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Protect Your Pens & Pencils With Stikins ® Name Labels

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Stationery is notoriously difficult to keep hold of; it’s small, easy to lose, is usually used (and left behind) in common shared spaces, and most of it looks pretty much exactly the same (even if your child insists otherwise).

Stikins ® name labels are a neat and easy way to keep stationery safe; whether your child is armed with just a few pens and pencils, has a full set of mandatory mathematical and scientific sets to keep track of, or even if they’ve simply been very insistent that they absolutely positively have to have a full set of highlighters and coloured pens for “colour coding” their notes this year – particularly if getting all of those items in the first place means spending hour after hour traipsing around the shops while your child tries to pick out the perfect pencil case for this school year (along with all those “essentials” to go in it).

Name labels can help make sure that, should those items go for a wander, there’s a better chance that they’ll make it back safe and sound. This is especially important in schools where stationery is often similar (if not identical), extremely easy to lose in busy classrooms, and quite expensive to replace – especially if your child is required to have specialist kits or craft materials.

Name labels

Choose Stikins Name Labels for Stationary

Stikins ® simply stick on and stay on, so it’s very quick and easy to get stationery labelled; labels can be applied by children or adults and are suitable for use on items of all shapes and sizes.

With narrow tools, such as pens and pencils, you should apply your Stikins ® lengthwise so you can read the name down and around each item. It’s easiest to read a name label with the text printed on one line but you can quite easily rotate the item to read both lines if you need a longer name and/or contact information printed on your name labels.

Of course, they’ll also come in handy at home or at work to help avoid those inevitable situations when you need to write an important bit of information down and all the pens have disappeared, or you need to put together an important document or set of notes only to find that someone has wandered off with your stapler (or the box of staples) right at the crucial moment.

Need A Name Label For EVERYTHING On Your School Shopping List? Try Stikins ®: Name Labels That Stick On & Stay On!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

These days, parents often find that the list of “Essential Items” provided by their children’s school extends far beyond the traditional school uniform list.

In additional to an extensive list of everyday uniform, parents will have to buy sets of P.E. kit and equipment along with specialist equipment for individual subjects, such as mathematical sets for maths, scientific sets and equipment, craft materials for art classes, and appropriate clothing for Dance and Drama. On top of all that, there’s additional “stuff” like lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, brand new stationery kits because the bits you bought last year have either “disappeared” or have gone out of style, and, of course, the other “essentials” that your child insists are absolute must haves.

This can provide a problem for traditional and non-traditional name labels alike; for example, those traditional woven labels that have been used by generation after generation aren’t much use unless you’re labelling fabric items, iron-on labels and clip-on tags have the same problems, while name label “stamps” may struggle to work across a range of surfaces and materials.

Name Labels

Stikins ® Name Labels and Trons ® Name Transfers

Stikins ® name labels, however, are designed to stick on and stay on; they are made with a soft, pliable vinyl and a highly advanced, specially developed adhesive that is designed to create a strong, permanent bond that will survive the rigours of daily life AND repeat trips through washing machines, tumble driers, dish washers, and microwaves. Stikins ® were developed with parents in mind and are designed to make labelling school uniform, equipment, AND personal items as quick and simple as possible. These labels simply peel off their backing sheet like any other label and can be applied onto the wash care label of any item of clothing or fabric item, or directly onto all kinds of personal items.

This makes Stikins ® the perfect partner for any school shopping list; if you need a name label that will keep all of your child’s things safe then this multipurpose name label is an ideal solution.

In fact, the only item on your list that might prove a problem is socks – but, if you really need to label your child’s socks, you can always buy a pack of our Trons ® name transfers, which create a fully permanent name label on any fabric item!

Name Labels: The Back To School Essential That Should Be On Every Parent’s List

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Many parents may be looking in despair at the list of “essential” uniform and equipment that their child’s school has handed down to them and wondering why on earth they would choose to ADD anything to that list.

While we know we’re biased on the matter, we believe very strongly that name labels are an important resource for parents and for schools – particularly when few people have extra money and time to spare.

Lost property is a nightmare for parents and for members of staff; parents don’t want to spend time and money replacing items that are (usually) less than a year old and (often) quite expensive to buy, while teachers and members of staff have far more important things to do than collecting and storing lost property, contacting parents and pupils about the issue, and organising events in the hopes of reuniting even a handful of items with their owners.

