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Schools – Have You Boosted Your Commission to 30% Yet?

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

When schools join our commission scheme, they are automatically assigned to our basic rate of commission, which means that they earn 15% commission on all name orders we receive where their unique school code has been quoted.

However, we also offer a superior rate, which allows schools to receive 30% commission on these orders – and it’s extremely easy to upgrade! The only requirement is that you add a link on your school or PTA website to our name label site. It’s a quick and simple addition that brings with it a chance to double your commission AND:

  • Raise awareness of your existing fundraising projects
    Whether you’re trying to raise money for the school itself or you’re supporting local and/or worldwide charitable causes, you can add both a link and a bit of information about your current projects to help raise awareness of and support for your ongoing fundraising efforts.
  • Promote name labels as a solution to the problem of Lost Property
    We often find that schools are equally as grateful for the decrease in Lost Property as they are for the commission cheque they receive, as more and more children arrive at school with all of their belongings clearly labelled.
  • Boost the number of orders that count towards your commission total
    Giving parents a direct link to our website makes it easier for them to place an order; you can also use the link to remind parents about the code they need to use AND you can also create a link that will automatically enter the code for them (so their order will earn commission for your school, even if they forget about adding the code).

We’ve even set up a page on our website to help you add a link, which includes:

  • Information on how to create a link (in banner or text form)
  • A Registration Form – so you can let us know that you’ve added a link and you’d like your commission upgraded!

You can place your link anywhere on your site but most schools tend to choose one of these:

Uniform Page: if you’ve already got a page dedicated to School Uniform then this is the perfect place to add your name label link to encourage parents to see name labels as a useful purchase to help their children keep track of their belongings (so they don’t have to keep coming back to the uniform page to replace items that they’ve only just bought).

PTA Page: if the PTA is in charge of your participation in our commission scheme and the fundraising projects that the commission will go towards, then adding a link to their page is also a good way to encourage support and participation from parents.

Fundraising/Parent Resources Pages: if you have pages dedicated to fundraising or providing useful resources for parents that you know parents are likely to visit often, then these pages are a good way to promote our commission scheme as a benefit for both the school and parents alike.

Best of all, once you’ve got your link up and running (and let us know about it!), we’ll not only upgrade you to our 30% rate of commission but we’ll also backdate this higher rate to cover any commission earnings you’ve made during the current “commission year”!

Our commission year runs from 1st October to 30th September, so even if you only get around to adding a link in September, you’ll still get the 30% rate on any commission you’ve earned since 1st October!

FAQ – What Should I Include On My Labels?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

While they’re called “name” labels, it’s entirely up to you what you actually have printed when you order your Stikins ® and/or Trons ®; whether you want to stick to a name only or you prefer to add in something extra to make your labels that little bit more efficient or personal.

The only thing you really need to bear in mind is the size of the labels; our system counts up how many characters you’ve requested and selects a font size that will allow all of your text to fit onto your labels (meaning the more text you add, the smaller the font becomes). Our Stikins ® measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and our Trons ® measure 35mm wide by 15mm high; we find that picking TWO pieces of information and spacing this out over two lines will create a decent legible size of font on both of our name label products.

Here’s a few examples of things that existing customers have chosen to include on their name labels:

A Name(!): the most popular choice of all, but it’s up to you how you want to format your name; for example, we’ve had orders for first name only, first name and surname, initial and surname, as well as full names (middle names included).

Family Name: some choose to add just a surname or even “Family Surname” / “Surname Family”, which has the useful benefit of allowing you to share packs of labels between family members.

Nickname: some children (and some adults!) may prefer to be known by (or are generally only known by) a nickname, which means that if you don’t add their nickname, their items may not be returned because people don’t make the connection AND you may find that tantrums and tears erupt because their actual name just isn’t right. Some choose to add the nickname instead of the first name, while others will include the nickname along with the first name so that items are identifiable (and returnable) with either name.

School Name: adding the name of your child’s school can be a useful way to add some extra protection to their belongings, particularly if you know that they will take or use those items outside of the school environment – if these items are lost in a public place, they can be handed in to the school who can then use the name on the labels to return them to the correct student.

Year/Class: some parents like to add their child’s year group or class name to help speed up the recovery of lost items.

Contact Phone Number: the most popular choice for “extra” information is a contact phone number to help items be returned quickly and easily; it’s up to you whether you opt for a home number or a mobile number, but we find that either will fit neatly (and legibly) onto one line of your labels, leaving the other free for a name.

