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Name Labels: Customers Of The Serengeti

Friday, August 20th, 2010

It is a great time of year for name labels suppliers with the new school term starting in a few weeks (although Scottish schools are already back). We get calls, mail and web orders from all kinds of parents in the UK, all with one thing on their minds…school name labels

Some customers have fantastic regional accents from deepest Devon to the north of the north; it is sometimes difficult to work out the exact spelling of the names we need to print. The phonetic alphabet strides in to the rescue, although most people do not know it and, to be honest, it is much more fun making up your own.

We had one customer who spelt out the entire names of their children using alcoholic drinks, and another who did it with makes of cars. I think these people had already made up and learnt their own personal phonetic alphabets and reveled in ordering our name labels.

But soon, the name labels suppliers can rest until next year, because like a seasonal migration thousands of kids will make their way back to school in their new school clothes with name labels firmly attached.

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Why Are STIKINS ® Name Labels Called STIKINS ®?

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

name labels why stikins

The obvious reason why these name labels are called STIKINS ® is because they simply stick onto the wash care label of school clothing, i.e. they stick-in.

However, there is another more subtle reason…if you look at the letters, then the two capital “I”s form the same shape as the garment labels in the STIKINS ® Original label sets…I I….the capital “I” is the same as a rotated capital “H”.

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School Name Labels New Site

Monday, August 9th, 2010

name labels new website

In June the site was launched.

We had decided that with the growth of our Name Labels business it was better to have a dedicated site rather than just a few pages on the Label Planet site.

The site is now visited by thousands of parents who are buying our STIKINS ® Original and the STIKINS ® New labels. The back to school season is here again and we will get busier and busier as the start of the new school term approaches.

The new site has a detailed FAQ section, download pages for instruction leaflets and brochures, and a school section, as well as two great sales pages for name labels.

For the first time schools and PTAs who are working with us can log in and see the commission they have earned in real time!!! Participating schools have been given their user names and passwords, and they earn 15% commission.

New Clothing Name Labels – Update For Customers

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

name labels update

I have been asked to do an update on our new name labels product so here goes…

Clothing Name Labels that stick into clothes have been sold in their millions by Label Planet over the past 6 years. STIKINS ® “H” shaped labels have a huge following amongst parents who do not want to sew in or iron on labels.

We have been developing a new multi-purpose stick on name label product for 4 years and finally managed to get a product that passed the stringent independent laboratory wash tests earlier this year. We launched the new product in the UK at the start of June.

The new Name Labels product simply sticks onto the wash care label in school garments, but the same label can be used to label shoes, dishwasher items and general items. So it is great value for money, because ONE set of name labels is all you need for this year’s back to school labelling.

The new product has taken off very rapidly in the UK and is also loved by American parents. We are proud that our UK product is competing so well in the American market place.

We had long discussions about what to call the new product. In the end we decided to call it STIKINS ® New, and the existing “H” shaped product STIKINS ® Original. We are manufacturing both products in several production batches every day, and despatching first class post every day.

Well that’s pretty much it for now, I will be doing an update on the new features on our web site later this week.

Speak to one of our experts today for more information about any of of name labels or fundraising opportunities.

Back to School Name Labels

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

name labels back to school

With August starting today, the back to school name labels season is with us once again.

STIKINS ® name labels will sell well this year because there is a new advanced name label which just sticks in and also a new web site, We are continuing to sell the original “H” shaped name labels which have a huge following.

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