The school environment brings hundreds of people and their possessions into one shared place and, as most of those items will be similar if not identical in appearance, it is inevitable that some items will get mixed up or go missing entirely. However, schools have the benefit of being an enclosed space, which means that lost items with a name label can be turned in to Lost Property and reunited easily with their owners, compared to the difficulties of losing things in public, open spaces.

name labels back to school

Types of Name Labels and Transfers

Our name labels are quick and easy to use and, once applied, they provide a quick and easy way to identify the owner of an item. Stikins ® name labels simply stick onto the wash care label of clothing or directly onto the surface of school equipment or personal items; they take a moment to apply but will remain firmly in place, often outlasting the item they have been applied to. Our Trons ® name transfers are for use on clothing and fabric items, where they bond and fuse with the material to become a truly permanent name label.

You can find more information about our name label products here, including details about how they work, the materials they are made of, and the pack sizes available:
Stikins ® Name Labels
Trons ® Name Transfers

So, while it might seem that name labels are just another expense (and one that you can choose to avoid), in the long run they may prove to be the very thing that saves you money by making it easier for your child to bring all of their belongings home safe and sound.

Use Your School’s Code To Raise Funds For Your Child’s School When You Buy Your Back To School Name Labels

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

If your child’s school is signed up to earn commission with us, they should have provided you with a School Code that will ensure that your order of name labels earns money for the school.

Schools can earn up to 30% commission on sales of name labels placed by parents and guardians, with the money raised being used for all sorts of exciting and creative projects and fundraising missions being undertaken by the school (or PTA).

Name labels are already extremely helpful to families AND schools because they are a quick and simple way to drastically reduce the amount of time and money that is wasted every year dealing with lost property in schools. Our commission scheme means that families and schools will have the additional benefit of earning commission funds for school fundraising projects from a purchase that is increasingly becoming an essential part of school life.

School Name Labels

And all you need to do is make sure that you enter your school’s unique code when you place your order for name labels

Add a School Code to your order:
If you place an order online, you simply need to enter the school code in the “Enter School Commission Code” field just below the table where you select the pack size you want; if you order by phone, you should quote the school code as you order; and if you want to send a postal order using the order form on the back of our Information Leaflets, you should write the school code in the “School/Organisation Reference No.” box just above the address section.

Should you remember or find your school code AFTER you have placed an order, simply give us a call or send us an email and we can get the code added to your order.

Find out what your School Code is:
The school will have been given a code to distribute to parents but it’s up to them how they do this. They may hand out leaflets with the school code written on the front and/or back, include the code in a newsletter or email to parents, or simply list the school code (along with a link to our website) on the school or PTA website.

If you cannot find your school’s code, you can always send us an email or give us a call and we can confirm the code you need to use.

FAQ – Can I Have Text On Three Lines?

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Name labels


Some of our customers want to include a variety of information on their name labels and are concerned about whether or not the text they want will fit onto their name labels AND remain at a decent sized font.

Our system is able to split information across three lines, which means that a lot of text can be included on name labels at a font size that remains neat and – most importantly – legible.

Perhaps you want to add a message and contact information to your labels, you want to include medical or allergy information along with an emergency contact, or you want to include two pieces of contact information – in any case you’ll want ALL of the information to be printed in a clear, legible font and the easiest way to do this is to split the information over three lines instead of two.

While our system will automatically split lengthy text across three lines, we would advise customers who want three lines to either get in touch with us before they place their order to discuss the text that they want or that they add a note to their order in the checkout noting that they would prefer text over three lines. This way we can ensure that the text is split across three lines and in the most efficient way possible.

Sizing Guide FAQ – Just What Size Are Your Name Labels & Other Questions…

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Name labels

Yes, it’s another FAQ round up and this week it’s all a matter of size…

What size are your name labels?

Our Stikins ® name labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and our Trons ® name transfers measure 35mm wide by 15mm high.

Name labels are supposed to be discrete until you need them – after all, you don’t want a massive label plastered all over your child’s clothing or personal items – and we find that this size fits neatly onto wash care labels and personal items and provides enough space to fit on the required information in a decent sized font.

Can I order name labels in a different size?

All of our name labels are made in the same size and we do not accept orders for bespoke sizes.

Do the labels get bigger/longer if I put more text on my name labels?

Our system analyses the number of characters you have requested on each line and automatically adjusts the font size to select the largest possible font size that will allow all of your text to fit neatly onto your name labels.

Do you do really, really small name labels?

Our original name label product (the rather obviously named “Original Stikins ®”) included four name labels of different shapes and sizes, one of which was a really, really small label (the rather appropriately named “Micro Label”). Sadly, when we discontinued the line of Original Stikins ®, we also had to discontinue the Micro Labels.

Of course, our current Stikins ® product is made with a highly flexible vinyl, which means you can wrap these labels around smaller items, such as pens and pencils, in place of a really, really small name labels.

You can find more FAQs (and As) on our website here or contact us today!

Need Some Advice On Which Name Labels To Choose? Read Our Reviews From Parents Just Like You…

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Name labels

As with just about anything else you might want to buy, there is huge variety in the types of name labels that you can purchase for labelling school uniform (and equipment) – so much so that it can get a bit overwhelming trying to choose the right product for you.

