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FAQ – What Size Will The Letters Be On My Name Labels?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

All of our < a title=”name labels” href=””>name labels measure either 30mm wide by 15mm high (White Stikins ® & Silver Stikins ®) or 35mm wide by 15mm high (Trons ®); we find that this size is large enough to display information in a clear and legible font size when someone wants to read the label, but is small and discrete enough that it won’t draw attention when it isn’t in use.

This means that the font size each set of labels is printed with is determined by the number of characters you request. Our system counts the number of characters on each line and then automatically selects the largest possible font size that will allow all of those characters to fit onto each label.

Our order pages are set to “Name on two lines” by default, although you can opt to change this to “Name on one line” if you wish. We find that the two line layout provides the best possible fit and font size for the majority of our orders; however, the one line layout works well if you are entering a first name or surname only (in other words, the total number of characters you require is quite low).

We’ve put together a few tips to help you decide how much text you want to include and the layout that will work best. We would also advise taking a look at our Stikins Print Examples page, which has a number of example text and layout options to help you get an idea of what each option will look like when printed.


  • Only select the one line option if you have a small amount of text to enter. If you have longer names (especially double barrelled first and/or surnames), contact information, or other text to include on your labels, we would recommend using the default two lines option.
  • If you’re including contact information, we recommend adding the name on one line and the contact information on the other. We also recommend using one piece of contact information only; most choose to include a phone number, which will fit neatly onto our name labels. We also advise using two lines if you are adding other additional information such as medical or allergy information or a message such as “Please Return To” or “Property Of”.
  • Avoid including an email address as your contact information – unless it is quite a short address. The number of characters required for an email address will usually result in a very small font size being selected.

If you have any concerns that the amount of text you want will create too small a font size, please get in touch and we can discuss the best options for you.

FAQ – Where Can I Find More Information About Your Name Labels?

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Name labels

We get a variety of queries from customers who have all sorts of questions about our name labels.

With this in mind, we have created two brand new pages – one for each of our products – to give our customers more detailed information about our products: Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers.

More About Name Labels:

Our name labels have been designed to be as useful and durable as possible, which means that we have taken care to choose materials and manufacturing processes that will make our labels as efficient as possible. Stikins ® and Trons ® were developed with both busy parents and active children in mind, so we’ve tried to ensure that they are both quick and simple to apply AND capable of surviving the stresses of everyday life along with repeat trips through washing machines and tumble driers, or even dishwashers and microwaves.

You can view these Information Pages by clicking on either the “Stikins ® Information” or “Trons ® Information” purple buttons.

If you’re after information about how to use the name labels or have a question about despatch and delivery, try our Frequently Asked Questions page. Contact us today for more info.

FAQ Special – Despatch & Delivery Queries for Name Labels

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Name labels

It’s time for another FAQ Special and this week we’re all about despatch and delivery from Stikins.

Will my name labels go through the letterbox?

We often get queries from customers who are concerned that, if they are out when their order arrives, their items will not fit through the letterbox.

However, ALL of our name label orders are despatched in envelopes that will fit safely through a standard letterbox. The majority of orders are sent out in C5 size envelopes (the equivalent of A5), while larger orders containing multiple sets will be despatched in C4 size envelopes (the equivalent of A4).

How quickly will you despatch my name labels?

As name labels are a “seasonal” product, we tailor our production levels to ensure that our orders are despatched efficiently all year round according to seasonal demand.

Currently, our production is running every day with all orders placed before 3pm (Mon-Fri) being made and despatched same day.

Customers can check our Despatch & Delivery Information page for up to date delivery information.

How long will it take for my name labels to arrive?

Royal Mail state that they aim to deliver all first class post on the next working day; around 93% of first class post does arrive the next day, with the remainder taking a day or two extra (we find that this tends to happen most often for items that are being delivered to more distant UK locations and within the London area).

We can offer a guaranteed next day delivery option, which you can read about below.

