Sunny Names To Bring You Sunshine This (Rainy) Summer

Product Information: Sunny Names To Bring You Sunshine This (Rainy) Summer

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Sunny Names To Bring You Sunshine This (Rainy) Summer

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year! – which means we are well and truly in the midst of summer (even if the weather doesn't quite agree). We’re celebrating with a sunny list of summer-inspired names for sunshine-filled days and an update about despatch and delivery of Stikins ® name labels this summer.

Have A Summer Full Of Sunshine With These Sunny Names!

We taken inspiration from around the world to create this list of summery names. All of the names below mean “summer”, “sun”, or “sunshine”!

A list of names that mean summer, sun, or sunshine are displayed on a background showing drawings of bright yellow suns and light blue clouds. The names are Summer, Sunny, Sunshine, Aelius, Arthit, Behar, Elio, Grishma, Haf, Haul, Hefin, Helios, Heulwen, Mzia, Ravi, Samson, Saulė, Sháńdíín, Siqiniq, Sol, Soleil, Sorin, Sunčana, Suraj, Surya, Suvi, Vera, Willka, and Yaxkin.

Ordering Stikins ® Name Labels This Summer

Unbelievably, this is our seventeenth year supplying Stikins ® name labels. It’s been a very strange year for us and our customers. However, we are still open and will be printing and posting our name labels all throughout the summer.

While there is a great deal of confusion over exactly when schools might re-open, they will re-open at some point – and labelling your children’s school uniform and belongings will be especially important this year.

Name labels make it easy for children to identify and keep hold of their own belongings – as well as making it simple for lost items to be returned. This is a small but important way for children (and parents) to play a part in creating and maintaining safer environments in classrooms, cloakrooms, and changing rooms when schools do re-open. 

Stikins ® labels are stick on name labels that can be used to label all school kit – including school uniform along with shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, books and stationery, and any other kit they need.

You can order online at anytime or give us a call to order by phone during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). We print and post name labels every week day up to 3pm, so all orders are despatched on the same or next working day after you order. Standard delivery uses Royal Mail’s first class service (and is completely free!).

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