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A Happy Halloween Weekend to all of our Stikins ® & Trons ® Customers!

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Yes, it’s the end of October & that can mean only one thing: Halloween!

We’d like to wish all of our customers a Happy Halloween: we hope you have a wonderfully weird weekend full of creepy costumes, tremendously terrifying trick or treating, and a stomach churning stack of sweets at the end of it all.

And remember, whether you’re off trick or treating or settling down with a bowl of spooky snacks for a frightfest of fearsome films, you could always use some of your Stikins ® to make sure no one tries to sneak off with your Halloween stash of goodies!

Stikins ®: They’re Not Just For School Term Time (Or Even Just For Kids!)

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

While the majority of our Stikins ® name labels are bought by parents for use on clothing and equipment that their children need for school, these products can be used pretty much anywhere, at any time, and by anyone!

They’re brilliantly simple and quick to apply, which makes them a perfect way to help prevent the problem of items getting mixed up or going missing – in all sorts of situations that involve leaving things in shared spaces or facilities.

Stikins ® are ideal for use in nursing and residential care homes; these facilities rely on the use of shared laundry facilities and communal areas that their residents are encouraged to use and share. While staff will do their utmost to ensure that clothing and belongings remain with their rightful owners, sometimes things go missing or get mixed up – which can result in staff having to spend precious time tracking items down and can cause distress to residents who may already be unwell or distressed, and who have often brought items of particular emotional significance or sentimental value with them from home.

Adding a name label to clothing and bedding means that it is easy to ensure items are returned to their owner, which is highly beneficial for residents and staff alike. Personal items can also be labelled to help prevent any distress over such important items being lost or misplaced.

Siblings often share likes and dislikes, which means that family homes are often full of clothes and toys that are similar or even identical in appearance – and that can lead to all sorts of arguments and tantrums.

Name labels are a quick and easy way to ensure that everyone knows which item belongs to which child and they can be used on pretty much anything, from clothes and shoes to books and toys.

Stikins ® are also a brilliant assistant to have on hand for when your children are out and about, whether it’s a simple day trip, a weeklong event at a residential site, or even a summer away at a camp.

It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for a family holiday or if your children are taking part in a trip with their school or a local activity group; any trip away will involve packing a bag with all sorts of extra bits and pieces – in the knowledge that it’s very possible that not all of it will make it back home.

Our name labels are a highly versatile multipurpose label, so you can use them to label pretty much anything. Whether it’s a packed lunch for a school trip, camping equipment and supplies, or even a spare set of clothes for “just in case” situations, our name labels can help prevent mix ups and make it easier for items to be found and returned.

You can also use name labels as a way to make sure your child always has emergency information with them; for example, you can include a phone number so they always know how to call home or you could include medical/allergy information to alert others if an emergency arises and your child requires assistance.

For most of us, going to work means sharing communal spaces with colleagues, which can lead to mix ups and items being lost.

Some businesses and organisations require employees to wear a uniform or to use identical equipment, which is often stored in shared areas. Stikins ® make it easy to label items to avoid mix ups and to help make sure that everything is returned to the right place. They can be used to add an individual’s name to personal items or to label equipment with the name of the particular branch or department of a larger organisation that owns a particular item.

Of course, Stikins ® also come in handy when it comes to the communal kitchen; whether you find that your lunch keeps going missing or someone keeps pinching your favourite mug, Stikins ® are a quick way to add your name to your stuff to make sure that you can eat your lunch or have a quick tea break in peace.

The Devil’s In The (Personalised) Details AKA Have You Checked Your Order Details?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Name labels are by their very nature a product that requires personalisation, which means that they require a bit more care and attention when ordering than other, non-personalised, items.

While most of us are familiar with the process of ordering items online, it is all too easy to make a mistake – whether you accidentally hit the wrong key, fall victim to an unfortunate autocorrect, make a spelling mistake, forget to select a capital letter, or even forget what name you want to order.

We do not make any corrections to the text that you supply to us

– the text you enter when you place your order is the text that will be printed onto your labels.


This is why we encourage our customers to take care when entering their order details AND provide them with various opportunities to double check the details of their order to ensure that the labels they receive are exactly what they want.

  • Each time you add an item to your basket, you will be directed to the basket page, which displays the details of the items you have added so far including the pack(s) you have selected and the text you have entered.
  • When you complete your order, you will be directed to a “THANK YOU” page, which lists the full details of your order including your delivery information, the pack(s) you have selected, and the text you have entered.
  • You will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your order has been received by us, which also lists the full details of your order including your delivery information, the pack(s) you have selected, and the text you have entered.

We know that the majority of our customers are busy parents, many of whom will be ordering their name labels in a rush because they have a laundry list of tasks to get through; while we understand that there are other things to be done, we would strongly recommend that you take just a quick minute to check that ALL of your details are correct.

