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FAQ – What Pack Sizes Are Available?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

We offer FOUR pack sizes for each of our two name label products – Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers.

Stikins ® are available in white or silver – you choose the colour you want and choose from the pack size options that appear:

N30: 30 Stikins ® name labels in white
N60: 60 Stikins ® name labels in white
N90: 90 Stikins ® name labels in white
N120: 120 Stikins ® name labels in white

SN30: 30 Stikins ® name labels in silver
SN60: 60 Stikins ® name labels in silver
SN90: 90 Stikins ® name labels in silver
SN120: 120 Stikins ® name labels in silver

If you wish to order Trons ® name transfers, you have the choice of:
T35: 35 Trons ® name transfers
T70: 70 Trons ® name transfers
T105: 105 Trons ® name transfers
T140: 140 Trons ® name transfers

If you want larger quantities you have the option of ordering multiple packs; in the basket simply change the number in the “Quantity” box and click on “update totals”. For example, if you added a N120 to your basket and then you update the quantity to 2 you will receive 240 Stikins ® name labels.

FAQ – What Is A School Commission Code?

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Some of our customers notice the field marked “Enter School Commission Code” and aren’t quite sure what that means.

Here’s a brief explanation of our commission scheme and what those all-important codes mean.

At Label Planet we run a commission scheme that allows schools, PTAs, and organisations to earn commission on sales of Stikins ® and Trons ® placed by individuals with a connection to that school or organisation. This provides the school, PTA, or organisation with an opportunity to raise money that they can put towards existing and ongoing projects.

For example, schools can earn money whenever a parent or guardian of a child attending that school purchases name labels for their child’s school uniform and equipment; nursing and care facilities can earn money when residents or relatives/friends acting on behalf of a resident purchase name labels for labelling personal items, clothing, and linen; and organisations such as Guides and Scouts, Youth Groups, and Activity Groups can also earn money whenever their members purchase name labels.


Every school, PTA, and organisation that signs up to our commission scheme is allocated a unique reference number/code. For any order placed where that code is quoted, commission will be allocated to the relevant school, PTA, or organisation.

Commission accumulates throughout the year and is paid out in October; the school, PTA, or organisation can then use that money for any ongoing projects that require extra funding.

Schools, PTAs, and organisations should make their unique code available to parents, relatives, and/or members so they have it to hand when they order.

Commission Code FAQ:

  • I forgot to quote my school/PTA/organisation’s code when I ordered, what do I do?
    Simply get in touch with us and let us know the code or name of the school/PTA/organisation you are supporting and we will add the code to your order.
  • I know my school/PTA/organisation is registered but I don’t know what code to use, what do I do?
    First, check their website or any letters/emails you have received from them to see if you can find the code. Most of our affiliate partners do put their code on their website, send out leaflets displaying their code, or send out a letter and/or email. If you cannot find it, then please get in touch with us and we can confirm the code for you.
  • I don’t have a code, can I still place an order?
    Of course! Just place your order and leave the school code field empty.
  • If I enter the code do I get a discount?
    No. The commission code is NOT a discount code. It simply lets us know that you are supporting a particular school/PTA/organisation and want us to award commission to them.
  • Does it cost me anything?
    No. In fact our commission scheme is completely free – for participating affiliates and for individuals who support those affiliates. By entering the code you are simply helping to raise money for a particular school/PTA/organisation – all while buying name labels that will help you keep your child’s belongings safe and organised!

For more information about our Commission Scheme, click on the purple “Schools Information” button to view all of our school commission information pages.

Take A Photo! – And Be Ready To Order Anyplace, Anytime!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Our new leaflets encourage parents to “Take A Photo!” of the leaflet so they have all the information they need ready and waiting on their phone or tablet when they come to order.

There’s a handy gap for schools, nurseries, or other organisations who are participating in our commission scheme to enter their unique reference number, so they can make absolutely sure that parents know which number to enter to help raise funds for their child’s school, nursery, or activity group – which can be used to support all kinds of ongoing fundraising projects.

Taking a photo means parents don’t need to keep track of the leaflet or write down all the details they need; they’ll simply be ready to order at any time.

Schools and groups participating in our commission scheme might want to take their own photo of the leaflet (with their unique reference number added to the “School Number” box, of course!) and put the image on the school website, social media pages, or in newsletters and e-newsletters to parents as a reminder that they can earn money for the school whenever they need to order (or reorder) name labels for their children’s school uniform, equipment, and personal belongings.

Parents will receive a leaflet with each order they place; schools and groups who are part of our commission scheme can request free copies to distribute to parents or members; and a copy of the leaflet can also be downloaded from our website.

What’s New For Spring/Summer 2015

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

You might have noticed that we’ve made quite a few updates and announcements recently, so here’s a quick recap to get you all caught up – just in case you missed anything!