We also ship to a limited number of countries outside of the UK; standard delivery is by Royal Mail’s International Standard service. Items sent on this service should arrive in Western Europe in 3-5 working days and in the Rest of the World in 5-7 working days.

What shipping options do I have if I need my name labels urgently?

You can choose to upgrade your order to a guaranteed next day delivery option, which will ensure that your order is delivered the next working day by 1pm. To upgrade, you will need to either place your order by phone or place your order online and call us to upgrade the shipping – this option is £5.75 and will require a signature upon delivery.

How much is delivery?

Standard UK delivery is included in the prices listed on our website.

However, you will need to pay extra for delivery if you want your labels to be sent to a non-UK address (delivery charge of £1.50 per item) or if you want to upgrade your order to a guaranteed next delivery (UK only, delivery charge of £5.75). Contact us for more information.

FAQ – What Characters Can I Have Printed On My Name Labels?

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Name labels

Most of our customers will only need to use the standard characters A-Z and 0-9, but some of our customers want to order name labels with accented characters.

The good news is we CAN print accented characters – although the bad news is we cannot print ALL accented characters.

Which Accented Characters Can I Request On Name Labels & How Do I Enter Them?

Here at Stikins, we’ve put together a table (see below) to show all of the accented characters that our system CAN print. The way you enter these characters depends on the device you are using when you place your order.


On desktop computers and laptops, you will need to use ASCII codes or keyboard shortcuts to enter accented characters.

PCs: hold down the “Alt” key and type in the relevant ASCII code on the Numeric Keypad (NB: you must have “Num Lock” on for this to work). Laptops without a numeric keypad will usually offer an alternative way to enter ASCII codes OR you can simply use copy and paste.

Macs: hold down the key for the letter you want to enter until a set of alternative characters appears on the screen. To enter one of these characters, either click on the one you want or type the number that appears beneath that character.


Most tablets and smartphones feature two options for entering accented characters:

  1. Alternative Keyboards: you can select a different input keyboard that features accented characters.
  2. Alternative Characters: tap and hold down on the character you want to enter; this will cause your device to display alternatives for you to choose from.
0192 or 183 Á
0193 or 181 Â
0194 or 182 Ä
0196 or 142 Ã
0195 or 199 Å
0197 or 143
à 0224 or 133 á 0225 or 160 â 0226 or 131 ä 0228 or 132 â 0226 or 131 å 0229 or 134
È 0200 or 212 É 0201 or 144 Ê 0202 or 210 Ë 0203 or 211 Ñ 0209 or 165 Æ 0198 or 146
è 0232 or 138 é 0233 or 130 ê 0234 or 136 ë 0235 or 137 ñ 0241 or 164 æ 0230 or 145
ì 0236 or 141 Í 0205 or 214 Î 0206 or 215 Ï 0207 or 216 Õ 0213 or 229 Ç 0199 or 128
ò 0242 or 149 í 0237 or 161 î 0238 or 140 ï 0239 or 139 õ 0245 or 228 ç 0231 or 135
Ù 0217 or 235 ó 0243 or 162 Ô 0212 or 226 Ö 0214 or 153 Ð 0208 or 209
ù 0249 or 151 Ú 0218 or 233 ô 0244 or 147 ö 0246 or 148 ð 0240 or 208
ú 0250 or 163 Û 0219 or 234 Ü 0220 or 154 Ø 0216 or 157
Ý 0221 or 237 û 0251 or 150 ü 0252 or 129 ø 0248 or 155
ý 0253 or 236 Ÿ 0159 ƒ 0131 or 159
ÿ 0255 or 152 ß 0223 or 225

What do I do if I need an accented character that isn’t in the table above?

Unfortunately, at this time, we simply cannot print these characters. You could choose to have your name printed without accents OR you could write these accents on yourself, with a permanent marker or laundry pen.

Can I add emoticons/icons/images?

