at the start of the summer holidays, have forgotten to order any name labels at all, or you’ve ploughed your way through the ones that you’ve already ordered only to find yourself with a lot more things still to label – take a deep breath and DON’T PANIC!

Same or Next Day Delivery For our Name Labels

Here at Label Planet, we’ll be making name labels every day throughout September, so that every order we receive before 3pm (Monday – Friday) will be despatched SAME DAY. Orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend will be made and despatched on the next working day.

All of our orders are despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard (with delivery included in the prices on our website). This service has a 93% success rate of items being delivered on the next (working) day, so if you really need to make sure your labels arrive quickly (or if you live in an area with less reliable delivery times) we would highly recommend giving us a call to upgrade your order to a guaranteed next (working) day delivery service.

This service costs £5.75 and will guarantee that your name labels arrive by 1pm on the next (working) day.

Please note that this service does require a signature as proof of delivery; if you are going to be out in the morning, you will need to nominate a delivery address where you (or someone else) can sign for your order OR you will need to collect your order from your local Royal Mail/Post Office collection point.

Get in touch for more information about our Name Labels

To contact our Customer Service Team, please call 01270 668076; alternatively, visit our website to place an order online.

In A Back To School Panic? Don’t Worry With Super Swift Despatch From Label Planet!

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Name Labels Don't Panic

With only a few days left of the summer holidays, you might be struggling to get everything done in time for the new school year (and there might be a few all important things that you’ve not got around to yet!).

Name Labels Are on Their Way

If you’ve discovered that you’ve forgotten to order name labels, haven’t got around to it yet, or you’ve realised that you really don’t want to have to replace all of the uniform and equipment that you’ve spent the past few weeks accumulating, then don’t panic! – here at Label Planet, we’re making and despatching name labels every single day, so it’s not too late to order!

All our orders of name labels are made and despatched same day (Monday to Friday, where orders are received by 3pm) by Royal Mail’s first class service as standard, which means your name labels will be on their way to you almost as soon as you order!

If you’re really worried that you might run out of time to get everything labelled, we also offer a guaranteed next (working) day delivery option; this service costs £5.75 and means that your order will be delivered by 1pm on the next working day. To upgrade to this option, simply give our Customer Service Team a ring (Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm) and we’ll get you sorted!

Please note that this service DOES require a signature as proof of delivery, so you will need to nominate a delivery address where someone will be in to accept delivery.

For Name Labels Give us a Call

To place a swift and speedy order with Label Planet, simply visit our website or give our Customer Service Team a call to get started!

FAQ – How Easy Is It To Apply Stikins ® Name Labels & Trons ® Name Transfers?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Very easy! We’ve designed both of our products to be quick and simple for parents to use so that they have more time to get on with the more fun things in life (and don’t have to spend hours sewing in name label after name label).

name labels easy to apply

Our Multipurpose Name Labels

STIKINS ® NAME LABELS – multipurpose name labels that stick in and stay in
Our Stikins ® are definitely the quickest and simplest of our name label products to apply; these easy to use name labels simply peel off their backing sheet and stick onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items or directly onto a whole range of personal items, including water bottles and lunch boxes, shoes and bags, stationery kits and phones, and P.E. equipment.

There’s no sewing or ironing required; all you need to do is make sure that the items you are labelling are clean and dry, stick on your name labels, and then leave the items for 24 hours before washing them for the first time (to ensure that the adhesive has fully and completely set).

We do advise that you wash brand new items of school uniform before you apply your Stikins ® name labels; this is because these items are often treated with chemicals to preserve them during storage and despatch and they may also have traces of excess dye in them, which can prevent your name labels from adhering directly onto the wash-care label correctly.

TRONS ® NAME TRANSFERS – superb iron-on labels that create a completely permanent name label on any fabric item
Our Trons ® name transfers do take a little longer (and require a little more care) to apply properly BUT they will create a completely permanent name label (that won’t start to peel up or fall off like traditional iron-on name labels often do).

Our name transfers differ from traditional iron-on name labels because they work in the same way as transfers used to add designs onto T-shirts; where traditional iron-on name labels are made up of several layers and sit on TOP of the item you want to label, our name transfers are made of one ultra-thin layer that fuses and bonds with the fabric of your items to become a permanent part of those items.