    This product is a silver version of our existing Stikins ® name label product and uses the same vinyl and advanced adhesive to create a simple stick on name label – in a brand new shade of silver! These name labels are available in the same four pack sizes as our existing product AND cost exactly the same as the white Stikins ® – when placing your order, you simply need to select your preferred colour: White or Silver.
    Our brand new guide includes; a brief overview of Label Planet and our commission scheme; the benefits of joining our commission scheme; the steps to follow to get registered and earning commission; advice on letting people know about the scheme; information about our name label products (including product information, packs and pricing information, despatch and delivery information, and ordering information); our Commission Booster Plan (to get the best from your fundraising); example letters for raising awareness amongst parents; and all of the website links and contact information you might need.
    We’ve given our leaflets a bit of a redesign and brought them bang up to date. The new version is available to download from our website if you find that you need an extra copy.
    We do our best to help our commission partners get as much out of our fundraising scheme as possible; one of the ways we do this is providing additional materials free of charge to help promote the fundraising scheme AND the reference number of the school. Our new materials include a Fundraising Guide (with information, advice, and tips), a Noticeboard Poster, and example Covering Letters to raise awareness of the scheme amongst parents.
    Customers can now reach our website either by visiting as usual or by using our all new URL:
    We’re running our free Stikins ® sample offer once again; we will print five Stikins ® for every pupil in your school to help promote our fundraising scheme amongst parents. Simply get in touch with us to request your samples. Please note that this offer is only available until the END OF JUNE.

What’s In A Name? – There’s Now An Easier Way To Find Our Website!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

From now on it will be even easier to navigate to our website when you need to buy your Stikins ® name labels.

For the past ELEVEN YEARS, our website has been reached by visiting; we’ve had a brilliant response from customers across the country (and, indeed, the world) and we thought maybe it was time to celebrate all things Stikins ® by making them a bigger part of our website.

So from now on you can visit our site using the usual URL OR by visiting:

Not only does this new web address celebrate our name labels – it also makes it much easier to remember the website you need to visit when it’s time to reorder!

Name Labels 2: Return of the Silver Stikins ® (Kind Of)

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Existing customers who’ve been with us for a number of years will no doubt remember our Original Stikins ® – the original version of Stikins ®, which launched in 2004 and featured different shapes and sizes of white name labels along with optional silver labels for use on lunch boxes, water bottles, and personal items that children needed (or perhaps just wanted) to take to school.

While our Original Stikins ® were discontinued in 2013, we’ve had many a customer commenting that they miss our Original Stikins ® – and now we’ve got some news that we think might just cheer you up!



Okay, so it’s not exactly a completely new product, but we are proud to announce that we now supply a silver version of our Stikins ® name labels.

These labels are exactly the same as the white Stikins ® – they’re simply a different colour!

And for those of you feeling a bit nostalgic for the Original Silver Stikins ® – we hope you’ll love these ones even more than the old ones (particularly as these ones can be used on ALL KINDS of items, including clothing).

Silver Stikins ® are available in the same four pack sizes as our White Stikins ® and – best of all – they cost exactly the same amount. So all you need to do is decide if you prefer white or silver.

If you want to give our Silver Stikins ® a try, simply order in the usual way and select the “Silver” colour option.

[Of course, if you really CAN’T decide, you could always order a pack of each colour – just in case!]

Gearing Up For Summer; Same Day Despatch For Name Labels From Label Planet

Monday, June 8th, 2015

It’s once more unto the busy season as we prepare for the summer rush of orders as parents start thinking about the next school year. As it’s only just June, we’ll refrain from using the dreaded “Back to School” phrase for now, but we want to let all of our customers know that we’re now printing name labels every day.

All orders placed before 3pm, Mondays to Fridays, will be printed and despatched the same day.

All orders are sent via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard, although customers can contact us to request an upgrade to a guaranteed next working delivery option.

Orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend will be printed and despatched on the next working day.

Size Matters: Making Sure The Font Fits!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Our name labels are designed to be small and discrete, which means that there is a limited amount of space for adding text.

The system we use to print our labels is set up to select the biggest possible font size that will allow all of the requested characters to fit neatly onto each name label.

This means that the FONT SIZE is directly determined by the NUMBER OF CHARACTERS you request.

While most of our customers request the same format (first name on the first line, surname on the second line), some of our customers want to add extra bits of information, want to share labels between two or more people, or simply want to make sure that they get the biggest font size possible.

So here’s our list of things to think about when you are requesting your text:

  • If a big font is a must, keep it short and simple.
    To get the biggest font size possible you should choose the “Text On One Line” option and enter one name only (either a first name OR a surname). The single word will then be printed in the biggest possible font size that still fits onto the label. If you request just a surname, this also means that you can share a pack between family members.
  • If you are requesting double barrelled first names and/or surnames use two lines.
  • If you are requesting a name and a piece of contact information use two lines.
    This works best if you enter the name on the first line and the contact information (e.g. a phone number or an address) on the second line.
  • If you are requesting two names on the same set, use the top line for one name and the bottom line for the second name OR enter the first names on the top line and the surname on the bottom line.

If you have any concerns about the amount of text you would like printing on your name labels, please get in touch with us. In some cases, we are able to manually edit orders to create a better font size than that selected automatically by the system.

Find Out More About Stikins ® & Trons ® Name Labels

Monday, June 1st, 2015

We’ve just given our homepage a little bit of an update, to make it cleaner and simpler to navigate around.

As part of this we’ve also created two new pages devoted entirely to providing you with all the information you could need about our two name label products: Stikins ® name labels and Trons ® name transfers.

These pages have all kinds of information specifically about our products; the materials they are made with, the print used to personalise each label, the sizes we have chosen to use, how to order, and some useful links should you have any further questions.

If you want to find out how these labels work or what the benefits of these particular labels are, along with some useful tips for ordering and using your name labels, these pages are the place to start!

So, for all the Stikins ® and Trons ® information you could possibly need, simply click on one of our brand new buttons for “Stikins ® Information” or for “Trons ® Information” to get started.