Mumsnet Rated AGAIN – 98% Would Recommend Stikins ® Labels

News: Mumsnet Rated AGAIN – 98% Would Recommend Stikins ® Labels

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Mumsnet Rated AGAIN – 98% Would Recommend Stikins ® Labels

Back in November 2019, we teamed up with Mumsnet to put our name labels to the test. Based on a 98% recommended rating from 130 Mumsnet users, we won “Mumsnet Rated” accreditation. This year, we decided to challenge ourselves once again and this time we’ve gone even bigger. An amazing 448 Mumsnet users tested Stikins ® name labels and gave us another 98% recommended rating!

How Does A Mumsnet Rated Product Test Work?

To achieve the Mumsnet Rated accreditation, a product or service must undergo the Mumsnet Rated product test. A selection of Mumsnet users test and review the product or service before completing a short survey.

We sent 448 Mumsnet users a set of 60 Stikins ® name labels to test and review. They used their labels on their children's clothing and personal belongings. Each participant then provided feedback about our website, customer service, packaging, instructions for use, and our name labels – and filled in their Mumsnet Rated survey.

The survey measures four key areas – Satisfaction, Purchase Intent, Value For Money, and Recommendation. To achieve the Mumsnet Rated status, a product or service must achieve at least 80% on the Recommendation stat.

What Were The Results Of The Mumsnet Product Test?

Last time round, we did incredibly well on the product test. Needless to say, we were quite nervous, curious, and excited to see what our results would be this time round. So here’s how our Stikins ® name labels did when reviewed by 448 Mumsnet users…

  • Satisfaction: 98%
  • Purchase Intent: 97%
  • Value For Money: 78%
  • Recommendation: 98%

We are, of course, delighted by the results. We received some amazing feedback from our brilliant Mumsnet testers. Among some of our favourite comments are…

  1. I’ve been very impressed, most stick on labels I’ve used either come off after a couple of washes or irritate my daughter’s skin (she has sensory issues and doesn’t like labels). These have been great, so far no complaints that they’re scratchy and they’ve survived washing machine and dishwasher. I’d happily buy them again.

  2. The real revelation was my daughter's water bottle. I've spent an entire year writing her name on it in Sharpie every morning because no label has ever stayed stuck and even so-called permanent pen comes off in the dishwasher every evening. So far the water bottle is looking great and the label is intact - total game changer!

  3. The labels have been washed many many times now and also been through the dishwasher etc - all stayed intact and no wrinkles or coming unstuck. They are a miracle invention.

  4. I have to say I love these labels so much and wish I had had them years ago. No faffing about with an iron required. I would definitely buy them again.

  5. No lost or faded stickers (and no lost belongings). I've been suspicious of Stikins [® Labels] in the past - they seemed too simple to be effective. But I was wrong. They are so easy to use.

  6. I’ll definitely be using these again - so convenient and easy to use and they’re great quality, staying in place and the print staying true. Good value for money and get the job done!

  7. The labels are apparently indestructible! They've been through the dishwasher and washing machine, been flung about by a rambunctious 5yo and no signs of any peeling or discolouration.

  8. They came out the wash intact and as new, very happy. These labels are small neat and tidy, go on instantly no sewing or ironing needed so can be done literally at the last minute.

  9. The print and labels lasted extremely well… I am a convert to the use of Stikins [ ® Labels]! I have ordered some for my other child as well - so there should be no lost property in this house!

  10. My Son had swimming lessons for two weeks so this was a real test for the labels, so he lost his towel and hip hip hooray the swimming centre handed it back to him the next day because of the label…They have survived the washing so far and I was able to get some free extras with a different name for his Grandfather who is always loosing things and loves the idea of his name in print!

  11. Labels still look the same. No budging, wrinkling, bits peeling off or finding loose labels in the washing machine. I’ve used several other types of sticky labels and these are the best I’ve tried. I’ll be buying more.

  12. We wash her lunchbox and water bottles every day and the labels haven’t even curled up at the end. I’d heard really good things about these name labels but they are even better than we were told, fantastic name labels so easy to use and they last really well!

How Can I Buy Mumsnet Rated Stikins ® Name Labels?

You can order online or by phone. We supply our name labels in packs of 30, 60, 90, or 120 labels. Simply let us know what name(s) you need printing, how many labels you want, and let us know where to send them. Make payment by card, PayPal, or Apple Pay and the job’s done!

Please note: if you are ordering by phone, you must make payment by debit/credit card.

We print name labels up to 3pm from Monday to Friday. This means we offer same day despatch if you order by 3pm and next working day despatch if you order after 3pm or over the weekend. Standard delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

You can find out more about Stikins name labels on our Use Stikins ® Labels As and Help pages. You’ll also find over 9,000 reviews from our customers – where an amazing 97% of customers have given us four or five star reviews.

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