Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You’re Called

Just for Fun: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You’re Called

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You’re Called

Today marks the 170th anniversary of the first ever photograph taken of a star. Here at Stikins ® name labels, we’re celebrating with a list of names taken from the stars themselves…

Take Inspiration From The Heavens With These Names Inspired By Stars

Since ancient times, different cultures around the world have named the stars visible to them in the night sky. As astronomers began to explore the universe beyond what was visible to the naked eye, they began to use their own scientific names for stars.

Since then, many efforts have been made to introduce designation systems that would allow astronomers to use a common catalogue of codes to refer to the stars. These codes have been based on a star’s constellation, brightness, position, type / class, or a combination of these properties.

However, some stars have also been given “official” proper names – based on ancient and modern names used around the world. We’ve taken our favourite names from this list to create our own constellation of starry names.

A background showing stars in the night sky. In front is a list of stars and the constellations in which they appear. These names are Adhara from Canis Major, Alcyone from Taurus, Alhena from Gemini, Alioth from Ursa Major, Alsephina from Vela, Altair from Aquila, Alya from Serpens, Alzirr from Gemini, Antares from Scorpius, Arcturus from Boötes, Ascella from Sagittarius, Atlas from Taurus, Atria from Triangulum Australe, Azha from Eridanus, Bellatrix from Orion, Buna from Andromeda, Capella from Auriga, Castor from Gemini, Chara from Canes Venatici, Chason from Lyra, Deneb from Cygnus, Diya from Fornax, Electra from Taurus, Felis from Hydra, Franz from Hercules, Hadar from Centaurus, Hamal from Aries, Irena from Hercules, Izar from Boötes, Kaveh from Serpens, Mago from Camelopardalis, Maia from Taurus, Matar from Pegasus, Meissa from Orion, Merope from Taurus, Mimosa from Crux, Mira from Cetus, Miram from Perseus, Moriah from Delphinus, Naledi from Dorado, Nash from Sagittarius, Nashira from Capricornus, Natasha from Vela, Navi from Cassiopeia, Nihal from Lepus, Petra from Aquila, Pollux from Gemini, Propus from Gemini, Ran from Eridanus, Rasalas from Leo, Regulus from Leo, Rigel from Orion, Sabik from Ophiuchus, Shaula from Scorpius, Sirius from Canis Major, Solaris from Pegasus, Suhail from Vela, Talitha from Ursa Major, Tevel from Auriga, Vega from Lyra, Zaniah from Virgo, and Zosma from Leo.

Personalise Your Name Labels For Your Little Stars

When you order Stikins ® name labels, it’s entirely up to you how you personalise your name labels. Most of our customers request a simple first name and surname but we have also printed:

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  • Room Number
  • Contact Information (e.g. mobile number)
  • Medical / Allergy Information
  • Friendly Message (“I Belong To…” and “Please Return To…”)

We offer one or two lines of text and you can fit up to 22 characters per line. We recommend no more than 15-20 characters to get a good font size. If you aren’t sure whether to choose one or two lines, we recommend using the one line option only if you are requesting a total of 12 characters or fewer – otherwise the font size will get quite small.

You can order online or by phone; we’re printing and posting name labels every week day up to 3pm, which means we are able to offer same or next working day despatch on every order.

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