Trons ® have a simple six-step process for application:

  1. Make sure your item is clean and dry, and turn it inside out. Set your iron to its maximum heat setting and make sure you have a suitable hard, flat surface to work on (do not use an ironing board).
  2. Cut or tear one of the silicon sheets provided into pieces; each piece should be bigger than the labels and should only be used once.
  3. Line your item up to the edge of the surface you are working on and place a label face up on top of your item, making sure that the label is sitting at the very edge of the surface.
  4. Put a piece of your silicon paper on top of the label, ensuring that the silicon is placed with the shiny side facing downwards.
  5. Iron the silicon paper with the tip of your iron; press down firmly and move the iron from side to side. Iron for 25 seconds and do NOT use steam.
  6. Remove the silicon paper while it is still hot. Allow your transfer to cool and check if it has bonded successfully with the material of your item. If not, repeat step 5.

Please note: while older children may be allowed to apply their own Stikins ® without supervision, we do NOT advise allowing your children to apply their own Trons ®; Trons ® should only be applied by an adult and should be applied with both care and patience!

Remember, if you have any concerns about applying your labels, don’t panic! Each pack of name labels and name transfers that we despatch comes packed with an easy to follow set of Instructions For Use to help guide you through the process.

Contact Stikins for Name Labels

You can download a copy of our Stikins ® Instructions For Use and/or our Trons ® Instructions For Use from our craftily named “Instructions For Use” page on our website; if you have any questions about how to apply your name labels or any other questions about our name label products, please contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help answer your queries.

FAQ – How Long Will It Take For My Name Labels To Arrive?

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

At Label Planet, we try to make sure that all of our customers receive their name labels as quickly as possible, so you can get on with enjoying your summer without waiting around or spending time trying to find out why your order hasn’t arrived yet.

Dispatch and Delivery of our Name Labels

Every order we receive by 3pm, Monday to Friday, will be made and despatched same day, while orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend will be made and despatched on the next working day.

All orders are despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard; 93% of items sent via this service will arrive on the next (working) day, with the rest taking a day or two extra.

If you want to make sure that your labels absolutely positively arrive in plenty of time, you can opt to upgrade to a guaranteed next (working) day service, which will guarantee that your name labels arrive by 1pm the next working day (shipping cost: £5.75).

Please note that this option is not available online so you will need to place your order by phone to request next day delivery; you should also note that this service requires a signature as proof of delivery so you will need to provide a delivery address where you (or someone else) will be available to sign for your order.

Need more Information Get in Touch

To get started with your order today, simply visit our website or get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

FAQ – What Text Should I Put On My Name Labels?

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

name labels -faqs

Name labels are a personalised product so it’s entirely up to you what text you request when you order BUT we do have a few handy tips to help you make sure your name labels are useful as possible.

The first thing to bear in mind is that our name labels are only made to ONE size; our Stikins ® name labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high, while our Trons ® name transfers measure 35mm wide by 15mm high.

The size of our labels DOES NOT adjust to fit in the number of characters you have requested – instead our system will count up the number of characters you have requested and select the largest possible font size that will allow all of those characters to fit onto each label.

Keep you Name Labels Text Short and Sweet

Most customers choose to add a name only to their labels; you can choose to add a first name, nickname, or surname only, or you may wish to include a full name (along with middle names and/or nicknames if you so choose), or something in between (for example, an initial and a surname).

We advise that you use the default layout (2 lines) and enter the first name (or names) onto the top line and the surname onto the bottom line. If you are requesting a name with both a short first name and a short surname, are requesting one name only, or are requesting an initial and a surname, you may want to switch to the 1 line layout to increase the font size that you receive.

You may also wish to include an additional piece of information; popular examples include:

  • A piece of contact information
    Most people choose to add a phone number so that they can be contacted if an item is found. Some people may choose an email address or home address BUT we would advise against this unless you have a very short email address or you choose a shortened version of your home address. We would also advise against using more than one piece of contact information.
  • Medical/allergy information
    If your child has a medical condition or an allergy, adding this information to their name labels creates an additional medical alert that can be used to keep their medical equipment and/or food safe or to alert people to their condition if an emergency should arise.
  • A personalised message
    For example: “Please Return To”, “Property Of”, or “This Belongs To”.
  • A year, class, or form name
    This can make it easier for your child’s belongings to be returned to them quickly within the school environment.