To buy your very own name labels, simply click on “Buy Stikins ®” or “Buy Trons ®” to get started.

School Fundraising With Stikins ®: Earn Up To 30% Commission With Name Labels From Label Planet

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Our commission scheme was set up in 2004 and is designed to be as simple, profitable, and useful as possible for schools, PTAs, nurseries, activity groups, and parents alike.

Many schools, nurseries, and activity groups struggle to cope with the problem of Lost Property and are often forced to waste their resources on collecting and attempting to return these items. Parents, too, are often annoyed and frustrated at the costs that they encounter when they are forced to replace items that are often brand new (and quite expensive).

Name labels are a simple way to help make sure that a child can keep hold of their belongings in the hustle and bustle of shared environments, such as schools and sports facilities. We supply two name label products; Stikins ® name labels (a multipurpose stick on name label that can be used on clothing and personal items) and Trons ® name transfers (an iron on transfer that can be used on fabric items), which can help prevent items from being mixed up or misplaced.

With many schools and parents now identifying name labels as an important (if not essential) bit of school kit, our commission scheme allows schools and groups to raise money each and every time a parent makes a purchase of these increasingly important items.

We allocate a unique School Code to your school, PTA, nursery, or group and every order placed where that number is quoted will count towards your commission total. We keep track of the orders placed and commission earned, with commission being paid out once a year in October.

Our commission scheme offers one step registration for year round fundraising that doesn’t require any initial or ongoing costs to participate. All you need to do is make sure that parents know about the commission scheme AND the all-important school code that will earn commission for your school or group – we take care of the rest. Parents can order anytime from our website (or contact our customer service team to order by phone) and we despatch all orders directly to customers within three working days of their order (Autumn-Spring; during the Summer months we offer same day despatch as standard).

Our basic rate of commission is 15% but we also provide the opportunity to boost this to 30%, simply by adding a link from the school/PTA or group website to our website.

Of course, as with any fundraising effort, the old adage “you get back what you put in” is a good thing to bear in mind. We know that schools, PTAs, and activity groups have limited time and resources, which is why we’ve come up with a few handy extras to help you boost your commission totals with the minimum amount of effort.

This year, we’ve put together a Fundraising Guide & Commission Booster Plan to provide a few tips and ideas for simple ways to boost the commission you earn. We also supply a number of free resources and materials to ensure that the fundraising message (and school code) makes it back to parents, including:

  • Leaflets to distribute to parents
  • Notice Board Poster
  • Example “Letters To Parents”
  • PTA PowerPoint Presentation

You can find all of these items (along with a copy of our Fundraising Guide & Commission Booster Plan) on our “Really Useful Downloads” page and you can request your free parents leaflets on our website here (alternatively, just give us a call).

For schools and groups who want to boost their commission to 30%, we’ve put together a page that explains how to go about adding a link and a Commission Claim Form, which you can use to let us know that you’ve got your link in place and you want your 30%!

To start fundraising, simply fill in our one-stop Registration Form, and we’ll get you set up in no time!

FAQ – What Should I Put On My Name Labels?

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

We often get queries from customers who would like some advice on what information they should include on their name labels.

Ultimately, the text people choose to include is down to a matter of personal preference, but we do have a few bits of advice to give you an idea of what works (and what doesn’t).

The majority of our customers simply include their child’s name. Most include the first name on the top line and the surname on the bottom line, which we find tends to give the best font size. Some prefer to enter the full name on one line, but we would advise that you only go for this option if you are entering a relatively short name, as the font size will decrease significantly if you try to fit a long name onto a single line.

Alternative choices include entering a surname only (to share labels), entering initials (to increase the font size), entering nicknames, or entering two or more names (to share labels).

Contact Information
Many of our customers will also opt to add a piece of contact information, to make it easier for items to be returned to them if lost. Most choose to enter the name on the top line and then the contact information on the bottom line, with some entering “Surname Family” or simply the surname on the top line, so that labels can be shared amongst family members.

The most popular choice for contact information is a phone number, which will fit neatly and legibly onto our name labels. Other choices include adding an address (usually in short form or just a postcode), while some opt to add an email address. We would advise against using an email (unless it is extremely short) as emails tend to take up a lot of characters, which results in the labels being printed in a very small font.

A Message
Some parents like to include a message on their name labels, with the most popular choices being “This Belongs To”, “Property Of”, and “Please Return To” (where the message is entered on the top line and the name is entered on the bottom line).

Medical & Allergy Information
Our name labels (and particularly our Stikins ®) are also a popular way to label items with medical and allergy information. Name labels are a quick and easy way to add this important information to a variety of items including food and drink containers and medical supplies. Of course, not only do these labels ensure that your child’s food and medicine remain safe, they can also act as medical alerts in the event of an emergency and ensure that the people who step in to help are aware of your child’s pre-existing medical condition.