Address: others prefer to add an address to their labels, although you will need to make sure you use a shortened version to avoid your font being reduced to a very small size.

Email Address: again, others prefer using an email address as their contact information but we would advise only choosing this option if your email is very short.

Medical/Allergy Information: if your child (or relative) has a medical condition or allergy, then adding this information to their name labels can act as an extra medical alert in the event of an emergency. For example, it would allow your child or relative to quickly convey their condition to anyone who steps in to help (or even act as an alert if your child or relative is unable to do so) and can also make sure that their medical supplies and/or food and drink (made specifically to suit their condition or allergies) remain safe and secure even when moving about in busy, shared environments.

Messages: some like to add a friendly message to their name labels; two of our most popular choices are “Please Return To” and “This Belongs To”.

We’ve also created a “Sample Print” page, which shows examples of various text options that are commonly used by our customers.

Avoid Disappointment & Double Check ALL Of Your Order Details

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Online shopping is supposed to be a quick and easy way to get things ordered but, unfortunately, the expectation of a quick purchase can lead some people to rush through their order without taking a moment to think about what they’re doing and that can turn into a big problem when your order arrives (or fails to arrive) – especially when the items you are ordering are supposed to be personalised.

It’s all too easy to hit the wrong key, get a few letters mixed up, leave a letter out, or simply miss a capital letter – especially if you order in a rush. Taking a moment to double check what you’ve entered can ultimately save you a lot of time and bother.

As our website clearly states: “WE WILL PRINT EXACTLY WHAT YOU ENTER ABOVE”; in order to make our production as accurate and efficient as possible, the majority of our printing process is automated, which means that it will print exactly what you’ve entered – so if you’ve not bothered to double check that you’re happy with the text you’ve requested, your name labels are either going to be not what you wanted or just plain wrong (and therefore completely and utterly useless).

While we endeavour to monitor all of the orders we receive and notify customers if there appears to be an obvious error, we will NEVER alter the text that has been requested. We have no way of distinguishing a mistake from a deliberate choice nor can we discern if a spelling is incorrect or simply an alternative way of spelling a particular name.

We do, however, recognise the importance of getting the details right – especially with name labels where the accuracy of the text has both personal significance to the owner (especially where an individual prefers to be known by a specific version of their name) and directly influences how effectively they fulfil their purpose (plainly, it’s always going to be much harder to return an item if the details on the label are wrong!) – which is why we provide our customers with as many opportunities as possible to double check their order details:

  • My Basket: every time you add an item to your basket you will be shown the contents of your basket, along with details about each pack you have added so far (including the text you have requested).
  • Checkout: once you have completed your order, you will be directed to a “Thank You” page, which displays ALL of the details you have entered for your order including the packs and text you have requested and the contact/delivery information you have supplied.
  • Email Confirmation: a copy of the details displayed on the “Thank You” page will also be emailed to you as confirmation that your order has been successful.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of at least one – if not all – of these opportunities to make sure that your order details are correct, from the details about the packs you have ordered to the contact and delivery information you have supplied (if the email you have entered is incorrect you will NOT receive any emails from us about the status of your order and if the delivery address is incorrect OR INCOMPLETE it is likely that your order will be delayed or simply not delivered at all).

If you should find a mistake in your order AFTER you have already completed the checkout process, please contact our Customer Service team as quickly as you can with your order reference number and the details of what needs to be changed (you CAN simply send us an email but please make sure you provide us with the correct information so we can amend your order straightaway).

FAQ – What’s The Difference Between Choosing One Line Or Two Lines?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

When visiting our website you may have noticed that our product pages offer you a few different options to choose from, including one that asks if you want your name labels printed with “Name on one line” or “Name on two lines”.

We include these two options because we know that not all of our customers will want to add the same information and some will have far less (or more) to add than others. If you select the “Name on one line” option all of your text will be printed on one line and if you select the “Name on two lines” option you can divide the text you want over two lines.

We provide you with these two options so you can include the text you want in the layout that you want – with the opportunity to boost the size of font where possible. Our system counts up the number of characters you have requested and then selects a font size that will allow all of those characters to fit within the dimensions of our name label products (Stikins ®: 30mm x 15mm / Trons ®: 35mm x 15mm) – which means that the more text you include, the smaller the font becomes.

Our default set up is “Name on two lines” because we find that this setup allows you to enter the name (or name and additional information) that you want and receive labels printed in a bold font size that is perfectly legible. For example, even if you enter a full name on the top line and a phone number on the bottom line, the font size will remain clear and legible.

