Reasons Why Stikins ® Stick On Name Labels Are For The Whole Family

Product Information: Reasons Why Stikins ® Stick On Name Labels Are For The Whole Family

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Reasons Why Stikins ® Stick On Name Labels Are For The Whole Family

You might not realise it but name labels can be useful for every member of your family, from the youngest grandchild to the eldest grandparent. Here’s why Stikins ® name labels really are stick on name labels for all the family.

Name Labels For Children

The most popular use for our stick on name labels is labelling children’s school uniform and kit. This includes shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, P.E. kits and equipment, books and stationery, along with any other kit they need for specific lessons.

Name labels are a brilliant way to teach kids to take responsibility for their own belongings, which is especially important in busy school environments where hundreds of children with similar (if not identical) sets of belongings have to move quickly in and out of classrooms, cloakrooms, and changing rooms.

Our stick on name labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high. They are bright white in colour, and are printed with a bold black font. Stikins ® labels are a neat and discrete addition to items of all shapes and sizes – but are also easy to find and read (by kids of all ages) when they’re needed.

Name Labels For Parents

Labelling your children’s belongings comes with a pretty good set of benefits for any parent. In addition to (hopefully) making your children take on a level of responsibility for their stuff, they’re also a brilliant way to avoid the painful and expensive fallout of lost property. Not only do you not have to deal with the emotional upheaval of losing items, you’ll also save your bank balance from paying for expensive replacements for items that are probably no more than a year old.

On top of this, name labels can also come in pretty useful around the house and the office.

At home you can label up personal belongings to make sure there’s no arguments over identical items, get bedrooms organised with personalised storage boxes, and keep track of personal belongings that get taken on days out, school trips, or even the family holiday.

In the office, name labels are a great way to organise and keep track of equipment – whether that’s kit that gets loaned out to staff or kit that is provided for an individual’s use. They’re also a pretty good way to keep your lunch safe in the communal fridge!

Name Labels For Grandparents

Whether they’re living at home or living in a nursing home or residential care facility, name labels are a great way to provide peace of mind for grandparents. Whether it’s to keep track of items that are taken out and about or keeping track of items that are taken into a care facility, Stikins ® labels are a quick and simple way to safely and securely label personal possessions – making it easy for lost items to be returned.

Residential care and nursing homes rely on the use of shared facilities and spaces where it is easy for belongings to get mixed up or to go missing. Stick on name labels give residents, staff, and relatives an easy way to ensure that these items are always returned to their rightful owner.

Order Stick On Name Labels For Your Family Today

You can order online or by phone. Orders despatch on the same or next working day after you order via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard.

Our stick on name labels can be printed with one or two lines of personalisation; we offer up to 22 characters per line but recommend using no more than 15-20 to get the best possible font size. Most customers request a first name and surname but you can personalise your labels as you wish – popular additions include nicknames, a contact phone number, a class name or year group, a room number, or a friendly message (e.g. “I Belong To”). We cannot split packs between different names but you can be creative with your personalisation and create packs that can be shared.

We offer four pack sizes; 120, 90, 60, or 30 labels. We offer a 10% discount on any order that contains three or more packs, which applies automatically to online orders and orders placed by phone.

We also offer special discounts to nursing homes and residential care facilities that order name labels on behalf of their residents. Find out more on our Nursing Home Name Labels page.

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