We can only print alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers), standard punctuation marks, and the accented characters in the table above – so if you enter something that isn’t one of those characters or symbols, we will not be able to print it.

However, if you’re feeling a bit creative, you can always try creating your own images and patterns using the characters that are available to you ^_^

For more answers to FAQs, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Contact us today.

FAQ – Can I Split A Pack Between Different Names?

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Name labels

We are often contacted by customers who want to know if they are able to split a pack between two or more names. Some of them only want a few name labels for each child, while others are trying to make every penny count and don’t want to buy a pack for each child.

Unfortunately, our system is unable to print different text onto the name labels included within a pack, which means that every single label in an individual pack must be printed with the same information.

However, we are more than happy for customers to get a bit creative with their order to find a workaround that will allow them to share a pack between two or more children. In fact, we even have a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your name labels from Stikins!


How To Order: Select “Name on one line” and enter your surname.

Font Size: This option usually uses fewer characters, which means that your name will print in a bigger, bolder font size.

Alternative Suggestions:

Add “Family” as well as your surname (e.g. Surname Family) so you can share your name labels between the whole family.
Use the “Name on two lines” option to enter your surname on the top line and add contact information, such as a phone number, on the bottom line.
Use the “Name on two lines” option to enter your surname on the bottom line, and use the space bar to enter a blank space on the top line, so you can use a permanent marker or laundry pen to write in a first name on the top line.
If your children have names that begin with the same letter, you could enter the initial and the surname, which can help prevent mix ups if your child shares their surname with another child in their class.


How To Order: Enter one full name on the top line and one full name on the bottom line OR enter both first names on the top line and the surname twice on the bottom line. You can then cut the labels in two to create separate name labels for each child.

Font Size: This option will usually result in a smaller font size – we would recommend avoiding this option if you need to include particularly long names (especially double-barrelled surnames and/or first names). If you choose to put both first names on the top line and the surname twice on the bottom line, please remember that our system will centralise the text you enter before it is printed (in other words, the alignment you see onscreen when you place your order is NOT the alignment that will be used to print your labels). You may wish to add a few spaces between the names to help balance the spacing but this does reduce the size of font that will be used.

Alternative Suggestions:

If you need to enter relatively short first names and surnames, you could select “Name on one line”, enter all of the text on one line, and then cut off one end as needed. For example: “Name 1 Surname Name 2”. Alternatively, you could use initials to save space and increase the font size: “Initial 1 Surname Initial 2”.


How To Order: Enter the first names on the top line and the surname on the bottom line.

Font Size: The font size depends on the number of first names you are adding and the number of letters in the first names and your surname. For example, this option works best if you have two relatively short first names, as the number of letters on the top line will balance out with the number of letters in the surname. If you want to include more than two names, you may want to divide the first names over the two lines.

Alternative Suggestions:

Enter the first names as “Name 1 & Name 2” or “Name 1 or Name 2”.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply have a look through our blog posts, or contact us today.

What Do You Think Of Our Name Labels? – We Want To Hear From You!

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Name labels

While we do our best to test our name labels and update our website and services regularly, we know that the very best way to find out if our products and services are up to standard is to ask our customers. It’s the people who buy our labels and use them every single day who know the ins and outs of how well Stikins ® and Trons ® work, which is why we encourage all of our customers to let us know what they think.

Tell Us What You Think About Name Labels:

When you order from us, we’ll send you an email a little while later to ask for your feedback. It’s up to you if you want to respond, but we’d love it if you could let us know what you think.

We use all of the feedback we get to improve our name labels, our website, and our customer service to make sure they’re the best they can possibly be – plus, we find that our customers come up with all sorts of creative uses for our labels and incredibly insightful suggestions for improvements, that we’d probably never think of on our own.

Of course, you don’t have to write us a review – you can always get in touch with us to let us know what you think, whether you want to have a chat on the phone, send us an email, or even send us a note in the post!

