Painting by Names; Your Favourite Colour(ful Name)s

Product Information: Painting by Names; Your Favourite Colour(ful Name)s

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Painting by Names; Your Favourite Colour(ful Name)s

We’re celebrating some of the brightest names we’ve printed onto our name labels. Find out if your favourite colourful name has made our list. Plus, check out why we keep things strictly black and white.

We Paint A Picture…Of Our Customers’ Favourite Colourful Names

This week's blog was inspired by a recent scientific discovery. Three years ago, scientists uncovered the oldest colour in the world – and discovered that it was bright pink!

Rocks extracted from deep beneath the Sahara Desert were found to contain fossilised chlorophyll. This chlorophyll was produced over 1.1 billion years ago by tiny cyanobacteria, which inhabited an ancient ocean that no longer exists. The pigments contained in this chlorophyll were found to be bright pink. This makes pink the oldest known biological colour pigment in the world!

So, we decided to celebrate by taking a look at the colourful names requested by our customers. Pink and red inspired names held their own but greens and blues came out on top. In terms of overall popularity, though, red inspired names are the clear winners, followed by yellow and green – with pink coming a respectable fourth.

Check out our colourful palette of colour-inspired names below. Have your favourite colourful names made our list? How many more colourful names can you think of?

A list of names inspired by different colours. The names are Ruby for Red or Pink; Erin for Green; Sienna for Brown or Red; Amber for Yellow or Orange; Rose for Red or Purple; Jasmine for Yellow; Iris for Blue or Violet; Jasper for Red; Violet for Violet; Olive for Green or Yellow; Liberty for Blue; Scarlet for Red or Orange; Fern for Green; Indigo for Blue; Jade for Green; Saffron for Yellow or Orange; Celeste for Blue or Green; Ebony for Black or Green; Kobi for Pink or Purple; Veronica for Violet; Coral for Orange, Red, or Pink; Sapphire for Blue; Silver for Grey; Red for Red; Blue for Blue; Jet for Black; Ming for Blue or Green; Sage for Grey or Green; Ao for Blue or Green; Cyan for Green or Blue; Flame for Orange or Red; Grey for Grey; Ivory for White or Yellow; Lavender for Purple or Blue; Magnolia for White or Yellow; Marigold for Yellow or Orange; Peach for Yellow; Plum for Purple, Brown, or Red; Teal for Blue or Green; and Vanilla for White or Yellow.

The World Of Stikins ® Name Labels Is Black And White – Here’s Why…

While some name label suppliers offer never ending combinations of colours, we keep things simple. Our name labels are ONLY available in one colour combination – bright WHITE name labels printed with a bold BLACK font. There are a number of reasons why we only offer one combination:

  • CLARITY: a black font on a white background creates one of the clearest possible colour combinations. This means your personalisation is highly legible and super quick and easy to read. So, when your child needs to double check that they’ve got their own belongings, it only takes a quick look. Likewise, if something goes missing, anyone who finds an item can check who the owner is in seconds. This makes it super easy to return labelled items.
  • UNIVERSAL LABELS: using a simple colour combination makes our name labels suitable for EVERYONE. You can use these labels for small kids, big kids, teenagers, and grown ups of all ages – without any embarrassment along the way! We designed our name labels to be as practical as possible. Our simple design means Stikins ® name labels are suitable for any person and any purpose you might need labels for. This also means you can purchase name labels printed with a simple family name and use them for your whole family!
  • SIMPLICITY: let’s face it – name labelling is not a fun job. It’s a practical task that just needs doing. So, while you could spend hours picking and choosing different coloured backgrounds, borders, fonts, and pictures for each of your kids, you can order in seconds. There’s absolutely no fuss; all you have to choose is what you want printing and how many name labels you need.

 Order Stikins ® Name Labels Today

Stikins ® name labels are available to order online or by phone in four pack sizes. Simply let us know how many you need, what to print, where to send them, and make payment. Job done!

We offer same day despatch Monday to Friday on orders placed by 3pm. Order after 3pm or over the weekend and we’ll despatch your name labels on the next working day. Standard delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

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