If you want to include a name AND an additional piece of information on your name labels, we recommend adding one item to the top line and one item to the bottom line to ensure that your font remains at a clear and legible size.

We have added an Example Print Page to our website, which shows the font size created by adding different amounts of text in different ways.

For More Information about our Name Labels

To place an order today, simply visit our website to get started; alternatively, you can place an order with our Customer Service Team over the phone, or take a look through our blog and FAQ pages for more information, tips, and advice.

FAQ – Can I Split A Pack Of Name Labels Between Two Names?

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Unfortunately, no.
Our print system is fully automated, which means that whatever text is printed onto one label within a pack is printed onto ALL of the labels within that pack – so you cannot split a pack between different names.

Name Labels FAQ's

What can I put on My Name Labels

HOWEVER, we are more than happy for customers to get a bit creative with the text they request, so that they WILL be able to share a pack between two or more members of their family.

In fact, we’ve even got a few pointers to get you started!

  • Enter A Surname Only
    If you simply enter your surname, the labels can be shared by ALL members of your family. Customers who choose this option often like to add “Family Surname” (or “Surname Family”) to the top line and then add a contact phone number to the bottom line.
  • Enter A Surname & An Initial Only
    Obviously, this only works if your children share the same initial but this is a quick and easy way to make your name labels more personal than just entering the surname only.
  • Enter A Surname Only & Request A Blank Line
    As long as you use a suitable pen (such as a laundry pen) you can choose to write on your name labels; if you add a blank space to the top line and add your surname to the bottom line, you will receive a set of name labels that you can split in any way you like simply by writing in the name that you need a name label for.
  • Enter One Name On The Top Line And One Name On The Bottom Line
    By entering a full name on each of the two lines, you can then cut your labels in half to create individual labels for two names. You will need to take care when cutting the labels and we recommend avoiding this option if you need to include long names (e.g. double-barrelled surnames), as this will significantly reduce the font size that is used to print your labels.
  • Enter Initials & Surname Onto One Line
    If you enter the first initial (or short name) followed by a surname followed by the second initial (or short name), you can create individual labels by cutting off one of the initials (or names).
  • Enter All Of The Names & Share!
    Some of our customers choose to enter both first names on the top line (e.g. “Name 1 or Name 2” or “Name 1 & Name 2”) and the surname on the bottom line, so that lost items can be returned to the right family (albeit maybe not with the right child!).

Place and Order or find out More about our Name Labels

For more tips and advice, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or have a look through our Blog Posts; alternatively, to go ahead and place an order, simply visit our Stikins ® product page to start your order with a pack of stick-on name labels or visit our Trons ® product page to start with a pack of iron-on name transfers.

Double Check Your Details To Perfect Your Personalised Name Labels This Summer

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

name labels double check

While ordering name labels isn’t exactly going to be the most interesting thing you do this summer, we would advise customers that it’s well worth taking your time to make sure that the name labels you order are exactly what you want – so you don’t have to waste the end of your summer holidays requesting replacements because you didn’t double check your details.

Name labels are by their very nature a personalised product and we’ve found that each and every one of our customers has their own idea of how they want their name labels to be personalised; HOWEVER, we can ONLY personalise your name labels with the information that you provide so it’s well worth taking a moment to double check the details you’ve entered to make sure that your name labels will be made EXACTLY how you want them to be.

Ordering Your Name Labels online? You need to know this….

Ordering items online is a convenient way to get things done quickly and easily BUT it’s also really easy to make a mistake; whether you accidentally hit the wrong key on your keyboard or you get distracted by something else, it is all too easy to end up requesting name labels that are misspelled, don’t have capital letters where you want them, or that have important information missing.

At Label Planet, we give our customers THREE chances to double check their details and we strongly recommend taking advantage of each and every one to make sure that when your name labels arrive they’re exactly as you want them to be:

    Each time you add a pack of labels to your basket, you will be directed to a page showing the contents of your basket, including the details of each pack you have added along with the text you have entered.
    After you complete your order, you will be directed to a page showing the complete details of your order, including your delivery information, and the details of each pack you have ordered.
    A copy of the confirmation page will also be emailed to you to let you know that your order has been successful.