Our name labels were created with parents in mind and are designed to keep the process of labelling school uniform and equipment as simple as possible; our Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on and that’s it!

Of course, we know that there are a lot of other companies saying similar things about their own products, which is why we invite all of our customers to leave us a review in which they can share their own experiences with us and with other parents.

So, if you want to know how our name labels work and what other parents think about them, simply take a look through the reviews on our website. We’ve received over 1300 reviews so far, including reviews from first time users to repeat customers who’ve been buying labels from us for years.

We read all of the reviews we get and – where we can – we act on all of the suggestions that we receive to improve our products and services. We know that while we can do our best to test our products and set up our services to be as easy as possible to use there’s nothing like the practical experiences of our customers when it comes to making sure our name labels are the best they can possibly be.

We also find that our customers are far more creative than we could ever be – they’ve come up with a whole heap of ways to use our labels and they’ve given honest feedback about what they like (and what they don’t like) about our products so both we and new customers can find out exactly what Stikins ® name labels are like at home.

Contact us today for enquires!

FAQ – Can I Stick Stikins ® Name Labels Onto… AKA Yes, They Really Do Stick Onto Almost Anything!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Name labels

In a world where the idea of name labels still conjures the traditional scene of an endless pile of woven name labels that need to be endlessly stitched into an endless pile of school uniform, some of our customers find it hard to believe that Stikins ® simply stick on and stay there. We often get emails and calls from customers who want to make absolutely sure that their Stikins ® will definitely just stick on and to double check that they don’t need to do anything else (with “so I DON’T have to iron them?” being an oft repeated phrase). We’ve also received a handful of reviews beginning with a phrase that goes something along the lines of “so I didn’t think these labels would work but…”.

But YES! They really do just STICK ON and STAY ON!

And there’s really nothing more to it! You simply peel each label off the backing sheet and stick it down – as you would with any kind of label. Our Stikins ® will survive washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, AND microwaves so they can be used to label all kinds of clothing AND all kinds of personal items that you want to keep track of.

It’s all down to the advanced adhesive used on our labels, which has been developed specifically for the purpose of labelling school uniform and equipment. This adhesive has been tested and improved over the years (using the latest materials and manufacturing processes) to make sure that our name labels remain the best they can possibly be – and if our independent testing isn’t enough, these labels have also been thorough and rigorously tested by thousands of families across the country year after year.

So, can you really stick name labels onto anything?

Pretty much. We advise that if you are labelling clothing or similar items, you should always apply Stikins ® to the wash care or garment label. This is because these labels tend to be made of similar materials AND this is where the labels were applied during testing. While our labels can be stuck directly onto clothing and materials, there are so many different combinations of materials that we cannot possibly test them all and so we cannot guarantee that Stikins ® will definitely work if you stick them directly onto clothing.

The soft, pliable vinyl means you can also apply them onto a range of personal items, whether they have a flat or curved surface and the use of these labels is pretty much only limited by how many different things you can think of to label.

In fact, we often find ourselves being surprised as we read reviews from our customers who have come up with a whole heap of creative ways to use their labels! We’ve had customers use them for swimming costumes and equipment (including woggles, floats, and goggles), camping equipment for Guide and Scout groups, medical equipment and supplies, and a whole heap of cuddly toys.

Of course, you may have noticed that this blog post does make use of the word “almost” quite a bit. Alas, there is one item that our Stikins ® name labels have always struggled with – the dreaded pair of socks!

Unfortunately, socks don’t have wash care labels and they are designed to stretch and move around the foot as they are put on, worn, and taken off, which means they don’t have a consistent surface for the adhesive on our name labels to adhere to and form a permanent bond. If you do apply Stikins ® to socks, you may find that they seem to stick on okay at first but as soon as you stretch the sock, the label will begin to peel up and away from the sock. Contact us today to talk to us!

[Of course, if you REALLY want to label your socks, you can always try our OTHER name label product; Trons ® name transfers, which can be applied directly onto the material of ANY item of clothing.]

Got An Urgent Back To School Name Label Request? Get In Touch For Next Day Delivery!

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Name labels

If you’ve forgotten to buy name labels for this school year, you’ve lost the ones you bought months ago, or that the ones you’ve got simply aren’t going to be enough to label EVERYTHING, then don’t worry.

At Label Planet, we’re continuing our current production levels, with all orders placed before 3pm (Mon-Fri) being despatched same day via Royal Mail’s first class service (93% of which arrive the next day) and those placed after 3pm or over the weekend being processed on the next working day.

However, if you do need your labels urgently, then simply give us a call and we can take your order and upgrade it to a guaranteed next day delivery service (£5.75 shipping fee).