If you have any queries about what to include on your labels, or if you are worried that the text you want won’t fit on your labels properly, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you advice.

Schools: Defeat Your Lost Property Mountain With Name Labels

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Schools have been back in business for around a month and it’s likely that the Lost Property box / cupboard / room / skip has already seen the arrival of some new additions – few, if any, of which will ever find their way back home.

We regularly receive comments from members of school staff who are frustrated over the amount of time and effort they have to waste on the problem of Lost Property – with many telling us that (despite their best efforts) most of the items they take in never make it home and they end up having to find creative ways to empty the Lost Property “box” before it overflows again the next year, or even the next term.

Schools have the benefit of being populated by a limited number of people, which should make it easier to trace the owner of any item that has been lost – after all, you know that the item has to belong to someone who attends the school and the school has a record of its pupils. However, as members of staff will know only too well, most items in the Lost Property box will be similar, if not identical, to those owned by other pupils at the school.

Name labels are an extremely effective and easy solution to the problem of lost property – for parents, pupils, and staff alike.

Adding a name labels means it is instantaneously clear to whom an item belongs, which means that it is less likely that an item will go missing in the first place. BUT, if something should go astray, it is also extremely easy to return it to the right person – without any need to organise yet another Lost Property event.

Our name labels are designed to make the process of labelling items as quick and efficient as possible. Our Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on – they take moments to apply and can be used to label all sorts of items including school uniform, equipment, and personal belongings. Our Trons ® name transfers create a truly permanent name label on any fabric item, which makes them perfect for labelling school uniform, including any clothing required for P.E. or Performing Arts lessons.

We also operate a School Commission Scheme, which means that – as well as reducing the time and resources spent dealing with Lost Property – schools can actually earn money for their ongoing fundraising efforts every time a parent orders name labels to apply to their children’s belongings. We allocate schools with a unique code and each order placed where that code is quoted will earn up to 30% commission for the school.

You can find out more about our School Commission Scheme by visiting our website and clicking on the “Schools Information” button.

Despatch Information For Winter 2015

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Autumn is most definitely upon us (although some might argue Winter is too!), which means it’s time for another production update.

Name labels are a seasonal product and Winter is the slowest time of the year for us. For October, November, and December 2015, we’ll be running production on Tuesdays and Fridays, with all orders (regardless of when they are placed) being made and despatched within three working days.

Our standard delivery service is via Royal Mail’s first class service; around 93% of this arrives the next working day, with the rest taking a day or two extra.

If you are in a hurry and need to make sure your labels arrive in time for a trip or a deadline, please give us a call to upgrade your order to a guaranteed next working day delivery option (shipping cost: £5.75).

Remember, you can check on our current production level throughout the year by visiting our Despatch & Delivery Information page.

FAQ – How Do I Apply My Stikins ® & Trons ®?

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

While we’ve designed our name labels to be as simple and straightforward as possible to use, it’s always nice to have a set of instructions to make sure that everything goes just as planned.

Both of our name labels can be applied quickly and easily by following a short set of instructions that go something like this:

1. Ensure the item is completely dry.
2. Carefully peel the label from the backing paper, trying to avoid touching the adhesive.
3. Apply the label onto the wash-care label of the item.
4. Using your thumb, smooth the label down for a few seconds to ensure that the adhesive fully bonds with the material.

Do not wash the item for at least 24 hours. This will allow the adhesive to continue to strengthen. After washing, do not be tempted to peel the label from the wet item in order to check the adhesion.

1. Ensure that the item is completely dry.
2. Carefully peel the label from the backing paper, trying to avoid touching the adhesive.
3. Using your thumb, smooth the label down for a few seconds to ensure that the adhesive fully bonds with the material.

Do not place in a dishwasher for at least 24 hours. This will allow the adhesive to continue to strengthen.

1. Use a hard flat surface (not an ironing board). Turn the clothes inside out. Set the iron to the maximum heat setting.
2. Cut or tear the silicon sheet. Each piece must be bigger than the labels. Each piece can only be used once.
3. Put the garment over the edge of the surface. Put a label text up on the very edge of the surface.
4. Put a piece of silicon paper on top of the label. The silicon must be shiny side down. The silicon should only be used once.
5. Iron the silicon paper with the tip of the iron. Press down and move the iron from side to side. Iron for 25 seconds, do not use steam.
6. Remove the silicon paper while still hot. Allow it to cool and check the label is bonded. If the label is not bonded then repeat step 5.


To ensure that you get the very best results we also advise that you do the following:

  • Ensure that the clothes you are labelling have been washed at least once before you apply your labels.
  • Ensure that you apply your STIKINS ® to the wash care label and that you don’t apply your TRONS ® to the wash care label.
  • Ensure that you apply your Stikins ® to the side or beneath the tongue of shoes and avoid applying them directly beneath the heel where the text will be worn away.

You can also find copies of our Instructions For Use on our website here.