Avoid Disappointment & Double Check Your Name Labels Order Details

Product Information: Avoid Disappointment & Double Check Your Name Labels Order Details

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Avoid Disappointment & Double Check Your Name Labels Order Details

Name Labels Order Information

Online shopping is supposed to be a quick and easy way to get things ordered but, unfortunately, the expectation of a quick purchase can lead some people to rush through their order without taking a moment to think about what they’re doing and that can turn into a big problem when your order arrives (or fails to arrive) – especially when the items you are ordering are supposed to be personalised.

It’s all too easy to hit the wrong key, get a few letters mixed up, leave a letter out, or simply miss a capital letter – especially if you order in a rush. Taking a moment to double check what you’ve entered can ultimately save you a lot of time and bother.

As our website clearly states: “WE WILL PRINT EXACTLY WHAT YOU ENTER ABOVE”; in order to make our production as accurate and efficient as possible, the majority of our printing process is automated, which means that it will print exactly what you’ve entered – so if you’ve not bothered to double check that you’re happy with the text you’ve requested, your name labels are either going to be not what you wanted or just plain wrong (and therefore completely and utterly useless).

While we endeavour to monitor all of the orders we receive and notify customers if there appears to be an obvious error, we will NEVER alter the text that has been requested. We have no way of distinguishing a mistake from a deliberate choice nor can we discern if a spelling is incorrect or simply an alternative way of spelling a particular name.

We do, however, recognise the importance of getting the details right – especially with name labels where the accuracy of the text has both personal significance to the owner (especially where an individual prefers to be known by a specific version of their name) and directly influences how effectively they fulfil their purpose (plainly, it’s always going to be much harder to return an item if the details on the label are wrong!) – which is why we provide our customers with as many opportunities as possible to double check their order details:

  • My Basket:

Every time you add an item to your basket you will be shown the contents of your basket, along with details about each pack you have added so far (including the text you have requested).

  • Checkout:

Once you have completed your order, you will be directed to a “Thank You” page, which displays ALL of the details you have entered for your order including the packs and text you have requested and the contact/delivery information you have supplied.

  • Email Confirmation:

A copy of the details displayed on the “Thank You” page will also be emailed to you as confirmation that your order has been successful.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of at least one – if not all – of these opportunities to make sure that your order details are correct, from the details about the packs you have ordered to the contact and delivery information you have supplied (if the email you have entered is incorrect you will NOT receive any emails from us about the status of your order and if the delivery address is incorrect OR INCOMPLETE it is likely that your order will be delayed or simply not delivered at all).

If you should find a mistake in your order AFTER you have already completed the checkout process, please contact our Customer Service team as quickly as you can with your order reference number and the details of what needs to be changed (you CAN simply send us an email but please make sure you provide us with the correct information so we can amend your order straightaway).

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