However, it might be that you’re requesting labels with just a first name or surname (or even that you’re ordering labels for someone with a very short first name and surname, for example “John Doe” or “Mary Sue”), which can look rather odd if two lines are used, and will actually print out in a much larger font size if you select the “Name on one line” option.

Please note: if you choose to select the “Name on one line” option and enter a lot of characters the font size you receive will be severely reduced – possibly to the point of being very difficult to read – especially if your name is particularly long (for example, if it includes a double barrelled first name and/or surname). Our labels DO NOT EXTEND in size to accommodate the text you enter; it is the font size that reduces, so it is up to you to take care with the layout you select and the amount of text you request to get a font size that you are happy with.

For more answers to FAQs, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Stikins ® – Name Labels Made For Walking!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Whether your family is big or small, it’s more than likely that you’ve got a hallway full of pairs of shoes (or at least a heap of individual shoes that should – in theory – belong in pairs) that you’d really rather not have to replace.

Shoes can be an expensive purchase to make and the fact that you have to replace them regardless of whether one or both shoes have disappeared can be immensely frustrating (especially if the process of finding a pair that was approved by the school, your child, and yourself (or perhaps just your wallet) was a hard won battle).

Schools often require children to have two (or three) pairs of shoes that conform to specific guidelines, which means that classrooms and changing rooms tend to be full of shoes that are very similar (if not identical) in appearance – and that makes it even easier for shoes to get mixed up or lost altogether. Plus, even if shoes are handed in to lost property, some shoes will never be reclaimed because there’s no way to distinguish between identical pairs to determine which pair belongs to whom.

Adding name labels can help your child find their shoes in classrooms and changing rooms (so they keep hold of their shoes) and in Lost Property (if they don’t).

Name labels are also a useful tool to help your child learn the difference between left and right – particularly if they’ve been struggling with this concept; adding name labels that signify “left” and “right” to your child’s shoes provides them with a gentle reminder each time they take off and put on their shoes and allows them to figure it out for themselves.

When applying our Stikins ® name labels into shoes, we recommend that you stick them onto the side wall or beneath the tongue; while you might be tempted to simply stick them into the bottom of each shoe, the friction generated between your child’s foot and the label will cause the print to disintegrate rapidly.

To find out more about our name labels visit the Stikins ® Information Page, or visit the Stikins ® Product Page to place an order.

FAQ – Can I Have Special Characters Printed On My Name Labels?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

We often have customers getting in touch with us because they want to know if they can include special characters in their order – whether they’re looking to make their labels a bit more fun with a picture or they want to include accented characters in one or more of the names – so here’s a quick fire guide to what we can and cannot print.

Special Characters/Pictures/Emojis: NO
Our system is only able to process and print standard alphanumerical characters and punctuation marks. We cannot print any sort of picture or image, whether in the specific form of an emoji or a special character that creates a shape or image.

Emoticons: SOME
While we cannot print image based emoticons, we are able to reproduce the more traditional emoticons based on punctuation marks (and text); so if you’ve picked up the art of emoticons along the way then you can, of course, add in some punctuations marks to add a bit of fun to your (>^__^> name labels! <^__^<)

Accented Characters: SOME
Our system can process alphanumerical characters and punctuation marks that fall within the Standard European range of ASCII characters; this includes a number of accented characters as follows:

0192 or 183 Á
0193 or 181 Â
0194 or 182 Ä
0196 or 142 Ã
0195 or 199 Å
0197 or 143
à 0224 or 133 á 0225 or 160 â 0226 or 131 ä 0228 or 132 â 0226 or 131 å 0229 or 134
È 0200 or 212 É 0201 or 144 Ê 0202 or 210 Ë 0203 or 211 Ñ 0209 or 165 Æ 0198 or 146
è 0232 or 138 é 0233 or 130 ê 0234 or 136 ë 0235 or 137 ñ 0241 or 164 æ 0230 or 145
ì 0236 or 141 Í 0205 or 214 Î 0206 or 215 Ï 0207 or 216 Õ 0213 or 229 Ç 0199 or 128
ò 0242 or 149 í 0237 or 161 î 0238 or 140 ï 0239 or 139 õ 0245 or 228 ç 0231 or 135
Ù 0217 or 235 ó 0243 or 162 Ô 0212 or 226 Ö 0214 or 153 Ð 0208 or 209
ù 0249 or 151 Ú 0218 or 233 ô 0244 or 147 ö 0246 or 148 ð 0240 or 208
ú 0250 or 163 Û 0219 or 234 Ü 0220 or 154 Ø 0216 or 157
Ý 0221 or 237 û 0251 or 150 ü 0252 or 129 ø 0248 or 155
ý 0253 or 236 Ÿ 0159 ƒ 0131 or 159
ÿ 0255 or 152 ß 0223 or 225

Unfortunately, if the accented character you require falls outside of this basic range of ASCII characters, we will be unable to print this character as part of your order.

