Stikins ® Name Labels Are Now Mumsnet Rated!

News: Stikins ® Name Labels Are Now Mumsnet Rated!

Friday 1st November 2019   /   News   /   0 Comment(s)

Stikins ® Name Labels Are Now Mumsnet Rated!

Last month, we teamed up with Mumsnet to take part in their “Mumsnet Rated” product test and are delighted to announce that Stikins ® name labels have won the Mumsnet Rated accreditation with a 98% recommended rating.

What Is Mumsnet Rated?

Mumsnet Rated is an online award run by Mumsnet. To participate, a product or service is tested and reviewed by a sample of Mumsnet users. The testers then complete a short survey; to win the Mumsnet Rated accreditation, the product or service must receive positive scores from at least 80% of the Mumsnet testers.

How Did Stikins ® Name Labels Fare In The Mumsnet Product Test?

130 Mumsnet users received 90 Stikins ® name labels to test. They were asked to label and wash children’s clothing and personal belongings, provide feedback about our website, customer service, packaging, instructions, and our name labels, and to complete that all-important survey.

The Mumsnet survey measures Satisfaction, Purchase Intent, Value For Money, and Recommendation. The Mumsnet Rated badge is awarded for an 80+% rating for the Recommendation stat.  

Here’s how we did…

  • Satisfaction: 97%
  • Purchase Intent: 97%
  • Value For Money: 90%
  • Recommendation: 98%

We’re delighted with these results and the lovely feedback we received from our Mumsnet testers. Here’s a few of our favourite comments:

  1. It was unbelievably easy. I've always used iron-on labels in the past and LOVE these.
  2. Absolutely fantastic!! After years of using a sharpie pen this has changed my life!!!
  3. The labels were the easiest to apply out of all I've ever tried. Only took a few seconds and they were good to go.
  4. They haven’t shifted in the slightest despite washing, tumbling multiple times. I am so impressed - I honestly will never buy from anywhere else!
  5. I have done several product tests for Mumsnet - this is by far the best product!
  6. I was pleasantly surprised by these labels - I've never used sticky labels before as imagined they'd fall off after a couple of washes, but these are durable.
  7. They far outrank the labels I bought from another company on wash, wear, price, durability and ease of ordering so I’ll definitely recommend!
  8. I've tried other stick on labels and these are way better.
  9. They have survived perfectly. I can't fault these labels: the perfect solution for busy parents. Thank you!
  10. Have recommended to all my friends and school mums.

Other Recommendations For Stikins ® Name Labels

You can find full feedback from our Mumsnet testers on the Mumsnet website.

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Mumsnet and all of the wonderful Mumsnet users who volunteered to test Stikins ® name labels.  

For even more feedback, why not check out our reviews page where you’ll find over 7,000 reviews from our customers. We invite all of our customers to leave us a review; currently, 97% of our customers have given us 4 or 5 stars in their reviews.

To try our name labels for yourself, head on over to our online order page or call our Customer Service Team to order by phone.

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