You should check ALL of the details you have entered to make sure that they are right, that they are spelled correctly, and that they are in the correct format (e.g. you have entered capital letters and spaces as and where you want them). You should also verify that your email address and delivery address are correct – otherwise you may not receive your confirmation email OR you may not even receive your order!

If you do find a mistake in your order, don’t panic! Simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team as quickly as you can with your order reference number and the details of what needs to be amended. If you are ordering outside of our office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), send us an email and we’ll make sure your order is corrected for you.

Order your Name Labels Today

Get started with an order by visiting our Stikins ® Product Page or our Trons ® Product Page; to find out how to get in touch with us, simply visit our Contact Us page.

Save Money & Time This Summer With Our Multipurpose Stikins ® Name Labels

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Our Stikins ® name labels are a brilliantly useful back to school extra that can quickly and easily get all of your children’s belongings safely and securely labelled – so you don’t end up wasting time and money replacing items that are only a few weeks old.

Name labels save time and money

Flexible and Versatile Name Labels

These super flexible labels are made with incredibly advanced materials, which allow them to adhere to all kinds of personal items – as well as gripping firmly onto the wash-care label of fabric items, such as school uniform and P.E. kits. This means that you only have to buy the one name label product to label up pretty much everything your children will need (or want) to take to school with them.

A lot of name label products are designed specifically for one (or two) things only, which means you end up paying for multiple packs of labels so that you have some for school uniform, some for shoes, some for lunch boxes and water bottles, and so on – which we think is a rather complicated way of doing things!

Stikins ® were designed with busy parents in mind and we’ve tried to make them as quick and simple to order AND use as possible. These name labels simply peel off their backing sheet and stick onto the wash-care label of clothes or directly onto the (hundreds and thousands of) personal items that your children take to school with them – so they only take a moment to apply, which leaves you free to get on with more important (and fun!) things this summer.

Our name labels are supplied in four pack sizes:
N30 – 30 Stikins ® name labels – £6.00
N60 – 60 Stikins ® name labels – £8.50
N90 – 90 Stikins ® name labels – £10.50
N120 – 120 Stikins ® name labels – £12.50

This summer, we’re also offering two special MIXED PACKS, which contain both Stikins ® AND our silver name labels (which can be used to add a more decorative name label to your children’s personal belongings, lunch boxes and water bottles, and all those essential extras that they need for school).

Choose between:
M120 – 60 Stikins ® name labels & 60 silver name labels – £10.50
M240 – 120 Stikins ® name labels & 120 silver name labels – £18.50

All prices are inclusive of VAT and standard UK delivery (Royal Mail’s first class service).

Our name labels also have a bonus quality, which allows them to survive all year round. Many name label products are made with print that is NOT resistant to the ingredients used in sun creams and lotions but, here at Label Planet, we have sourced an advanced ink that IS resistant to these products, which means that your name labels will remain clear and legible all year long!

Contact Stikins For Name Labels

You can find out more about our multipurpose Stikins ® name labels on our Information Page; alternatively, visit our Stikins ® Product Page to place your order today! Get in touch with one of our team today for helpful and friendly advice.

FAQ – Do You Have Any Name Label Discounts Or Offers Running Over The Summer?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

name labels best

With summer in full swing, you might be looking at your list of Back To School essential (and not so essential) purchases and wondering exactly how much this year’s list is going to cost you – which means you may well be on the lookout for discounts and offers to help you out.

Our Name Labels Discount

At Label Planet, we aren’t running any offers or vouchers this summer BUT we are happy to announce that we are continuing our multi-pack discount, which means that ANY order of 4 (or more) packs of labels will automatically qualify for a 10% discount.

It’s completely up to you what those name labels 4 packs are – whether they’re exactly same or all completely different – as long as there are at least 4 packs in your basket when you checkout, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

While you might be thinking that this won’t be of any use to you – because you only need one or two packs of name labels – we are more than happy for friends, families, and neighbours to club together to place an order between them so they will all qualify for the 10% discount.

Get in Touch with Stikins for Name Labels

To get started with an order, simply visit our Stikins ® name labels product page (to start your order with a pack of Stikins®) or our Trons ® name transfers product page (to start with a pack of Trons®). For more information speak to one of our team today.