For more answers to questions about our name labels, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Life Lessons With Name Labels – Things Your Child Can Learn From Their Name Labels

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

While name labels are generally thought of as just a simple way to try to stop your child’s belongings from going missing, they can also provide an opportunity to teach your child a few key life skills that will come in handy as they grow up.

Learning To Read
For customers with younger children, name labels can help your child learn to recognise their name as it appears in written form. Seeing their name repeatedly in different places and throughout the day (for example, when they get dressed, get changed, or put on and take off items of clothing such as coats and shoes) can help to boost their familiarity with their name (and letters).

Learning Left From Right
You can request labels printed with text that includes “left” or “right” (or another signifier) and use these labels as a way to help your child learn the difference. Adding these labels to pairs of items that your child uses on a daily basis is a simple way to encourage them to learn the difference and, if you find that your child is struggling to understand, provides a gentle reminder to help them build their confidence in telling their left from their right for themselves.

Learning Responsibility
Labelling your child’s belongings also provides you with an opportunity to teach them the importance of looking after their things – especially in busy shared environments such as the school classroom where everybody will have their own set of similar (if not identical) school uniform and equipment to keep track of. It becomes your child’s responsibility to make sure that they’ve picked up their own clothing and items by checking for the name label that you’ve applied.

Learning To Stay Safe In Emergency Situations
You could also include information on your child’s name labels and teach them to use this information if an emergency should occur. For example, you might add a contact phone number so your child knows how to contact you if they get lost OR you might add medical/allergy information so if your child is alone when a medical emergency occurs they can let the people around them know what is happening.

If you’re looking for a name label that you can use in a variety of ways to help your child learn as they go (AND keep track of all their stuff), we recommend using our Stikins ® name labels. Our Stikins ® name labels are a wonderfully versatile product that can be applied to all kinds of items; made with a super flexible vinyl and an advanced adhesive, Stikins ® can be used to label clothing and fabric items (where they should be applied to the wash care label), onto all kinds of personal items and school equipment, and onto shoes (where we recommend applying them to the side wall or beneath the tongue; if you apply them beneath the heel of the foot, the friction generated as your child moves about will cause the print to disintegrate rapidly).

Visit our Stikins ® information page to find out more about these helpful little labels or visit our Stikins ® product page to place an order.

Stikins ® – A Helping Hand For Lost Property Departments

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Whether you’re fighting back a mountain or simply fed up of the box of bits and pieces that you’ve got shoved under a desk in the office, name labels are an excellent way to tackle the problem of lost property.

While losing belongings can be a distressing and frustrating experience for students (and their parents), the school environment is actually a safer place to lose things because it is a closed environment with access to names and contact information for the pupils in attendance – which makes it a simpler task to return items to their owner once they have been handed in to Lost Property.

All the Lost Property department needs to do is read the name labels of items that have been handed in and notify the right teacher to send the child to the office to pick up their belongings (compared with unlabelled items that have to wait in Lost Property until a “Reclaiming” event can be organised and often go unclaimed anyway because there’s simply no way to distinguish one article of uniform or equipment from another – unless, of course, they’ve acquired a unique stain, tear, or break somewhere along the line).

Some schools have actually taken the step of adding name labels to their School Uniform List as a required item, while others encourage parents by adding them as a “Recommended” item. Whether you make name labels a mandatory part of your uniform list or leave it up to parents to decide for themselves, there is no doubt that name labels are an extremely effective way to reduce the amount of time and resources that members of staff waste dealing with lost property.

Plus with Label Planet’s name labels, you also have the opportunity to raise funds for your school while tackling your lost property problem; our commission scheme allows schools to earn commission on every order of name labels placed by parents quoting a unique school code, which they can then put towards any fundraising projects or endeavours they’re looking to support.

You can find out more about our commission scheme on our Information Page; we’ve also got plenty of resources to help you get the best out of your fundraising efforts on the School Section of our site, which you can access by clicking on the purple “School Information” button on the left hand side.