Get Ready For The Summer & Top Up On Name Labels

News: Get Ready For The Summer & Top Up On Name Labels

Tuesday 22nd March 2016   /   News   /   0 Comment(s)

Get Ready For The Summer & Top Up On Name Labels

Get organised for Summer by ordering your Clothing Name Labels

With the Spring term nearly at an end, the Easter break is a perfect time to take stock of all the school uniform and equipment scattered around to see if anything has gone missing, has been outgrown and needs replacing, or simply hasn’t yet been labelled.

If you find that you’re in need of some new clothing name labels, or you’re running low, Easter is a perfect time to place an order and get yourself fully stocked up for the remainder of the school year.

Of course, you might also be a super organised individual who uses the Easter break to get organised for the summer holidays and beyond – especially if you know that you’re going to be buying a brand new school uniform for a move to a new school (or just replacing a lot of items that have either been lost or outgrown in recent months).

Remember, whether you’re looking for a few extra clothing name labels to see you through the remainder of the school year or you want to replenish your clothing name label stash, you can always use a few labels out of a new pack and then store the rest away safely for future use. We recommend keeping your labels in their original packaging and putting them somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight, preferably at room temperature, to make sure they retain their original quality and efficiency.

Order your Clothing Name Labels

To get started with an order, simply visit our Buy Stikins ® page for stick on clothing name labels or speak to one of our team today for more information

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