FAQ – Do I Have To Use All Of My Name Labels Straight Away?

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Name labels

Not at all.

Our name labels have a shelf life of two years (Stikins ® name labels) or five years (Trons ® name transfers); this means that the quality of the product is at its best during this time and the labels will give the same results when applied as they would when they were first purchased – providing you take care to store them appropriately.

More About Name Labels…

We advise that you keep your name labels in their original packaging and that you store them in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, and preferably at room temperature to ensure that they remain at their best during storage.

Plus, you’ll also get more value for your money by purchasing one of our bigger packs (N120, SN120, or T140), using however many labels you need at the present time, and then storing the rest of them away safely for another time.

Get In Touch About Name Labels:

So, if you’re buying name labels for this year’s list of school uniform and equipment, you can get everything labelled up and then save the rest of your labels for future use – whether it’s more equipment for school, next year’s list of essential items, things that get bought for a future trip or holiday, or for those emergency “just in case” situations.

You can find more answers to FAQs on our website here. Or contact us today!

Stikins ® Success: Back To School Name Labels Sent Same Day All Summer Long!

Friday, September 4th, 2015

name labels

We’re delighted to announce that this has been our most successful summer to date, with all of our name labels being made and despatched same day according to our production level targets.

Despite receiving a record amount of name label orders this year, we’ve managed to make, pack, and despatch all of our Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers swiftly and speedily to help parents and families across the country beat the back to school rush and ensure that they get to spend the last few days of summer doing things that are simply way more fun than labelling up school gear for the new school year.

Whether they were ordered back in June and July by parents who wanted to get organised early or were last minute casualties of the back to school rush, our name labels have been winding their way across the country to start the job of labelling hundreds and thousands of personal items and school uniform and equipment as children start back (or indeed start) at school. Contact us for more information!

Got An Urgent Back To School Name Labels Request? Get In Touch For Next Day Delivery!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

If you’ve forgotten to buy name labels for this school year, you’ve lost the ones you bought months ago, or that the ones you’ve got simply aren’t going to be enough to label EVERYTHING, then don’t worry.

At Label Planet, we’re continuing our current production levels, with all orders placed before 3pm (Mon-Fri) being despatched same day via Royal Mail’s first class service (93% of which arrive the next day) and those placed after 3pm or over the weekend being processed on the next working day.

However, if you do need your labels urgently, then simply give us a call and we can take your order and upgrade it to a guaranteed next day delivery service (£5.75 shipping fee).

Name labels

Forgotten Your Name Labels? Stikins ® & Trons ® Name Labels Are Despatched Same Day!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

It is well and truly the last days of the back to school rush but don’t panic if you haven’t got your name labels yet.

We know that the end of the summer holidays are a whirlwind – there’s so much to do, not enough time to do it, and you still want to make the most of those last few days. In all the confusion, it can be easy to overlook a few things and – while you might have gleefully checked off the last item on the list of “Essential” items requested by school – one thing that many parents forget about is name labels.

While some schools now enforce name labels as a required part of school uniform (and equipment), for most it is still an optional requirement and for some it doesn’t get mentioned at all. However, adding a simple name label to those all-important school items can be a big help in preventing the time and money you’ll waste on replacing items that are probably mostly brand new.

Name labels

Stikins Has The Answer to Urgent Name Labels

So, if you’ve forgotten to buy your name labels (or if you’ve lost the ones you bought earlier in the year in the hopes of being completely prepared for the hurdles of back to school organisation), don’t panic!

Here at Label Planet, we despatch every order we receive before 3pm (Mon-Fri) on the same working day. Orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend will be despatched on the next working day.

All orders are despatched via Royal Mail’s first class service (93% of which does arrive the next working day), but if you’re especially anxious about receiving your labels, you can give us a call and upgrade your order to a guaranteed next working day delivery service (£5.75 shipping charge applies).