Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day From Stikins ® Labels

News: Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day From Stikins ® Labels

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Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day From Stikins ® Labels

Meet Harvey The Stikins ® Name Labels Dog

Today is officially Take Your Dog To Work Day – although we would argue that EVERY day should be take your dog to work day – so we thought we’d dedicate today’s post to our very own office dog, Harvey!

Harvey has been our office dog for years and received an early promotion in 2010 when he was made the official mascot for Stikins ® name labels. His biggest (and perhaps only) challenge to date was to – very patiently – sit through an extra rigorous grooming session in preparation for a photo shoot to promote a new version of our flagship product.

He has his own “desk” in the office in the form of a big brown rug, although he is invariably more likely to be found lying anywhere else (in particular, anywhere else that just so happens to be in the way) and has a particular fondness for spending his afternoons sunbathing by the front door.

Facts About Harvey:
Name(s): Harvey Bear, Harvey Dog
Breed: Labradoodle
Colour: Brown
Best Feature: Eyebrows!
Jobs: Chief Chewer Of Boxes, Head Greeter of (New) Persons, Overseer Of Tennis Balls and Biscuits, and Team Leader For The Department Of Long Sighs, Snoring Loudly, and Squeaking Squeaky Toys At Inopportune Moments (Especially If Someone Is On the Phone)
Office Snack Of Choice: Biscuits
Office Snack Of Choice While On A Diet: Carrots
Exercise Of Choice:  Long Walks
Favourite Hobbies: Sleeping, Eating, Lying Down, Walking, Resting, Soliciting Fuss, Snoozing

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Our easy to use name labels simply peel off their backing sheet and can be applied onto clothing (where they should be applied onto the wash-care label) or onto personal items that you want to keep securely labelled.

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