Little Extras From Stikins Name Labels To Brighten Up Your Summer

News: Little Extras From Stikins Name Labels To Brighten Up Your Summer

Friday 10th July 2020   /   News   /   0 Comment(s)

Little Extras From Stikins Name Labels To Brighten Up Your Summer

This year, Stikins name labels has a few little extras to make your summer a little bit brighter! We’ve got offers to make your kids happy, your friends happy, and you (and your wallet) happy!

Little Extras For Your Kids

On our website, you’ll find our Activities For Kids page, which features all kinds of free activity sheets for your family to download and enjoy. These sheets include “Easy”, “Medium”, and “Hard” levels to suit kids of all ages. So, if you need something to occupy an hour or so, why not download some of our activity sheets and challenge your family to see who can complete all of our puzzles first!

Little Extras For Your Friends & Family

This year, we introduced a brand new extra to our website – Samples For A Friend. With this feature, you can now request a free sample of five Stikins name labels, which you can give to a friend, family member, or colleague. Simply order online as usual and click on the Request A Sample button to add a free sample to your order.

Don’t miss out – this offer will only be available for a few more weeks so make sure you place an order and request your free sample soon!

Little Extras For Your Wallet

To help keep you and your wallet happy, we have our 10% discount, which this year applies to all order containing 3 or more packs of name labels. This discount is available for orders placed online and by phone – and, if you don’t need 3 packs yourself, we are more than happy for friends and family groups to club together to place an order that qualifies for the discount.

Find All Of Our Little Extras On The Stikins Name Labels Website

You’ll find all of these extras along with more information about our name labels on our website. Our Activity Sheets For Kids can be found under the “Prizes & Fun” tab in the menu bar, while our free sample offer and 10% discount are available through our online ordering page.

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